I'm on a new journey to pay-it-forward & with the support of my Groupies/friends...

I'm writing a LAP BAND BOOK!!!

Press and Links

I'm always interested in sharing and helping others!  Please contact me HERE for any requests for information.
Lap Band AP System Site
I have given two interviews for this site.
Lap Band Talk; The Largest Lap Band online community.
I have written articles for their magazine.  I answer questions and am active in several groups (I kept my blog here for the first 15 months).
Bariatric Surgery Source; Information on all bariatric procedures and aftercare.
I write articles and answer reader questions for this site.
BMI Calculator; this one can calculate decimals in height
All in one Calculator; Gives 'ideal body weight' (very low), but also amt. of calories, water, protein needed per day.
Find your 'frame size' by taking your wrist measurement & height.
'Happy Weight' Calculator; Self Magazine, determine a realistic goal weight.
FitDay; Free Online Food/Calorie, Exercise, Weight, Goal, Measurements, Etc. Tracker
I used this site whenever I wanted to track things
Percentage Calculator; Figure % Body weight Lost; Use second calculator & enter WL then Starting Wt.,messageboard/
Obesity Help; Lap Band Forum/Message Board
OH also has information on all WLS options and Forums to ask questions. There is also a low BMI group/forum (35-40) called 'Lightweights'.
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