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Friday, February 17, 2012

2-17-12 You Are Cordially Invited To My Coronation

Me and My Valentine after dinner (and fluffy Beau got in the pic).

Jeez, I've been SO busy (READ last post...I'm 'Social' and almost 'Plugged In' now...whatever that means) that I forgot (sorry) to say Happy Valentine's Day to you this week! 

I spent that morning at my Dr.'s for a bad UTI (haven't had one in maybe 10 years).  UTI uggh. Happy VD to me!  No, I don't have V.D.!  I'm talking Valentines Day people LOL.  She gave me two different meds so I could make it through my dinner out DH had planned a month ago...I survived....Note the skirt and tights (and my cute lace up high heeled booties) for easy bathroom setup.  TMI Alert...I seriously peed down my legs twice that morning...yes, even after the double operations for incontinence (thanks kids).  Haven't done that in years now...thong and no pad with a UTI...NOT good (I revived the granny panties and pad for dinner).  Good to know, right?

and....I'm getting Coronated!  That's right!

I spent yesterday at an emergency dental visit.  Broke a corner of a molar off.  It had a large filling in it clue when/how I did it...and just WHERE did that piece go?!!...Hey, does that count toward my Fiber for the day?).  Many hours of drilling and grinding (isn't the smell the worst?) and an emergency temporary crown, and I was drooling on myself the rest of the day (that 'fat lip' Novocaine feeling lasted forever this time).  My mouth is so sore today...good thing I can 'talk' here.  I'm back on mushies today...good thing I've had practice at that! 

So I've got a temporary crown and the real thing soon (I think that makes me almost royalty or something, right)?  Send in your RSVP's quickly for the big event (yes, d*mnit! I'll wear a pad in case I get too excited)...I get my real crown in two weeks.  Gifts appreciated (I'm registered at LBT, OH, TT, FB, and Twitter).  Just  don't mention my name at Google+...they didn't want my gift registry worries...they'll have to call me 'Your Majesty' soon (and I'm going to make them all curtsey too!).

YAY...a crown!  It better have lots of bling!

P.S. Reminder: Check out my Tweet or FB for details.  Cell phone #'s go public this month and you need to get on the DO NOT CALL LIST (I swear it took 30 sec.), and yes, it's a legit number (came through my DH's CEO office...and I verified it online).


Gilly said...

Hope it works better that the do not call list worked in Canada! They sold the numbers from that list to companies who call from out of the country...LOOPHOLE!! It's worse now than it was before! :(

Lisa said...

Hilarious post and pics! Bling Bling with that mouth - too funny. Sorry for the UTI - not fun!! You looked super pretty tho in your VD pics!

Janice said...

Wow...I just got back to blogland after about a year. You look marvelous!!! Even without the bling! No fun with the UTI...hope all is on the upswing! Have a great weekend!

Bandita Senorita said...

Thanks for the Do Not Call number info. I just did it, and it was quick. Also, I just got over a UTI too. Ugh! Not fun!

Anonymous said...

What is the number to call to get on the DO NOT CALL LIST? I need that for sure!

You Look amazing, I am skiing in Vermont this week.
All is well. Been busy livin the good life. Best wishes Imaluckydog

Judi said...

Hi Nancy!
You are just too cute!
I'm alive! I'm alive! I survived the past 2 weeks....I slept in today so I did not blog. I will do one tonight then I'm back to my regular routine tomorrow!
You looked so pretty for VD...sorry about your UTI....ugh, ugh, ugh. No fun at all!
OOOH...a crown....more ugh, ugh, ugh!
Hey...can't figure out how to friend you on know my name so just search for me and friend me....

Lap Band said...

National DO NOT CALL LIST 888-382-1222.

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