I'm on a new journey to pay-it-forward & with the support of my Groupies/friends...

I'm writing a LAP BAND BOOK!!!

WL + Meas. Stats

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Pre-Op (6 mo.) - Goal (Post-Op 13.5 mo.) = -100 lbs. TTL

- Height: I started off at 5'8" and have 'grown' back to about 5'8.5"

- Weight/Goal: (Projected goal line)
- 11/10/08 (Started): with projected l.31 lbs./week and kept this same projection 16 mo. (until 3/5/10)
- 3/5/09 (this is 45 weeks post-op, or 10.5 months post-op): I dropped it to a projected .75 lbs./week as I was getting closer to goal (10 lbs. from goal then)

- Weight/Actual, Pounds Lost/Week: Weigh-In every Friday, Here are some things to note of significance:
- 11/10/08: 248 lbs., Start of 6 mo. pre-op diet and exercise program
- 4/1/09: 239 lbs., End of 6 mo. pre-op diet and exercise program- 9 lb. loss
- 4/22/09: 229 lbs., SURGERY DAY (Hospital weight), 0 FILL
- 4/24/09: +10.5 lbs./wk Gain, 2 Days post-op, from IV fluids and swelling
- 5/1/09: -17 lbs./wk Loss, 9 days post-op, lost IV fluids and swelling (4/27 hospital again)
- 6/2/09: 213 lbs., First Fill + 3cc's = 3cc's FILL
- 6/16/09: 214 lbs., Second Fill + 1.5cc's = 4.5cc's FILL no restriction
- 7/28/09: 199.5 lbs., Third fill + 1.1cc's = 5.6cc's FILL start of good restriction (about 3 mo. post-op, reached 1/2 way to goal/50 lbs. lost 2 days later)
- 8/7/09 - 9/11/09: 194.5 lbs, Plateau: 5 weeks
- 9/8/09: 193.5 lbs., Fourth Fill + .3cc's = 5.9cc's FILL great restriction
-10/9/09: 186.5 lbs, SWEET SPOT announced (also started reflux meds.)
- 2/26/10: 157.5 lbs., Reached initial 'Health Goal' of 158 lbs., 10 mo. post-op (also see below)
- 2/2610 - 4/9/10: 157.5 lbs., Plateau: 6 weeks
- 3/12/10: 160.5 lbs., Endoscopy for reflux, just some slight redness, & bezoar
- 3/29/10: 160 lbs., Gallbladder Surgery
- 6/3/10: 148 lbs., GOAL!!! -100 lbs.
*Last 10 lbs. took 3.25 months (this was also start of a Plateau: 5 weeks maintenance)
*From Surgery Day to Goal: 81 lb. loss/58 wks. = average of 1.396 lbs./wk
*OR Week 1 Post-Op to Goal: If you take out that first post-op week/11 lb. loss (as most lose weight that week and I was back in the hospital a second time at day 5, so I lost even more) it is 70 lbs/57 wks. = average of 1.228 lbs./wk


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- Weight/Actual:Weigh-In every Friday, Here are some things to note of significance:
- 6/3/10: 148 lbs., GOAL WEIGHT!
- 6/29/10: 150 lbs., Up Arrow (about 4 weeks post-Goal) Unfill - 2cc's = 3.9cc's FILL some restriction, and UGI x-ray, Too tight from vomiting, but no slip
- 7/27/10: 151.5 lbs., Decided on no refill, Doc visit, not much restriction at all
- 8/5/10-8/10/10: +4 lbs. Gain, Vacation (three wks. later -4.5 lbs)
- 10/8/10: Slowly gaining (averaged a little over .5 lb./week), at highest saw 167 lbs. +19 lbs. above Goal (not on weigh in day), 164.5 lbs. on weigh in day (+16.5 lbs. above Goal).
- 10/12/10: 161.2 lbs. (+11.2 lbs. Gain since Unfill 15 weeks ago), Fifth Fill + 1cc (partial Refill) = 4.9cc's FILL some restriction
- 10/29/10-11/1/10: 162 lbs., Major Stress in a few days: Surgeon left practice (no Doc until February), DS had emergency surgery, struggling to just maintain
- 2/8/11: 164 lbs., Down Arrow, Sixth Fill + .75cc's= 5.65cc's FILL 1st Visit with New Surgeon, have maintained between 160-165.5 lbs. for the past four months, but on own/needed the fill
- 4/19/11: 155 lbs., Second Visit to New Surgeon, No Fill, have slowly been losing weight (9 lbs. in 10 weeks)
- 5/27/11: 148 lbs., GOAL!/Heart for second time, almost exactly 1 year (less than 1 week difference) after hitting Goal the first time. Lost at a rate of a little over 1 lb./week since last fill/getting to my Sweet Spot again.


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- I'm still shocked at the fact that I lost more from my waist then my hips...there's my BDD again kicking in and keeping me thinking that my weight was all in my hips (which it always was when I only had a little excess weight, like now)...I never realized how big my waist had also gotten when I was at my heaviest. How I couldn't see that big belly right in front of me, I don't know.

- I started some threads about taking measurements to get advice when I started, I still made some mistakes, but there's a few things I did right. Most websites/trainers agree on:

-----The above parts are what you should measure and how/where; largest = look for the largest parallel measurement (a few sites also suggest a 'chest' measurement, taken just under the bra-line, but the consensus is to just take the bust measurement).

-----Contrary to some people's thinking, just because you have 2 legs and 2 arms does NOT mean you get to count both of them. The conventional belief is that you count once for each measurement...doing it twice will falsely inflate your loss.

Here's what I did wrong:

-----Neck: I wasn't sure where to take the neck when I started so I did this all the way at the base where the shoulders start as my neck was the same all the way down (so it didn't inflate my initial numbers). I'd suggest you take wherever is smallest from the neck to head as I now have a thinner part (now=12.875).

-----Thigh: My inner thigh goes in right at the top of the leg/crotch, so I took the measurement a little further down on the inside. I have big saddlebags on the outer thigh that are up high. When I took my measurements I angled upward from inner to outer thigh (luckily same measurement as the right way). I'd suggest you take this measurement as they tell you to; biggest place with the tape measure parallel to the floor (now=25), not at an angle like I did.

-----I only took my measurements at the beginning, 1/2 way to goal, at 'Health' goal, and at my ultimate Goal. I'd suggest you take them a little more often (once a month at the most) as it will give you something more to celebrate as you go along, especially when the scale isn't moving and your measurements are.

-----Even more interesting is the fact the last column that show inches lost per pound. Just look how slowly the inches showed up at the first half...I thought it would be just the opposite, but even looking at the last 10 pounds where the WL took so long, the inches were still coming off significantly with each pound. Maybe that's part of the reason why my clothing sizes didn't change very quickly at the beginning, but they changed very quickly near the end.


- I started at a pant size 24/26W I'm now in a pant size 10 or 8.

- I started at a top size 2x (with a few XXXL, and a few 3x...and keep in mind, I never went above a C cup bra...I would have been in a much larger size if I was big busted), and am now a top size Med.

- My shoe size went from a 8.5 W or 9 W to an 8reg. or 8.5 reg.
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