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I'm writing a LAP BAND BOOK!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Announcement! A 'Leap' Forward...

Sorry, it's a long one...

If you've been following for awhile, then you've heard that I've been trying to write a LB Book. I'm certainly not an expert, a doctor, or a 'better' Bander…there are a LOT of wonderful, successful, banded bloggers and vloggers out there. I took this project on after more than a year of urgings of my followers, and because I did some research and knew that there wasn't a book out there like the one that would have helped me the most through my journey…one that represents all the choices, and all of us (Banders). I decided it would be a great way to 'pay-it-forward' and felt I owed it to everyone who helped me along the way.

I delved into the world of publishing with gusto. It was like learning a new language, but I was up for the task. Let me tell you that the publishing world has it's own very strict set of old-school rules that included learning how to create Queries that have to be company specific and researched like a resume, as well as long Proposals that are like thesis papers and each company can ask for different sections. That was all fine with me…I may be blonde, but I'm not dumb…my last job was leading process improvement in a Fortune 500 and I've got mad skills at mapping out the best course of action. I'm a hard worker, and most importantly, I was on a mission to help others and I wasn't going to give up. I created spreadsheet of publishers and each companies specific rules, I researched who at each Co. to send things to (they don't make it easy), as you're not allowed to send to more than one person (or they hit the 'delete'/shredder). I'm not complaining, I'm just telling you I did it. I hit most of the top publishers.

Here's the rub…about the time I started all this, the publishing houses had the rug pulled out from under them. The economy hit them, but more importantly, the world of books and the changes in how we read things hit them at the same time. EReaders and technology are changing things quickly. The Publishing Houses are scrambling to try to reinvent themselves at a time where they're downsizing and not taking any chances (on new authors). I'm sure you've noticed the Bookstores around you closing. These days authors can self-publish more easily than ever or setup their own eBook online (I think using a publisher still offers a lot though).

I'm giving you the history because I need you to understand that I really worked hard at this and it took a LOT of time…I have stacks of files to prove it. I've had so much support from all of you and I don't want you to feel like I let you down. I looked into self-publishing and I even had my DH's support in funding that.

OK, here's my one real moment of whining…the book was becoming a monkey on my back…I seriously couldn't sleep at night over this because I felt like I was letting everyone down. I sorely missed just writing my fun and sometimes deep daily blog. I missed the time I could devote toward supporting others and keeping up friendships…I missed all of you. I can't tell you how many blogs I have in 'Drafts' because I started something and then told myself I had to spend the time instead on the book and publishing. I seriously wish I could get back every hour I spent working on this and have used that to help someone else, but as someone recently told me, there's a reason for everything, even if I don't know it yet.. OK, whine over (you can't really be doing something selfless if you complain...done).

I read a few articles recently that finally lead me to my decision. The easy thing to do, would be to self-publish (I know how now), and/or publish an eBook, but I've decided not to, at least for now. I've decided to do something more 'out of the box', which is exactly who I am. I'm hoping that I've figured out the 'best course of action' to use. I thought long and hard about this and I'm excited about where I'm headed, and I hope you will be too.

I took my process improvement approach and looked at what I was trying to achieve. First, I looked at what I didn't want. The purpose of the book is not to just restate all the good medical information that's out there about the Band…there's plenty of books/sites that do that well. It's not to state 'my way or the highway', and 'follow these rules'…there are plenty of books that do that…I certainly didn't want to write just a glossed over version that's a fun read, but left me wondering at the end what I learned, if anything. Most of the LB out there are just that, with a dose of the medical side…I'm not knocking other books, I just needed to get specific about what I would bring to the table that would be any different from what's already available.  I also know I don't want people to have to read my whole blog or spend a million hours on a forum looking for answers...not many people have that time.

So I thought about the feedback I've gotten from you all along and here's what my objective is. I'm a detail person (editing out for the book wasn't easy and it lost a lot of the fun and humor on the cutting room floor). I want to be able to share detail (things that aren't easily found online now) for those that want it…I've gotten lots of feedback from some of the detail I've shared that helped someone else. Being an art teacher in my young life, I'm a visual learner, and I love sharing pics, and spreadsheets (can be impossible or cost-prohibitive with self-publishing). I'm skilled at process improvement and seeing all the choices and forks in the road…I used that to my advantage in my own success and I want the book to have a basis in my story, but represent all our points of views and really focus on all the choices we each have to make along the way. You can't figure out what works best for you if you don't know what the choices are (it doesn't take long in our journey to start figuring out that there's no one owners manual to success).

So here's where I am. I'm not taking the easy self-publishing route. Instead, I've bought a website and I'm setting it up now. I'm starting to place what I'm calling a 'Living Book' on it. It's going to be a cross between a book and a condensed blog (no one will have to read my whole blog ever again!), hopefully merging the two and including your input for others to read and learn from. It's going to read like a book with chapters and sections, but it will also allow for 'comments' and other viewpoints from all of you. Since it won't be static, I can update it whenever I want. I'm looking forward to adding other media and pics to it that I couldn't have afforded with a book (I've already done the 'cover art' and a 'music slideshow' and I'm looking into a spreadsheet doc). I'm trying to use as much technology as I can figure out. I've started  right now a format that looks like my blog so the transition between the two is seamless and just a click away (I'll probably update the layout eventually). I may put some form of it in eReader format (like a Kindle book) eventually for those that want the information that way. I've decided to make this all public/give it away, at least for now.

The downside of all this is that I've got more work ahead of me still. My biggest worry is that I won't have an agent or a publishing house to advertise it, so I'll be begging all of you to help me get the word out. And as with everything that's free, I know there's a perception that it can't be good information if I didn't pay her $24.99 for it…that's just something I'll have to prove in the product.

I'm trying to decide right now if I want to roll this out in sections, or wait to do it all at once. I could have the first section done in a month or so (I have a big vacation coming up that I've made no plans for yet), but the entirety would realistically take until maybe late summer. I want the newbies to have the pre-op info. ASAP, but I'm worried that it will be confusing not to have the whole thing at once. Thoughts?

Anyway, that's what I'm up to, and thank you all again for your support!  Now, back to work!

P.S.   Happy Leap Day!  I formally declare that whatever number of pounds you lose today will instantly quadruple (down, not up silly)'re welcome. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

2-17-12 You Are Cordially Invited To My Coronation

Me and My Valentine after dinner (and fluffy Beau got in the pic).

Jeez, I've been SO busy (READ last post...I'm 'Social' and almost 'Plugged In' now...whatever that means) that I forgot (sorry) to say Happy Valentine's Day to you this week! 

I spent that morning at my Dr.'s for a bad UTI (haven't had one in maybe 10 years).  UTI uggh. Happy VD to me!  No, I don't have V.D.!  I'm talking Valentines Day people LOL.  She gave me two different meds so I could make it through my dinner out DH had planned a month ago...I survived....Note the skirt and tights (and my cute lace up high heeled booties) for easy bathroom setup.  TMI Alert...I seriously peed down my legs twice that morning...yes, even after the double operations for incontinence (thanks kids).  Haven't done that in years now...thong and no pad with a UTI...NOT good (I revived the granny panties and pad for dinner).  Good to know, right?

and....I'm getting Coronated!  That's right!

I spent yesterday at an emergency dental visit.  Broke a corner of a molar off.  It had a large filling in it clue when/how I did it...and just WHERE did that piece go?!!...Hey, does that count toward my Fiber for the day?).  Many hours of drilling and grinding (isn't the smell the worst?) and an emergency temporary crown, and I was drooling on myself the rest of the day (that 'fat lip' Novocaine feeling lasted forever this time).  My mouth is so sore today...good thing I can 'talk' here.  I'm back on mushies today...good thing I've had practice at that! 

So I've got a temporary crown and the real thing soon (I think that makes me almost royalty or something, right)?  Send in your RSVP's quickly for the big event (yes, d*mnit! I'll wear a pad in case I get too excited)...I get my real crown in two weeks.  Gifts appreciated (I'm registered at LBT, OH, TT, FB, and Twitter).  Just  don't mention my name at Google+...they didn't want my gift registry worries...they'll have to call me 'Your Majesty' soon (and I'm going to make them all curtsey too!).

YAY...a crown!  It better have lots of bling!

P.S. Reminder: Check out my Tweet or FB for details.  Cell phone #'s go public this month and you need to get on the DO NOT CALL LIST (I swear it took 30 sec.), and yes, it's a legit number (came through my DH's CEO office...and I verified it online).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/16/12 Button, Button, Who's Got The Button?

I DO!!! 
If you need a laugh (AT me) read on...

I'm getting all techie (OK more like 'keeping up with the times'). Thank you Yvonne/the other BG, and the 'other' LBG for helping me with this (one more week of this and I should be dangerous)!

I'm now blacklisted on several sites and on others the 'Help Admin' peeps know me by name...and they have their finger hovered over their 'Delete Account' button in case I ask 'even one more question'.
  • gmail: Yes, I have a GMail account I announced a few weeks ago...the first step in my insanity  WHY didn't you stop me then?!!!  I thought you were all my 'virtual' friends?!!
  • A drumrollllllllllllllllllllllllll please....Facebook: I am officially on Facebook (I know...I know....H*ll hath frozen over!) 
    • Apparently I need 25 'fans' before I can be official or something.  I hear that I can get rid of all the numbers in my URL them (I have no clue what it is to tell you) and pick a more 'suitable page name' (I thought I already signed up as Lap Band Groupie)?
    • Go take a gander (if you can find me) at my pretty profile, I mean it...GO!  It took me half a day to figure out where to place my face so my thumbnail didn't just come out showing only my nose and mouth.
    • OK, I'll be back when I figure out 'where you can be a fan' (and what I need to bribe you with this time...Dear Lord help me...what can I do to top unveiling my fat faces?....Naked vlog?!....yeah, I just gagged too.).
    • I have a FB Share Button (don't ask me what it's for).
    • I have a FB Like Button (don't ask me what it's for)...I DO know (unlike 'many uninformed people'...they said that, not me) they're not for the same thing though.  Oh, and I wasn't sure what URL to attach to my like button, so I put this blog...but perhaps it was supposed to be my Facebook page?  I Googled 'Facebook for Dummies' and I still didn't get a clear answer...'Enter your URL'...what the heck does THAT mean I ask you?!!  If I'm sending you in's your initiation into my dizzy blonde club.
  • Twitter: Yes, I'm now a TWIT (Ok, you knew that)! 
    • SEE...over there...yep, my first Tweet...just what you needed...more mindless thoughts...and doesn't have to even be a whole thought. 
    • Just one guessed it...I used every last character (140)...yeah, editing is not my forte...upside for you...Twitter has a character'll be reading lots of half thoughts...that might be an upside.
    • Ummm...I instantly had 8 Twitter followers...How COOL...aren't I popular!  But what's THIS?  They're almost all p*rn stars (OK, that's being polite...'ladies of the internet')!  Block, Block, Block, Block, Block.  I was going to Twit about it, but I'm skeeeerd (you should have seen the names of their websites...not even high class gals!)!  What if using the word 'p*rn' in a tweet tags me for every 'p*rn' tweeter out there?!!'re telling me to look over my shoulder aren't you?.....Whew....fixed the spelling to 'p*rn...that was a close one!
  • RSS Feed: I now have one here that you can add.  I'm not promising, but I think it sends things to your (see below...).
  • Feed Reader: I am now using one myself, yes, I'm iGoogling (whatever that means).
  • Widgets:  
    • I'm now the Widget Queen and I can't wait to add a few more (and condense some of these).   Did you see that floating 'social media' tab over there to the left?  After a day of Blogfoolery, that one prompted a call to my IST Major.  But yep, I'm social can invite me over. No...really.
    • Enjoy the Google+ Button (don't ask me what it's for) while it lasts.  Google+ will be here any minute to collect it.  I tried to sign up as 'Lap Band Groupie' and apparently pseudonyms are NOT allowed...unless you're 50 Cent, or Snoop Dog.  I may have been banned for when you're 'circling up', or going over to 'hangout'...toast a marshmallow and put in a good word for me (and no, I don't have a problem giving YOU my real name...see 'Twitter' above).
  • Mobile Template: If you're reading on the go...I made it pretty (in pink) and easier to read.
  • Template code: 
    • Most impressively of know your main blog page HTML template (or maybe, like me, you didn't know you have one)? 
      • That they tell you not too touch 'unless you're an advanced user'? 
      • That they give you a 'hundred other suggestions to do' before you touch it? 
      • That they 'strongly suggest you download the old one and save it' before you touch it? 
      • That they ask you one thousand times 'Are you sure you want to proceed, because there's no going back and we can see that you're an idiot and will blow up your whole site?' 
      • That they make you 'Pinky-swear that you won't blame them because they tried to warn you'? 
      • That they now take all your personal information to add to their 'Possible Blogger Terrorist' list in case you add a Trojan virus to Blogger and they want to sue you?
      • Yeah, that one.
    • Well, I've been looking at all these 'suggestions' that answer my many questions (you know I always have them) online.  From complete strangers...OK, they're mostly hackers...but I swear I checked them out (if they had three friends that said the code worked, then I figured they were legit, right?).
    • So, you know me, I'm a 'change agent', a 'risk taker', a 'rule breaker' (let's not go there right know how many I've broken).  I rewrote some of my code...OK, so it was more like cutting and pasting in new code (DS1, my IST junior in college would still be impressed).
      • I've changed how links open in one new page. 
      • I also found a nifty 'pretty up your blog' with an enormously huge first letter...yeah that one in my first word here.  Well, I added their code and mine just came out with a plain black letter...the example they showed had colored font.  Mine was just a black font letter.  I WANT A PRETTY COLORED FONT!!!  So here's when I totally lost my mind...I found the word 'none' in the middle of all the XYZ!!!...123@@XYZ***gibberish> code...and...wait for it...*idea*...I'm feeling pretty confident that I'm an 'advanced user' now...but do I dare....OK...I changed 'none' to 'pink'...all by myself...I decided that I knew better than the Hacker and wrote my own code...yep, I'm a risk was like jumping off a bridge with only a bungee cord to save was exhilarating as I pushed 'SAVE'.  OK, so it's a pink box with the still black font, but I swear I couldn't be prouder that I birthed that new baby up there!
OK, that should have been ten different posts, but my head was going to explode.  There, that was like pulling a band-aid off!

P.S.  Don't ask me how I did any of these things...I seriously don't have a clue.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/9/12 Dear LBG...Waiting For The Sweet Spot

Next question...

I was banded on Fall, 2011. Pre-surgery I lost 25 lbs. Post surgery 14. Unfortunately, I haven’t lost anything since the first two weeks post surgery. I’ve had two fills, the first Jan 4th (hoped this would help with the hunger and start the New Year off right) and a second on Jan 23rd. I haven’t felt restriction after either fill. The doctor said after the second fill that it may take a while to get there because I had a lower BMI and may need more fluid to find that ‘sweet spot’. That being said, he is very cautious (not sure if that is the right word) about fills. He does about .5 cc at a time. I feel like I’m going to be back and forth with him forever to get there.

When there isn’t restriction, how to you keep on track with portion size? I find myself falling back to ingrained habits, ie: don’t leave food on your plate, don’t throw anything away, we don’t eat left overs so finish it tonight, etc. I also find myself taking bigger bites and hurrying to look for the next item. It is so frustrating. Even as I eat I’m scolding myself for doing it. It seems so stupid to know I’m screwing up but to continue to do it.

Should I be pushing the doctor for another fill or do I have to buckle down and fight through this time? I have seen progress, I’m just afraid that waiting for the next fill, March 7th, leaves me too much time to mess things up. I started attending Zumba classes twice a week and love them. I haven’t figured out how to fit more exercise time in and still be a good mom. My son is 5 and I hate taking time away from him to attend classes. Guilt is a lovely thing.

Sorry, this got to be a lot longer than anticipated. Thanks for the advise. It is appreciated.

First things first…you need to hear this…you have a Band, BUT…it's NOT working…YET. I know you know this, but I need you to really GET this and understand that what you're going through/feeling is a completely normal part of the journey.

You've done something huge in getting WLS, you did your part in losing weight before surgery, you felt the restriction just post-op and got a taste of what the Band can do, you made it through Bandster Hell and followed the rules for the most part (while starving to death). Now you want results, you're ready and want to do your part, BUT the Band isn't helping you yet and sheer willpower and your resolve are starting to wane…things suddenly feel like they always did before, we get discouraged and we start to return to our old ways.

We're told that we get the Band and as we start to get fills that we'll have more and more restriction. Something no one prepares us for is how long that might take (and what should we be doing in the mean time), how different each Doc's 'fill schedule' is, and how different each person is with restriction/fills…not to mention that we actually have a choice on how tight to keep our Bands! Yep, even with all my 'almost OCD' research pre-op, I had no clue how variable and important all this would be to success. The only thing that I did expect is that I had put my expectations low so I wouldn't get discouraged…my goal was to have good restriction 'before the holidays' (7 mo. post-op).

Many Banders gain weight during this period. Some get so discouraged waiting (some more than a year) for restriction and get so ashamed of their weight gain or slow loss, that they stop going for fills. Some even have Docs that make them feel ashamed that they aren't losing more weight, and some have Docs who tell them they should be feeling restriction when they don't…it's no wonder some Banders throw in the towel before they even get the Band working for them.

After my first fill and no restriction (I had no fill at surgery), I thought that (after our post-op healing period) that the long wait between fills and the differences between Doc's in their schedules was ridiculous. Let me say here that I didn't know then that some Banders have delayed restriction after fills that takes up to a month before restriction shows up, so some wait between fills is necessary. I've seen some Docs who are too aggressive and others that are way too conservative…some treat every patient with the same schedule and others it seems like they only respond if you're not losing…those of us that are keeping our weight in check on our own have to convince the Doc that the Band isn't helping. I had a plan for how to approach my Doc about where I was and what I needed…convincing your Doc that he can trust your input will help you to work like a team and hopefully get you to the right fill quickly (I was lucky to have good Doc's along the way).

I called and got a second fill sooner than I was originally scheduled and 'thought' I felt a tiny bit of restriction (not). I went in for my third fill as soon as they'd let me and I had some restriction after the third fill. Once again, this journey is all about the choices we can make along the way, and the results or consequences. Before great restriction…You can diet. You can work out more. You can do both. You can do neither. You have to figure out what works for you.

Personally, I was trying hard just to not gain weight and to stay optimistic. I was a seasoned pro at dieting, and although I didn't diet (I'm telling you I was sorely tempted to start Atkins again, but for me, I needed to be doing what I would for a lifetime…that's what works for ME), I was able to at least not gain by white knuckling through the hunger…I had a full 5 week plateau where I didn't lose an ounce. I kept telling myself that I would continue on this way, even if I gained, and keep the faith that the Band would be there soon to help me. I can't swear what I would have actually done at that point if I started gaining a lot (but I can tell you a year later I was gaining after my unfill and I still stuck to my plan). The biggest thing to focus on is to keep working on what you CAN do and to not get discouraged. I soon found myself putting my efforts into 'building my headband' (much more important than I ever expected…we all need to stop 'scolding' ourselves). I also was working on making the changes I knew I'd need to for the long haul (like making habits out of getting enough protein, water, etc.). You need to work on packing up leftovers and throwing food out (it's a big change I had to make too). Maybe you need to measure portions until you have that down (I still have a digital scale on the counter and still measure meat sometimes), work on chewing more, add healthy snacks that will help with the hunger if needed. It was my fourth fill that finally gave me the real help I needed, at 4.5 mo. Post-op, and I seriously considered myself lucky that I reached it that soon…being patient was SO hard.

Now, you're 2.5 mo. post-op and you've had two fills…exactly where I was, but I'm wondering if you had any fill at surgery? I had no fill at surgery, but after my second fill I had 4.5cc's in my Band. If you only have 1cc or so, and your Doc only gives .5cc's per fill, it may take you quite awhile to get to good restriction (we're all different though, the next one could do it, but not likely…I think the average Bander needs 5 fills and a little more than ½ the Band full). The good news is that your two fills were less than two weeks apart, which is faster than the average Doc lets you come back…and I was going to say 'so that should speed things up', but your next fill is over six weeks from now…I'd certainly call and ask for a sooner one.

I'd also ask you HOW your Doc determines how much fill he gives you? If you don't know, it's a fair question to ask your Doc if you ask it in the right way and don't put him/her on the defensive. I knew that there were certain questions my Doc would ask me (i.e. List of foods I could/couldn't eat, what/how much I was eating, etc.), he would listen to how I felt things were going and what efforts I was making, and he also would put the fill in until he 'felt pressure' or 'bounce back' in the syringe (I asked him). Some Doc's have questionnaires each time, some Docs always do fills under flouro to watch the restriction. You may have to gain your Doc's respect and trust and then ask for a bigger fill if you need it (sometimes it's as simple as pushing a little for what you know you need). As you leave from a fill you could also ask to come back faster if the fill still isn't doing anything…my Doc would say 6 weeks and the scheduling nurse said 4-6 and she'd let me schedule for 4 weeks.

On a separate note, as an older mom of three I'll tell you one thing I've learned……whether you're working crazy hours and traveling the country or are home to do everything with them (I've been on all sides of this)…there will always be things that you'll feel guilty about when it comes to your kids…your kids will be happy when you're happy and are taking care of yourself…it's not about the quantity of time, it's about the quality. As women, many of us are givers and we get into the habit of putting ourselves last on the list (after I stopped working I put everyone before me). It was hard for me to change that, and I certainly had moments where I felt really guilty, but I made a commitment to put ME first when it came to getting my health back (and yes, you'll have to start reminding yourself of that when your son cries one day when you leave for Zumba). My kids are now in their teens/twenties, they've never been so proud of me, and they see how happy all this has made me and that makes them happy.

Hope some of that helps, and hang in there and don't lose focus on the goal. Keep asking! -LBG

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2/8/12 Dear LBG...Regains, and Waiting For Fill?

Don't worry about me...I've had my nose to the grindstone (OK, more like trying to swim as I'm in over my head) working hard on learning some techy things for the site here (O.M.G.), but more about that when I've got more to show for it...just know that I'm working night and day again to get more info. out to those that need it (I just realized it's 1:30pm and I haven't stopped to eat all, gotta love that Band...yes, I know it's not good to not eat, trust me, this wasn't a normal day...I'm eating plenty)...we all need to find a way to pay-it-forward if we can. 

Anyway, I've had a rash of good questions about regains and fill levels lately, so I'm going to address two of them here.  I've been working on a longer answer to someone that needed more detail, but for today I'll share a short one... 

I see that you are able to eat most anything. I have been banded for 2 years now and am filled to 7.+ cc's. I am struggling and have gained about 15 pounds because I don't feel the restriction so much as I believe I should. I feel like I can eat anything and find myself trying to eat things I know I shouldn't and too much of them. Any suggestions? I feel I should go get another fill, but want to take off 15 before I go back in.

Two words...DON'T WAIT...go get that fill now. If, when you are following the rules, you're hungry between meals, then you need a fill...PERIOD.

I know first hand how hard it is to have a regain (I gained back 19 pounds after a partial unfill then losing both Docs). I certainly didn't throw it all out the window, but old habits slowly crept back and it's so much harder to control things when your hungry all the time (and the lower you get in weight the easier it is to regain quickly).  I was embarressed, ashamed, and felt like I should be able to control it...but you know what I decided...if I could have done that, I would the 30+ years I yo-yo dieted. I had to remind myself that one of the reasons I chose the Band over other procedures was because it would force me into having more follow ups with my Doc...and that meant, especially when I was struggling.  I had made a promise to myself pre-op NOT to be one of those Bander's who gets too embarressed by struggles not to continue to go to the Doc (too many of us disappear and stop going just when we need to the most).  At least needing a fill gives us a reason to go to the Doc...with other WLS how hard would it be to call up and schedule a visit just to talk to the Doc because we're gaining?!  What's the worst that can happen?'ll be embarrassed in front of Doctor's and Nurse's that have seen obese WL patient's who've reagained weight many times before you?  Trust me, any good practice wants you to come in when you're struggling.

You got the Band to help you, so that's what you need right now...not more will power...not another diet. Think of it like any other medical 'tool' people have to help them...if you were out of meds you needed, would you wait to get them? OK, so food is an addiction, we've accepted that, but that doesn't mean we should be ashamed to get the help we need now that we have a tool that can help us. Would a drug addict wait to get meds to help with withdrawl?  Would a smoker, trying to quit, wait to ask for more nicotine patches?  You already did the hardest got the get it to work properly for you.

OK, 'nuff that Doc for a fill please. 

Two more things...have a logical and well planned talk ready for the Doc that shows him/her clearly why you need a fill...remember that they get Banders begging for fills every day who they know don't need one, or really need unfills...You need to assure them you're not asking the Band to restrict your eating (head hunger is a whole other issue the Band can't address), your asking it to reduce your hunger.

Last item...stay tuned as I'll address my ability to 'eat anything', etc. soon.

Best wishes, and keep me posted!

Yep, you all know me well...that was the short one LOL...I can't just say 'go get a fill'...because I know if someone had given me just that, I wouldn't have gone.

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