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Friday, April 13, 2012

Obesity- Is It A Disability?

Yes, two posts in one day (go HERE if you want to help me plan my trip to London, or if you just want to learn to speak like a Brit...I'm sure I'll be fluent soon).  I'm finally finishing up my re-write (d*mn computers) and my latest article is approved and posted.

I'm sure this article will spark some controversy, but let it not be said that I don't share ALL my thoughts, honestly (OK, so the TMI incontinence posts you could have lived without, I hear ya).  I'm interested to hear your views.  My latest article for "Bariatric Surgery Source" HERE

Some teaser pics to peak your interest (FYI, First pic; I'm the flat-chested one on the right). 

1 comment:

Judi said...

Oh Nancy!
Your Obesity-Disability article (on your site) truly hit home with me. Five years ago this week, we went on an amazing 25th Anniversary trip--we went to a gorgeous resort in Florida for a week and then we flew the kids down and met them in Disney for another week of celebration. At the time, I was a few months shy of getting my Lapband (still wondering WTH am I doing??) After THAT trip to Disney, I was 500% positive that I NEEDED my Lapband. Although our trip was absolutely lovely, I know that I missed making lots of good memories because I couldn't/wouldn't do many of the things I know I would do today! Between my aching feet and painful legs and sadness over how my body was working against me and my remorse over not joining my family for lots of the fun things I would have loved to join them in, it was hard to focus on the good parts of the trip. When I came home I knew my Lapband would make it so that I would never have to feel that way again about a special family time!!!
For the record---obesity was my disability!
You are doing an amazing job!

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