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Sunday, February 7, 2010

2/7/10 WANTED!

A quick update to my earlier blog today....

I'm blonde...and you all know I'm a slow learner...but you need to remember that I am also anal and almost-OCD.

Why is this important?

Because I may be slow, but eventually (OK, I've still not learned my lesson with getting stuck on nuts) I catch on.

Did you really think that almost-OCD me doesn't keep track of my followers so that I can follow them back if possible? Did you really think that almost-OCD me doesn't have a typed list of my followers with their blog websites (why, I don't know...the almost-OCD compels me to waste my time in such ways)?

You're still asking; Why is this important?

I'll tell you why!!!

I got a lovely comment I read this morning from one of my followers (a friend from LBT) letting me know she is now following, has a blog, and letting me know that I was now at number 75! So, being true to my word, I marched down the basement to my old, tired, and very slow computer, which has my ticker updates on it. I dutifully changed my ticker and posted my first two heads...all this before breakfast...I'm no sloucher.

After eating breakfast I opened my laptop to take a peek at my new followers, to join their blogs, and of course, to add them to my almost-OCD list.

Imagine my surprise when I found that SOMEONE had decided to follow me TWICE!!! Lest you think this was an accident (my first inclination too), this was also the SAME SOMEONE who left the lovely note letting me know that I now had 75 followers. And lest you STILL want to give her the benefit of the doubt...take a peek...TWO DIFFERENT AVATARS OF THE SAME FACE!!!

No, I'm not going to take my ticker faces down as the rest of you should not be punished for someone else's, who will remain nameless (DIRTTRACKDIVA!!!), deceit. Just take a peek at my primo best-seats-in-the-house first row of bleacher seats (she's taking up two and I know full well her butt is no longer THAT big!!! Don't believe me...take a peek at her blog where she just posted updated WL pics...that is NOT a 'needs two seats butt'!).

OK, I'm blonde, but if you're going to try and pull the wool over this girl's eyes...even I know to at least use a DIFFERENT pic of yourself!!!

I'm now busy putting up 'Wanted' posters around the neighborhood here. I'm officially on strike until the seat is emptied and I receive a formal apology for making a fool of me and my blondeness (love you!).


LDswims said...

hehehe...that's funny! Thanks Dirttrackdiva! I had thoughts of doing the same thing myself but talked myself out of it! That's hilarious. Too funny!

Band Groupie said...

Don't EVEN try it!!! I'm on to you all now! Why do you think I had to make an example of her? My life (as I know) it is at stake here (once those before's come out)!

GTG...I'm figuring out how to look behind all those 'gray silhouette' avatars on here.

Dirttrackdiva said...

*hangs my head in the cone of shame* I do not like the cone of shame. :`(

It truly was an accident though. The first one was from the link at LBT, then I made my own blog I noticed that you weren't on my list of blogs I was following so I followed you again. (Did the same thing to my brothers blog and he bawled me out too. Guess that makes you family.) And my hair isn't blonde, nor is it naturally red. It's an ugly mousy brown that I hate. So I really have no valid excuse for my misguided following. ;/

Thanx for the comment about my butt no longer being that big. Very nice Post It rendition of me though. I shall save it and post it to my own blog. (Is that bad that I'm putting my own wanted poster on my own blog? It shall make others very easy to find me I suppose.)

Too funny! I vote to leave the heads up there. You're looking and doing great. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that I enjoy looking at your beautiful smiling face when I log on to your blog.

*Wearing my cone of shame to the Super Bowl watch party* I'll let you know how easy it is to eat ribs with it on. At least I won't get anything on my shirt. :)

Band Groupie said...

Apology accepted GF (accident *cough cough*)! 'Cone of Shame' LOL! I can just see you at the SB party with it're right though...better than a bib!

HEY!!! That isn't you behind that new follower 'Mollyn' is it? What are those?...chinese pea pods in a take-out container? What have we stooped to that your LUNCH can now follow me?!!! And what the heck happened to PROTEIN FIRST?!!

*Calming Down* I'm SURE it's not you again *cough cough* get thee thy bum out of that second seat! I don't want to get to 100 any faster! Love you! Have fun watching the SB!

Dinnerland said...

I am lost! I don't understand alot of these tech-y things... :-)

Band Groupie said...

Just a little joke between friends about following someone twice...all is well.

Band-Babe said...

You're funny! I thought I was OCD-ish, but you win. As I always say, OCD can be used for good or for evil, and when channeled properly can be highly useful. It drives everyone around you crazy, but that's beside the point! Ha ha.

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