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Sunday, February 28, 2010

2/28/10 My Sexy New IRS Friends

Someone asked for a pic once my friends got here, so here they are...

This was my temporary freezer for the day, since SOMEONE filled the basement one (luckily the deer weren't interested in SF Popsicles).

We went from electric to gas (4 burners plus a center long one). The oven is convection and I have no clue how to use it on that setting, but that's the one instruction book I will read since I like to bake. DH is a typical man...there won't be any 'reading of instructions first'...he spent the day chatting it up with the delivery guys and then the installer...he says the guys told him everything he needs to know LOL. Microwave is pretty standard.

Love the new fridge, it holds more than our last one with the french doors there's less wasted space and the drawers for the freezer are much nicer than fishing through the back of our old side by side.

I'm outing myself again..Why yes, those are labels on the fridge shelves...Haven't you been listening?...I'm a little OCD (my family says 'anal')...I have a label maker and I'm not afraid to use it!

Love how much quieter the dishwasher is...our last one sounded like an airplane taking off.

Thank you IRS and the law that changed for making this all possible.

Friday, February 26, 2010

2/26/10 Really? Nobody?

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

2/26/10 We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

...for this important announcement.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

2/25/10 My DH Has An Addiction!

OMG!!! I just found out my DH has a terrible addiction he's been hiding from me!!!

Let me back that DD is back living at home she's been noticing the same thing I have. My DH cooks WAY too much dinner for us. I'm constantly telling him that I don't eat that much anymore and he needs to pare it down. I'm always throwing out bins of leftovers and it makes me sick to do it...I had to really work on that everyone here says 'better to waste than on your waist'...but it makes me sick to toss things. Anyway, so DD has been noticing the same thing and having a fit about he made a hamburger casserole on Sunday (he's traveling this week)...there were 2 qts. of leftover casserole and more than 1/2 is still in there. He also overbuys things for the pantry...mention you like some food or need more of it and he'll buy you 10...he loves Costco-warehouse store...drives DD her rant was about 2 packs of bagels she found in the fridge...'Doesn't he know that I'm the only one who ever liked bagels and I haven't been eating them since HIGH SCHOOL!!!' I don't you think I'm CRAZY (don't answer that)...THE MAN SHOPS...THE MAN COOKS FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD!...that and his heart is in the right place.

OK, that takes me to today. I've got four new appliances for the kitchen being delivered tomorrow...

...yes, we're single handedly turning the economy around, your welcome..., it's tax return 'found money' because of a law change this year when we thought we owed...

...yes, you all have to put your tax return money back into the economy, them's the rules...I can't fix it all on my own...

...yes, the old ones are only 10 years old and totally falling apart (tip for Mom's; Don't store your milk on the door of the fridge or before you know it every tab that holds the door bins on will have been broken off by that devilish kid named 'Ididntdoit'). And someone please tell me why the replacement dish racks that rust out costs as much as a new dishwasher?...

...I know, 'they don't makem' like they used to'...

...yes, I got them in stainless, hidden controls dishwasher, convection oven, 4 + 1 long gas burners, french doors with a bottom drawer freezer, nice microwave...

...yes, yes, all very exciting, but...


So I'm needing to get ready for the delivery tomorrow. I spent a few hours moving everything from the fridge to the one downstairs (second full size fridge by the bar). Then I start on the freezer which is packed full upstairs...Well, a lot of it is breads, buns and bagels (again, he buys too much)...well, breads, buns and bagels don't have to stay in the freezer. I'm hoping there's enough room in the basement for the rest (just a freezer on top the fridge). Well, we only keep extra meat down there so I'm assuming there's room. I'm not usually in the basement fridge as he's the 'griller of meats'.

Then I found my DH's dirt little secret he's been hiding from me....

...he has an addiction...


The first three are meats that were in the small top freezer downstairs (and this isn't counting the ones still in the upstairs freezer)...

Yes, that's the icemaker bin...

...nope, no ice...

...full of brats and hotdogs...blech...

...DS1 however, has them every day...he has been addicted to hotdogs since he was two...

...just one problem...


Oh, and I bought one small bag of mixed fruit for my protein know, the ones I drank just post-op...

..oh, and I did have a few more after fills LAST SUMMER...

Well apparently someone didn't get the message that I don't drink these on a daily basis...

...Lest you think this is 'no big deal'...that's my FREAKIN FOOT there for a size comparison...

...These are GIANORMOUS bags of fruit...

...So which is it... he having an affair with the lady butcher?

...or the 'Saturday Sample Lady' (as DS2 calls the ladies giving out free samples on the one day of the week DS2 likes to go to Costco)?

...I'm not complaining...

...I just think I need to have a Bander Party...

...who's up for a yummy fruit dacquiri?

...yes, you newbies...this counts as a 'full liquid'!

...and if we party until dawn I hear there will be delivery boys attending!

2/25/10 Linner; Sides and Snacks

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2/24/10 Lookie Here!

Back from the Doc's...all is well (urine good, not kidney) the bloodwork done just in case it's the gallbladder (she also is having it checked for mono since DS1 has it)...if anything shows up, or it gets worse I have an ultrasound appointment for Friday, but I'm expecting everything to be fine.

Now, on to more important things...Take a peek...

NO, NOT the cute suede platform heels that I can now wear again without fear of toppling over. HIGHER, HIGHER...

NO, NOT the size 10L Levis (YES, I said 10!) that I just bought and can squeeze my bum into (only because they're stretch). HIGHER, HIGHER...

NO, NOT there...Do you see it? HIGHER, HIGHER...

NO, NOT up my nose HIGHER, HIGHER...

Can you see it now? No, I did not do a lousy job of fixing my hair today...Just LOOK at that cowlick...all over the top of my head!!! Lookie Here!! My hair is growing back!

Either that....

....or it's all breaking off again!

2/24/10 Linner; Protein First

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2/23/10 Testing Myself

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Monday, February 22, 2010

2/22/10 Scale Whores Anonymous-1st Anniversary Meeting!!!

- Call to Order:

o 'TAP, TAP, TAP...Is this mike on?'

- Creed: Yes, you must recite it with me...this serious business...whose snickering back there? Right foot on your scale...

o I am a Scale Whore. I wear this title with pride. Keeping track of my weight and use of a scale is an important tool in my journey toward or at a healthy weight. I am only one of many others like me and together we are a group. Although our journeys and choices may be different, we are bonded together by the common strategy of keeping a careful eye on our weight. I will share freely and will educate others on my strategies so that others may learn from my experiences. I will accept, respect and support my fellow Scale Whores regardless of their choices and alternate strategies without passing judgment, regardless of my personal views. I will unite with this group to defend against the prejudices and intolerance of others in order to preserve the support and accepting atmosphere of this group. I am here to teach and to learn, to find support and give it, so that I can more successfully reach or maintain a healthy weight.

Thank you all for keeping it together.

-Review of Qualifications for Joining SWA:
o Join Us!!! What?!! You don’t know if you qualify as a Scale Whore (or 'Gigolo'...the 'G' is silent in our title, but we all know it's a deadly fart...not that you're like a fart men...but don't guys like farts...I'll just stop now and say you're in)? Well, here are the qualifications for becoming a member. You only need to say ‘Yes’ to last one* and ‘Yes’ to any one other item listed below, and you’re in:

o Do you enjoy getting on your scale often (OK, maybe ‘enjoy’ isn’t the right word when getting on a scale)? This can be anywhere between at the Doctors to every hour. More often than that and you just need help and you’re too afflicted even for us (getting on and off 3 times in a row to average doesn’t count as too much, as any Scale Whore can tell you, this counts as one).

o Do you find yourself trying to wear (or naked) basically the same thing every time you weigh yourself (let's not even get started on bathroom habits)?

o Do you weigh yourself, or your clothing/shoes before you go to the doctor so you can figure your exact weight and if your scale matches your doctors (and then almost pee yourself holding it until you get home and on the scale)?

o Do you somehow chart or spreadsheet your weight (or track it on your bathroom mirror)?

o Do you try to somehow predict what your weight will be in the future? Those with magic crystal balls need not apply (that’s cheating and considered an unfair advantage…the rest of us are at the mercy of the Weight Loss Gods who take great pleasure in messing with our predictions daily).

o *Do you NOT want help for any of the above? Meaning you’re secretly OK with the fact that you’re a Scale Whore (so pretty much anyone who doesn’t want help or doesn’t think this is an affliction)? I'm going to say this one more time...We're not here to help you stop weighing...We're all about weighing yourself MORE, not less, so please join another group if you think weighing is a problem...move along (and you must be missing the WL gene).

Then come out of the closet (or bathroom) and sign up to join us!

- Role Call and Reading of Minutes of Last Meeting:
o Last meeting was our semi-annual meeting in August. I've got to say, you're all looking great...just look how much less our group weighs since six months ago!!! Some of you are only half a member now! I can hardly believe it's been a whole year since the group's formation!

- Swearing in and Initiation of new members:
o Scales and Measuring tapes will be involved…don’t worry, it’s all done in a pitch black room and we’ve all survived…so far. may put on your blindfolds NOW. Shh...stop that giggling and someone get the lights!

- Announcements, Reports, Business, Program, Open Sharing:
o SWA WL awards will now be awarded (Can you tell it's the year of the Olympics?!). Since this is a new program I've added to our meetings I would like you all to take a moment to pull out your WL spreadsheets (or mirrors) and do some calculating. Our last meeting was 6 months ago, so please calculate how much you've lost in the last 6 months (yes, even you new Initiates). OK, times up! This isn't high math...I weighed 195 August 22nd -minus- 161 today (stupid Goal Limbo) = 34 pounds...I'm sorry, I'm much too blonde to convert this to metric (and I was around when the US schools were going to convert to the metric system...well THAT was a wasted year of math...just about the time I caught on they decided to bag it...we HAD to be different!), but we're in luck, all our overseas members are smart...even the blonde ones. Now please step up to the scale and weigh-in to receive your award (I hung mine on my Bulletin Board...ooooo shiny!).

---Bronze to members having lost 0-39 pounds/6 mo.; congrats, you've lost weight (because no one goes home empty handed) and those losing more than 26 pounds have lost more than the 1 pound minimum per week the docs promise!

---Silver to members having lost at least 40 pounds/6 mo.; that's more than 1.5 pounds/week...way to go!

---Gold to members having lost at least 50 pounds/6 mo.; that's about 2 pounds/week...awesome...we all bow down before you (just hum your national anthem as you collect your gold medal please). Anyone, Anyone? OK, bust out the karaoke machine and then she'll come forward!

---A special award, the SWA Goal Trophy, will now be given to anyone at their goal who has maintained their goal weight for the past 6 months (d*mn, stupid Goal Limbo, it's now going to take me a year to get that trophy for my shelf!).

o The floor is now open for sharing of WL tracking and methods. Share how you use a scale and/or track your weight (random thoughts also always welcome).

- Entertainment, Social Activities, Just for Fun:
o Arts and Crafts, games, teambuilding, etc. Share yours here and the group will participate (I'll get the ice...d*mn glue guns!)! I see you all brought your scales as instructed...I'd like to end this part of our meeting with 'Musical Scales' (my fav).

- New Business, Suggestions:
o For Our Next Meeting (or suggestions for anything do you like our new venue the wallpaper?).

- Closing Ceremony:
o The parade of countries, Dominoes Formation "Fall" with our Scales (symbolic of our weight falling down), and fireworks to rival the Olympic Ceremonies!!!

o Until Next Time…

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2/21/10 ...and the Last Award of the Night Goes To...

OK I'm behind, but finally up to speed with this blogger award...thanks Vanessa, you're always stressing me out there for me (love you girl). Let me start by thanking my nominators (and let me seriously say here that I'm touched and honored since we were strangers just a few short weeks's the bond of the band people!).

Drazil at 'It's just Me, Drazil, and Sheniqua' who claimed she was picked last......and then nominated me...and they call me blonde!...Love you sweetie!

Jen at 'Jen's Lap Band Journey' She has the cutest new layout that matches that cute face of hers...I swear she looks just like a Disney Princess (d*mn her, from the time I was 5 I desperately wanted that Snow White skin and dark hair...yeah, we've seen what happens to me as a brunette), and she has the personality to match, always looking on the bright side and so supportive (she's probably got the seven dwarfs waiting on her too...maybe that's why she's so sunny)!

Vanessa at 'Dinnerland' I love that she is ballsey and 'tells it like it is', all while having the kindest of hearts, love that. She's rocking her band, working hard, and managing a family...all on NO sleep and while in pain (she's either superwoman or she's got a refill on those post-op drugs).

Athena at 'Athena's Melting' she's newly have to go there just to check out this girls smile, it is only matched by her personality. I'm thankful her blog starts with 'A' so she's always on my Dashboard...I go there even when she hasn't posted if I need a pick-me-up, that's just how infectious and happy her smile makes me. Oh, and I love her cool pics.

Here are the rules:
* Thank the person who nominated you for this award; Done
* Copy the award and post it in your blog; Done
* Link to the blog of the person who nominated you; Done

* Tell seven interesting things about yourself; Hmmm...OK

* Nominate seven bloggers and;* Post links to the blogs of your nominees; Well, since I've been here less than a month now, I'm guessing you know all the bloggers I do as I'm still trying to stalk track everyone down!

Hmmm seven...
1. I met DH on a blind date in college...I had a lousy time (later found out the party was to celebrate the end on his frat 'Hell Week' and he hadn't slept in excuses buddy, show a girl a good time).

2. DH called me the next day to ask me out again and I told him 'Sorry, I'm going to the library to study.' He said he'd meet me there...groan. I fell in love with my DH in the college library when he poured some lumps of candy into my hand and I poured them into my mouth (candy, I couldn't resist) was my first experience with 'Pop Rocks' (when they first came out). I thought he'd poisoned me and starting spitting and making a scene...soon I couldn't stop laughing...we were almost kicked out by the librarian. He still makes me laugh.

3. I'm the second oldest of five kids; 4 girls and a boy. My youngest sis is 10 years younger and we tried to sell her for a dollar on the stairs of the Camp Store when we were camping one summer on vacation (they had great candy inside...are you seeing a food theme here?).

4. All my sister's have the same first name as I do...we're all Mary something (my parents were/are good Catholics), and none of us go by the name Mary...yes, the Catholic guilt continues.

5. I'm still afraid of the dark. When DH is gone I still go upstairs when the kids go to bed and turn the bedroom TV up so I can't hear the noises in the house. I never sleep well when he's gone, but get this...he snores like a bear and I have to sleep with a noise machine on full blast and a second pillow over my gets worse...I'm so used to it, I have to sleep like that even when he's not there. Oh, and don't tell the kids I lock my bedroom door when he's gone...yeah, they're on their own if the robber breaks in...I'll never hear any of them.

6. The only food I won't eat (yeah, hard to see why I got obese isn't it) is coleslaw...our school lunches served the kind with a mayonnaise base (it was so watery it looked like someone poured milk on it) and there were raisins on top. I gagged on it the first time I tried it (don't ask me why I tried coleslaw with raisins, but up until then I hadn't met a food I didn't like and I was giving it the benefit of the doubt) and after gagging about 10x I finally puked in a pile of napkins much to the dismay of those at the tables around me...HS trauma...scarred me for life. Coleslaw...Just Say No (oh, and black licorice...gag).

7. I was born with a minor physical kids think it's disgusting, but they often want to show their friends...if I ever get to goal, I'll show you (no, you wish!...I don't have a tail.).

Now excuse me while I go pin up my award on my bulletin board...*skips off happily hugging her award*...I'm loving this 'Blogger world''s all sunshine, roses, and awards here! ((hugs)) -BG

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2/20/10 Questions, I have Questions!

*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

- Blogger Awards?
After trying to Google this I finally gave up and decided that you all already know I'm blonde and TI (Tech Impaired). Just remember I'm new to the blogging world here (Ok, now I'm just begging for pity). I've been reading blogs about this and then saw I had a 'nomination'? Do I need to do something? How do people know they have nominations/any notification (do I get a Golden Ticket in the mail or something)? And more importantly, do I get to borrow a designer dress for the red carpet?!!! OH MAN! Now I'm going to have to wear a wig to the

Friday, February 19, 2010

2/19/10 Low Carb Banders

One of our Bandster bloggers, Lena from 'Fat Frog Diary' needs some help. She/her surgeon follows a low carb diet and has been asked by her surgeon to come at speak at the support group to other Banders who have 'fallen into negativity, especially concerning the low carb diet'. She wants some feedback from any of you regarding a low carb diet, questions you have, what about low carb you have the most difficulty with, etc. (my only low carb experience was with Atkins). Her blog is here:

Lena was one of my first supporters on LBT when I knew nothing (still don't) and has a great blog with wonderful recipes, so while you're there check it out. Her broth and soup recipes drove me into the kitchen to ACTUALLY COOK them just pre-op...yes, unbelievable I cooked (three kinds) and even I didn't flub them...ask DH...I caught him happily lapping up one of my coveted and carefully portioned frozen soup packets about week 3 of my 6 week post-op diet from Hell and I about took his head off...he wanted more...not happening dude!

Best wishes Lena, you'll do great inspiring those Banders!

2/19/10 My 'Bander Meal'

Today's blog may seem like I'm diverting a little from my 'nutrition series', but to me, this is part of my least partly with vitamins/supplements...and the other part is medications, but since some of us also have the same 'obesity related comorbidities' I thought I'd include them as well. I know when I was starting out I wondered what kinds of vitamins and supplements others were taking, especially since all this 'pill' stuff was new to me.

*Portions of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Yep, this is how many pills I take a day...morning on the left/plate (I use the lg. daily pill box), evening on the right/plate (I use the sm. daily pill box...yes, today is my day to refill them), and 'as needed' in packaging. Just a few years ago I was taking absolutely NO pills, unbelievable. I had some daily mulitvitamins that I'd try to remember to take when I was dieting (remember, I was ALWAYS dieting or gaining), but I almost never took them. Now, as DH says, I'm consuming a whole 'Bander Meal' of pills LOL...yep they're filling (and I will admit having to 'search' through a PB to see which ones came back up once...not fun). I'm not someone who was ever into supplements or liked adding medications without a need, but you'll see that almost everything I'm now taking was Doctor recommended. Am I happy that I'm taking this many pills? No, but I'm getting my health back and it's working.

OK, this is going to be dry reading and not something that anyone will need ALL this information. Skim down through the sections in CAPS/bold and just read the ones that pertain to you. Feel free to ask me anything as I'm an open book, and I'd love it if you shared information you have that's different from mine in any of these areas.

*I have had Pneumonia about 6 times in my life and have always had a problem with many bouts of Bronchitis and other things effecting my lungs. A few years ago I had a very severe 12 week cough. I went back to my (then) PCP's and saw three different doctors over that cough before they finally sent me to a Pulmonologist (of course by then the cough was done).
*Testing: Lung x-rays (twice), blood tests (one Doc thought I had 'hand/foot/mouth disease), strep test, chest CT (one doc thought I'd had some pulmonary embolisms that had dissolved on their own by the time they ordered this test-at the end of my cough).
*Medications: I was put on several different rounds of different antibiotics (some thought it was Bronchitis), prescription cough suppressants, even a narcotic shot, throat numbing tabs, and mucus treatments. I was also put on several types of inhalers.
*Our whole family (minus DD who was at college) went to the Allergist for testing. To everyone's surprise (even the Allergist) I found out then that I am highly allergic to almost everything environmental (no foods). My lung function was also very impaired.
*My new PCP got me to a different Pulmonary specialist group and after going through all the breathing testing I found out I had Adult Onset Asthma and severe Post Nasal Drip. Asthma can be aggravated by Obesity.
*My new PCP gave me the Pnemonia vaccine and I am now on several medications for the Asthma and the Allergies. I haven't had any major lung problems since then.
-Rx: Fluticasone Proionate---50 mcg---1 spray each nostril---2x/day---for Allergies and Asthma
-Rx: Singulair----------10 mg-----1 tab---------------------1x/day----for Allergies and Asthma
-Rx: Albuterol Sulfate--17 g-------2 puffs AS NEEDED-4-6 hours--for Allergies and Asthma
-OTC: Antihistamine---10 mg---1 tab----------------------2x/day----for Allergies and Asthma
-OTC: Halls Methol-----7 mg----1 drop AS NEEDED---2 hours----for cough

*Most of you will remember all my incontinence issues and the doubled surgery I had for it (Hysterectomy and Bladder Sling), which both failed (my Urologist said I'm the only one he's ever had that's failed…great). Yes, stress incontinence can be related to Obesity. I had given up, but went back to the Urologist (this was several years after the surgery) and went through both the Urodynamic testing (lots of wires and TMI) and later the bladder scoping again (both fine).
*He sent me to a specialist. She gave me an exam and sent me for both a bladder and abdominal ultrasound and internal ultrasound as well as abdominal x-rays. She gave me this daily pill and it works very well (YAY, no more peeing my pants...I'm down to tiny pads, really my 'security blanket', and off those MEGA pads!).
-Rx: Vesicare----5 mg------1 tab--------1x/day---for Incontinence

*I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my lower back about 10 years ago. It had gotten to the point where I was taking a lot of anti-inflammatories and using a heating pad most nights. After pulling some major muscles across my back and left shoulder lifting a couch a few years ago, my shoulder had been progressively been getting worse, I had sporadic back and arm muscles spasms and even numbness and tingling in my hand. I just figured I would have to eventually have shoulder surgery like my Dad had. I was also beginning to have more pain in my knees and feet (Can you say Obesity?).
*My new PCP sent me for spine and shoulder x-rays and sent me to Physical Therapy for the first time. I found out that I have osteoarthritis not only in my lower back, but also in the spine near my neck and that is what was causing the shoulder problems. I also found out from the x-rays that I had mild scoliosis/curvature to the side and pretty severe lordosis/sway back (yes, this can be aggravated by Obesity…just take a look at my fat a$$ my back had to hold up).
*The treatment I got through Physical Therapy helped the shoulder a LOT, and the lower back somewhat (I'd highly recommend PT). Getting the weight off has also helped tremendously.
-OTC: Glucosamine Chondroitin---1,500 mg---1 tab----1x/day----for healthy cartilage and joint support.

*I got my first migraine about 20 years ago and they had very slowly increased in frequency to the point where a few years ago I had some weeks where I had them 3x a week. They were completely debilitating and OTC meds were no longer helping (had been helping if I started them soon enough).
*My new PCP sent me for a brain MRI ('unremarkable', hee-hee) and had me keep a migraine journal (coming off caffeine and other trigger foods didn't help). It was determined that I was getting severe migraines as well as rebound headaches from all the OTC pain relievers I was taking for both the headaches and the osteoarthritis pain.
*They started me on a migraine daily preventative which worked really well until recently when I've been getting some again and now they've increased the dosage and that seems to be helping. This is the only one of my pills that I only take in the evening as the migraines almost always begin in the wee hours of the morning. The PCP also gave me a non-NSAID pain reliever to use when I get one (after LB we can't take NSAIDS), and they also gave me a 'vomiting remedy' prescription as I can get violently nauseous (bad with the Band) with some migraines (I have used this twice since banding for vomiting).
-Rx: Amitriptyline----75 mg------1 tab----1x/day at night---for Migraine prevention
-Rx: Isometh/APAP (generic Midrin)--1-2 caps AS NEEDED--every hour, up to max 5/12 hrs.---for Migraine pain
-Rx: Ondansetron-----8 mg----1 tab AS NEEDED-----2x/day----for severe vomiting (I'd recommend all Banders have something similar on hand for severe vomiting of any kind).

*I had consistent hypertension for a year before the PCP started me on medication for it (when I started it was 158/110). They had to double the dosage to get it under control. Recently I was at the PCP and my lower number had finally come down into the mid-low 80's, so I asked about cutting down on the meds. She's OK'd me cutting my pills in half as a test and I was finally able to get a BP check at the Cardiologist the other day. I was thrilled to see the best reading I've had in years 120/80 and he said if this keeps up I could go off the medication in about 6 months.
*I had to go to the Cardiologist for my LB clearance due to my family history. Dad has had 2 heart attacks and 3 stents, one sister has had two mini strokes, and both are on BP meds. I had a heart MRI (normal), an EKG, and a clearance exam/visit pre-op. Five days post-op I was back at the hospital with chest pain and pain breathing. A clot was ruled out, my lungs weren't inflating all the way, but my EKG was abnormal so they kept me overnight for a stress test (normal, some ribs were displaced in the surgery).
-Rx: Lisinopril-----5 mg------1 tab-----1x/day------For Hypertension
-OTC: Vitamin E--400 IU----1 tab-----1x/day------Cardiovascular health
-OTC: *Fish Oil--with 300 mg Omega-3's--1 softgel--2x/day------ " "
* As soon as we use up this bottle, I'm going to buy the Costco/Kirkland, Enteric coated fish oil, which has a higher concentration of the Omega 3's needed:
Omega 3 EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 410 mg
Omega 3 DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 274 mg
I'm hoping I'll only need 1 of the new kind/day, but am interested in your opinions on how much is needed.

*GASTROENTEROLOGIST- We all had to have colonoscopies after finding pre-cancerous polyups in the family. Mine was clean. We also were sent to a Genetic counselor who found no genetic testing was yet needed.
*OBGYN- I go for annual checkups (no more PAPs after the hysterectomy), I also get yearly mammo's (dense breast tissue and lots of benign cysts usually have the tech gasping). I have had left breast pain for about 10 years (they tell me cysts can be painful, cancer isn't). A few years back the OBGYN put me on a estrogen and testosterone pill, but I went off of it after a few months at my PCP's recommendation (I was having sudden dizziness and joint pain). This year I decided to try and just address my hot flashes…my face gets beet red and it can be embarrassing, not to mention uncomfortable. The OBGYN started me on the following pill and it has been working really well for this:
-Rx: Venlafaxine---37.5 mg------1 tab-----2x/day---for hot flashes
*OPTHAMOLOGIST- Both of my parents have Macular Degeneration, although different kinds. Both my Mom's sisters also have it as well as several grandparents (so I'm screwed LOL). The Opthalmologist recommends a daily dose of this:
-OTC: Lutein------20 mg------1 softgel---1x/day---eye health


Thursday, February 18, 2010

2/18/10 Nutrition, It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2/16/10 Before, During, and almost After's

Well, I just got back from my Cardiologist check-up and since it was all good news I decided on the way home that I'd post a little blog about it...but then I had a HEART ATTACK!!!!!!!!!

100 Followers!!!! Seriously?!!! AHHHHHH!!! PALPITATIONS!!!! I left the Cardiologist too soon *clutching heart*....AHHHHHH!!!

*Portions of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book
I'm only doing this in hopes of inspiring someone else, like everyone's pics inspired me...I don't have the perfect body, but at least it's now a healthy one. Enjoy!

Before----------1/13/09 = 244 (-4 lbs.)
During----------8/2/09 = 195 (-53 lbs.)
Almost After--1/30/10 = 163 (-85 lbs.)

Thank you 100 Followers!

Monday, February 15, 2010

2/15/10 I Hope You're Happy! (238 & 248 Heads)

...I am now going off into my corner to cry...

...and yes, there are three chins in that last pic (yes, I zoomed in close so you can just barely see it)...

...and yes, I was a brunette...for the first time in my life...for a few months...

...I had this fantasy that I would change my hair color and the weight wouldn't be as noticeable in my 'before' pics...

...I liked the additional brain cells brunettes have...they keep you from having stupid blonde moments...where you promise things you now have to deliver on...

...and I'm noticing (Why didn't any of my 'friends' point this out?) I need to buy a powder foundation instead of my liquid I have 'Obese Woman with Shiny Face Syndrome' in every pic...never a good look...fat and sweaty looking...ughhh...

...that is all...

...unless I find way to block new followers I'll be in seclusion....

...Do Not Disturb

2/15/10 218 & 228 Heads

What the heck happened yesterday? I may be back again today posting those last heads...then there's not much between me and the dreaded 'befores' Yikes!

They're getting scarier and scarier...and it looks like I aimed down a little in the 228 one because my chin looks like it shrunk a little, trust me, it didn't...I remember I took that one myself from arms length. I hope you're enjoying watching me grow! It's like a chia lost too much hair for that one...more like one of those sponge capsules you put in water! Enjoy!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

2/14/10 Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We had a great movie and dinner out last night for our early Valentine's celebration. I did well on the eating front at PF Changs. I had a glass of White wine, 1 chicken lettuce wrap (with not very much filling), and about 1/2C of Chicken w/cashews & almonds, and 1/2C or less of brown rice. The other couple ordered a dessert for all of us to try, I think it was banana spring rolls and I had 1 section (about 1/4 C max or probably less). So more than I usually eat as it was probably 1.5-maybe 2C max, but we were there for hours, so I ate very slowly and never felt stuffed.

We ran out of time to take pics before we left, so I had DS2 take these this morning in the outfit I wore (excuse the makeup and hair). I was having a fashion crisis last night and need your advice before I forget for next time (DD is gone until Monday). This was my first time wearing leggings since stirrup pants were in (yes, I tried putting on the thighshaper bodywear, but with the leggings the thigh 'muffin bottoms' showed...I'm thinking I need ankle to neck body armour). I have 3 long sweaters I bought to go with these leggings. DH talked me into wearing flats instead of the heels since it's so icy out. So here's the question...I know some short heel boots would be best (I need to buy some), but can you wear leggings with regular heels? If so, are the knee-high black hose I wore OK, or am I to be bare ankled?

Yes, I'm talking to DS2 through my smile about how to use the camera. Oh, and look at those boobs I borrowed from Victoria! If you ever see my before/after's you'll see those aren't mine (but the 'butt shelf' is) LOL!

Have a great day with your sweeties! Mine is taking the 5 boys back to PSU, but should be home in the next hour or so! ((Love and Hugs)) -BG

PS- Haven't the Olympics been great!!! We got to spend the evening hanging with the boys!

*Edited to add:

These are DD's...I'm going to need 'husky girl' boots as I couldn't even zip these half way up! Does anyone sell them with XL calves LOL?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

2/13/10 208 & 198 Heads

Thank you followers 81-85! Well isn't this fun...watching my chins grow!!! Enjoy!

Happy Saturday all! Hope you all watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last night. I always get a chill watching all the countries march in. In this world of ours with all it's problems, bad economies and wars it's always wonderful to see that we can come together in this way!

Oh, just in case I'm not back...let me wish you happy VD now! No, NOT the STD (although I'll warn you not to get too amorous with people you don't know). Happy Valentine's Day! We're celebrating early going out with friends this afternoon for a movie and early dinner at PF Changs. I'll try to remember to take a photo to post.

DS1 made it back from college late last night and he looks/feels good (just 2 more weeks until the mono should be completely out of his system). He's out with PSU students all day today 'canning' (asking for donations) for childhood cancer (Four Diamonds Charity dedicated to wiping out pediatric cancer through research and caring for patients at the PSU Hershey Children's Hospital). PSU has a modern day 'dance marathon' ('Thon' ) every February. It's the largest student run philanthropy in the world and they raised over 7 million last year. The students fill the seats of the indoor basketball stadium and they stand and dance for 48 hours (next weekend, that should be fun, hope he doesn't get tired from the mono). They have lots of guests (and families/kids with cancer) come and encourage the students all through the event.

Anyway, we'll be home early so when DS1 is done we'll be able to spend some time with him as DH is taking the group back to school early tomorrow (they all have plans with GF's for Valentine's Day).

Happy weekend all!

Friday, February 12, 2010

2/12/10 188 & 178 Heads

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2/11/10 Bottoms Up!

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/10/10 Shout out to New (and Old) Bloggers

I noticed today that several of my followers have less than 10 followers of their own. Now we all know we're writing primarily to unload, whine, and b*tch...Oh, that's just me get support in this journey. 10 followers is NOT support people (we all know it takes at LEAST 20 of us to lift one of us obese gals on our shoulders)!!! So get on over there and check these gals out and start the lifting!

Jenny- Just starting the journey:
Lena- Bander with a primarily LB recipe site:

Oh, and SOMEHOW as I went through the blogs tonight I found I wasn't actually following two people that I thought I was (see that anal list came in handy...yes you doubters!). If you see I'm not following you yet, it's only because I'm obviously TI (tech impaired). Please hit me over the head here and let me know.

Stay tuned...tomorrow's blog involves lots of booze and bubbles (party at my blog)!

P.S. I just need to say, DS2 has been off school all week and tomorrow already...I shoveled snow 3x today lifting to piles over my's no longer pretty b*tch over.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2/9/10 Tuesday Truths

- Re. Snow: DS2 is off school again today (yesterday because of the roads). It's supposed to start snowing soon...another 10" expected...yay, more shoveling!

*Portions of Post Deleted For Lap Band Book

- DD got a call from a head hunter in the DC area trying to fill four different jobs...would have been perfect here, but we looked at the cost of living there and she would have been losing money to live there.

- Not sure if I mentioned DS1 has mono...he missed three days of school last week and had visits to the doctor and the hospital, but is feeling a lot better now (yes, I wanted to go get him). He's hopefully going to be home this weekend with a friend...if the snow cooperates!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

2/7/10 WANTED!

A quick update to my earlier blog today....

I'm blonde...and you all know I'm a slow learner...but you need to remember that I am also anal and almost-OCD.

Why is this important?

Because I may be slow, but eventually (OK, I've still not learned my lesson with getting stuck on nuts) I catch on.

Did you really think that almost-OCD me doesn't keep track of my followers so that I can follow them back if possible? Did you really think that almost-OCD me doesn't have a typed list of my followers with their blog websites (why, I don't know...the almost-OCD compels me to waste my time in such ways)?

You're still asking; Why is this important?

I'll tell you why!!!

I got a lovely comment I read this morning from one of my followers (a friend from LBT) letting me know she is now following, has a blog, and letting me know that I was now at number 75! So, being true to my word, I marched down the basement to my old, tired, and very slow computer, which has my ticker updates on it. I dutifully changed my ticker and posted my first two heads...all this before breakfast...I'm no sloucher.

After eating breakfast I opened my laptop to take a peek at my new followers, to join their blogs, and of course, to add them to my almost-OCD list.

Imagine my surprise when I found that SOMEONE had decided to follow me TWICE!!! Lest you think this was an accident (my first inclination too), this was also the SAME SOMEONE who left the lovely note letting me know that I now had 75 followers. And lest you STILL want to give her the benefit of the doubt...take a peek...TWO DIFFERENT AVATARS OF THE SAME FACE!!!

No, I'm not going to take my ticker faces down as the rest of you should not be punished for someone else's, who will remain nameless (DIRTTRACKDIVA!!!), deceit. Just take a peek at my primo best-seats-in-the-house first row of bleacher seats (she's taking up two and I know full well her butt is no longer THAT big!!! Don't believe me...take a peek at her blog where she just posted updated WL pics...that is NOT a 'needs two seats butt'!).

OK, I'm blonde, but if you're going to try and pull the wool over this girl's eyes...even I know to at least use a DIFFERENT pic of yourself!!!

I'm now busy putting up 'Wanted' posters around the neighborhood here. I'm officially on strike until the seat is emptied and I receive a formal apology for making a fool of me and my blondeness (love you!).

2/7/10 168 & 158 lb. Heads

WOW! That was fast!!! OK, as promised...2 head didn't really think I was going to start the unveiling at the Obese end did you? I know, I know, you've seen what I look like now! Well, that last one really isn't of me at 158 lbs. because I'M NOT THERE YET! When I get there I promise to replace the head in style!!

Look closer though...Yep, the last pic DH took so close up (you can see my pores) that I couldn't make the pic the same width as the others...and look, just so you wouldn't say 'you look the same' makeup!!! I wouldn't do that for just anyone! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

2/6/10 Let It Snow!

*View out the kitchen window of the back yard; table & chairs

We're snowed in! All the previous snow had melted off and everything was green (OK, more like brown) through noon yesterday when the snow started. They predicted about 7-9" here by this morning...WRONG! We got 24" and the snow has tapered off. DS2's school ski trip was cancelled today. The airport is closed, they're asking everyone to stay off the roads, and people have been stuck/sitting in their cars on the turnpike not moving overnight for over 10 hours now (they're sending snowmobiles out soon to try and rescue people...I'm sure they've all run out of gas trying not to freeze last night...scary!). I know, not unusual for other parts of the country, but they're saying we haven't had a snow event here like this since the Blizzard of '93 and we didn't move here until 2000). All the local TV stations have cancelled programming and have been running news/weather 24/7 now (the weather gal slept at the station last night). Yeah, and DD drove over to her old college yesterday before the storm to see some friends...she's not going anywhere for a few days.

Here's some more pics!

Me on the patio in front of the pond.

With the yardstick...24 inches in one night! Grill to the right.

We shoveled off about 8" from the driveway last night before going to bed and you can see there's a lot of new snow there. I took this photo standing on the other side of the can barely see the street and check out how the mailbox to the right is almost buried.

My nice neighbor let DH borrow his snow blower (I'm hoping DH is finally convinced we need one...he always says it's 'good exercise'...uh, huh...It usually seems like he's traveling when the snow comes). It would have taken us all day to clear with the shovels. Yes, I'm baking cookies now for my neighbor to tell him 'My back thanks you'.

Friday, February 5, 2010

2/5/10 Ticker Update & Note to Followers

Nope, I didn't lose a head (actually up a pound this week...sigh).

I spent a great deal of time revising my ticker pics. The 'time' part is partly because of the program I use (a free download- Serif) that seems to have it out for my old, tired, computer downstairs. Between the computer being SUPER slow and the program freezing every time I did something (and losing what I'd done of course) it took me FOREVER. I'd download it to my laptop, but I'm afraid to muck up my new computer. I'm telling you this so you'll know I worked long and hard to give you a little something to look forward to (if it had been just for me, I would have given up after an hour...I have lots of practice at disappointing, not so much).

When I first created my ticker I had no clue how to even scan a pic and move it into a program, so I was stuck with one pic of me I had on a CD. You know what?! It wasn't even from the year I started the LB journey. Eventually I added several other pics, but the history of my changing face was not complete.

So I went on a hunt. I looked up the dates on which I lost each of my 10 pound heads (from my Works Spreadsheet). Not being one who enjoys getting my picture taken (remember my severe and debilitating BBD affliction), I had a hard time finding pics of me from near each of the dates (note to Newbies...have someone take your pic at milestones even if you can't bring yourself to look at them...yet).

Some pics are a little fuzzy, since I had to crop my head out of a whole big group of people...some aren't from straight on...and one...well...I'll save that explanation for later.

What's that you ask?

Where are the new ticker pics?

I'm saving the unveiling for my know...numbers 75, 80, 85, 90, & 95 (Thank you for the suggestion that I unveil my "Before" side shot at number 75, but NO...this is the next best thing).

I plan to unveil 2 head pics for each milestone...And yes, it includes my 'real' before head....eeegads!!!

The answer is Yes. Is there really any question that I'm doing this to tease and get back at all my close friends on Blogger who didn't warn me how many of their friends they'd already brought here and let me make CRAZY promises I'll have to keep? Love you guys!

***Oh, and another reminder to those already following:

If you haven't seen my tiny head pop-up on your peanut gallery bleacher seats (followers), it's only because I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE OR WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!! It's not that I don't care. I've been trying my best to stalk you down, but when I tap you on the head here (for duck-duck-goose of course) it doesn't give me a link to chase you down.

Please leave me your link in comments here if you want me to follow as I'm getting tired of driving around the neighborhood trying to find out where you live...maybe you're a recluse and never come out to play...I'm not judging...OK, yes I am...I like to play...COME OUT, COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE!!!

OH, and I realize some may not have's OK, we can still play...thank you for the unconditional love (What's that you say? You didn't receive your check this week?)

- Laurel Nolan
- Bandita Senorita
- Kristen Witham
- SuperMegaAnna
- JM
- diane
- grisslyrider
- Andy Siple
- Joanne
- Debra Estes
- Janet H.
- Barbara Patterson
- mrsgrohl
- LoseIt!
- Jeff Combs
- shanazing
- Dee
- Kristin M
- Ashley
- imaluckydog
- justlynda
- bbeach
- strangedz
- michele.bardo
- sharon
- nerolid
- Yvette
- Beth L
- nscapt17
- Nicole Negvesky
- larahalsey2003
- barbara
- tobysjrzgrl
- Pam Griffis
- Jennifer

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2/3/10 All The World's A Stage

*Post deleted for Lap Band Book

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2/2/10 Groundhog Day

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Monday, February 1, 2010

2/1/10 Finding Common Ground

*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Me on our way out (wearing one of the two fitted tops I mentioned buying at Kohl's...see, it's NOT Black and even's a print!). Oh, and I'm not sure if they were just trying to give me a compliment or not, but the GF's kept telling me that these size 14 jeans (the new ones) were too big.
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