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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9/27/11 3 Days (OMG!)...(Countdown to BOOBs)

When it rains, it pours.  I knew this BOOB's trip would come at my busiest time of the year, but I'm SO behind!  The last of my three rounds (way TOO busy!) of house guests/company have come and gone (fun times), and now I have a few days left to pull this together!

Side note; I spent yesterday with DH at home (he NEVER stays home from work)...we went to the PCP in the am, and he has two Specialist tests next week...please send some good vibes/prayers this way...DH needs them. 

OK, so why am I taking the time to blog?!! ...because I need a laugh right now...

Prepare yourselves...I'm officially announcing that I will be running around naked in Chicago.
Posted Image

...(and NO, I will NOT be running the 5K)...

Everyone will *gasp* at all my naked empty skin!...especially my bum...that is now all the way down in the back of my knees...
Posted Image

Apparently there is a dress-up night for the dinner Saturday and I have nothing to wear to the ball!  Do NOT even attempt to tell me 'Don't worry about it!' or  'You can wear anything!'  I'm a girl.  I have an empty closet.  I'm meeting these bloggers in real life for the first time.  It matters.

So I'm predicting that the Emperors New Clothes/naked at dinner isn't going to fly...the BOOBs will make me cover myself, lest they all get tossed out before we have a chance to order...hmmm...bread baskets on the tables...I need to save them from all those carbs...

I have no time to go shopping...I HATE shopping.  I spent 5 hours in Kohl's a few weeks ago...long story (a chapter's worth), but I came out without a dress...or new shoes.

Plan B...I have no energy or willpower left to go shopping anymore...I'm wearing a dress that's too tight for me...I bought it for DD for Christmas this year and it's a size 6.

I am NOT a size 6. 

Be forwarned, if you're sitting next to me that night, the studs on it will start popping off as I eat and hit you in the eye.  Just smile, look at me with your one good eye, and please tell me I look lovely.

I have no time to shop for new shoes.  BTW...If they are still in one piece, I'm donating the cute shoes I will be wearing that night to the clothing exchange at BOOBs...I've only worn them once before and apparently my feet shrunk along with my brain.  They're a size 10 (bigfooted women rule), and I usually wore a 9 before, so I've got 3 shoe pads on and they still are falling off my feet.  I can't walk more than 10 feet without falling out of them (crap...I picked the salad bar dinner...I'm guessing that will not be served to me at the table).

If you see me falling over, catch me before I break my arm, or it will all be your fault.

If we go dancing and I look like Elaine/Seinfeld dancing on the dance floor, it's the shoes, not me. 
Posted Image

If I look like I've been drinking too much.

I have.

Can't wait!

Friday, September 16, 2011

9/16/11 Goodbye Summer Fun!

I keep forgetting I have this post of the last of my Summer Pics (BTW...Fall has officially arrived...we have 'almost record' lows today...39 degrees this morning...brrr).  Here's the last few weeks...

We celebrated DD's 24th birthday (her BF in the background).

BTW, the next week, DS2 passed his 'tuba scales' test. 

Then we had DH's sister and her family here and they moved my nephew into his dorm the next day for his freshman year at Pitt.  We met them for dinner later at one of our favorite places downtown; Church Brew Works (The microbrewery/restaurant is in an old church).  Here we are looking goofy as we try to take a pic of ourselves on the way out (at least I'm getting better at those arm-length pics and got our heads in the shot this time LOL).

A few days later, we went to Columbus for Labor Day weekend.  The boys went to the football game (The cool weather suddenly changed and it was 110 degrees on the field!).  Yes, we're still very ashamed at what happened with some players/coach, but we'll always be fans, it's our school (and I feel so sorry for all those boys, not involved, that are still playing here).

DH (AKA 'Mr. Finding Things') found a reasonable deal on Craig's List (an antique store in Columbus) for me...I've been looking for years for a barrister bookcase (the kind that lawyers used that have a glass door for each shelf that retracts to the other words, I didn't want to have to dust these) for DS1's bedroom to put one of my collections in.  Problem...when I unpacked all my little eBay boxes of these, the shelves were stuffed, and there's a few that don't fit (time to add some shelves!).  Yes, I have a (OK, 'another') collection of old little German wooden toys (remember, DH grew up on the Army base in Germany...umm, no, only a tiny set of these were from his parents place...yes, I know...I have a collecting addiction).  I'm just planning on being the best grandma ever someday! 
My middle sis (was teaching; elementary) got a new job for her school district this year as a curriculum teacher (OK, not sure what the title is, but she now 'teaches the teachers' and works with them to implement new curriculum initiatives).  I'm so proud of her and I needed just the right gift to give her.  You may recall, she went through a lot this past year there...let's just call it 'the-year-of-job-interviews-from-Hell'!  Through it all she kept her head held high, and chose the path that was always best for the other words, she wouldn't let this 'process improvement' sister go in there and fix all the fatal flaws in their processes (OK, 'give them a piece of my mind'!).  I'll remind you that during all this, she gave me the 'Rules of the Red Rubber Ball' support and teach me (I told you she's the best!).  Here's that blog post HERE.

So, I decided for my gift that I'd make something that would make her smile while reminding her of how she got herself there, for her new office.  OK, this is one of those creative ideas that sounded (in my mind) way neater, and easier, than it turned out.  I found some funny pics of her and blew them up.  Then I went out and bought a red rubber ball...yes they still sell those old-school kickball's.  Then I cut (STOP RIGHT THERE and let me tell you how thick these balls actually are...this took MANY hours and failed attempts) the ball into the message from the book and put it all together in a frame.  She loved it. 

We found a few more flea market finds and I now have the first two in my 'mismatched chairs' for the new/old kitchen table.  Who knew it would be so hard to find one chair at a time (sets seem to be the going item)...
And last weekend we met DD and BF for a victorian home tour downtown and lunch after (another arm-length chin goes up with my arm apparently), but so fun!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9/13/11 17 Days...(Countdown to BOOBs)

You know me and my anal, 'almost OCD'...well I've been organizing and cleaning out my closet, and I've decided that this BOOB's event will be a good opportunity for me to use up all my old boxes of business cards that I no longer need (take your pick).  I'll be passing out lots of 'em...or maybe I'll just be passing out...


...if only I could have kept any of it off then...

Yeah, tried that...then I went to PT...

For those that have been here since the beginning...this was my first avatar saying on LBT (with my fluffy snowman cartoon)...Guess who's getting a whole box of these...

 And you wonder where these blogs come from...

Instead, I now count ALL liquids in my 64 oz. a day...

and when my diets weren't going so well...

'scuse me...LAP BAND?!!!

I was then an official...

...and a blog...

until I started blogging myself...

Don't worry, I also had these new ones printed up for the event...

Although I was sorely tempted to buy these (since I lost mine)...

Monday, September 12, 2011

9/12/11 18 Days...(Countdown to BOOBs)

What I'll be whispering in their ears as I meet/hug each BOOB (LOL...'hug'...'BOOB')...Posted Image
Posted Image

...and...of course,..."Where's the...
 Posted Image

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11/11 We Will Never Forget

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/10/11 20 Days...(Countdown To BOOBs)

In honor of the BOOBs event I'll be attending the end of the month, I've decided to resurrect some things from the old and a countdown (with some regular blogs now and then)!

What I'll be saying upon arrival...
Posted Image
Posted Image

Thursday, September 8, 2011

9/8/11 First Day

The things that have never changed in this pic since Kindergarten...(OK, except I used to also take lots of pics at the bus stop...until I was a high-schooler...who's now taller than me).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

9/7/11 Three Reasons All Is Right In The World Again

1. I hate Blogger.

I've had almost a month of trying to comment on blogs only to get kicked to the curb by Blogger with 'you do not have permission to view this page, please logout and pick a different account'...I do not have a 'different account'...isn't that my actual email and actual Blogger name right there on the page Mr. (you know it is d*mn him) Blogger?!!!...and thank you Trisha (at Diary of a Fat (and often Mad!) White Woman) for having the exact same problem. 

This lead to a great deal of screaming, especially when I was trying to leave profound and lengthy, life changing words (like 'motorboat' for all you BOOBs features that I was NOT commenting on) wouldn't even let me leave anonymous comments.  Being the tech-challenged oldtimer that I am, I was lost.

Yesterday I'd had enough and spent an hour, or three trying everything, even though I knew there was a high probability that I'd be deleting my whole blog.  I finally 'changed my password' (to the same old password I had, frickin' Blogger) and it seems to have changing words coming at ya (Gilly, I'm lining up for mine)...

2. The only local store that carried my morning protein powder (add to my oatmeal; Gensoy, unflavored), stopped carrying it...even though I was single handedly keeping them in business. 

OMG!!!  I eat the same thing every morning...NO ONE messes with my morning protein oatmeal and three cups of coffee (I'm NOT a morning person...don't piss me off)!!!  DH tried to placate me with other brands and flavors (vanilla...blech), but I wanted the good stuff...And I think it was Vanessa who recently said that we need lots of protein in the morning to do better during the day...I now have proof that this is true. 

After a month of withdrawl, I found the powder online and my case finally arrived.  I have enough powder to snort now and I can wake up happy (OK, 'not pissed off').

3. Most importantly...I'm running through the house naked today.

Yes, that's right.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9/6/11 BOOBs Survey

WAY too much going on, but I'll catch you up later when there's more time.  School starts tomorrow, and I'm hoping things will slow down a little (but my calendar for the whole month is full already, so not likely). 

BOOBs...This event comes at the worst time every year for me, but I couldn't miss it this year...I just hope I have time to catch up before I go in a few weeks!  I'm getting excited to meet everyone!

The BOOBs  (Band of Outrageous Babes; banded bloggers meeting in Chicago for a weekend) planners have asked each of us attending the event in a few weeks to fill out a survey so that we can get to know each other better.

1. How did you pick your blog name?
Wow, it has been too long (see #2 below)...I was in the depths of researching the LB, I wanted something cute (because I wasn't feeling cute then), and I liked the name some Docs give to perfect restriction 'The Sweet Spot'...either that, or I was on a Halloween candy high (Hello, my name is BG, and I'm a chocoholic) and sweets were on my mind and in my tummy (again, see #2 below). 

2. When did you start blogging?
Eon's ago...November 7, 2008

3. Theme of blog (weight loss, family, circus clowns, sci-fi, erotica, fly fishing, doll collecting, star wars, etc)?
Whatever I want to share that day, which is everything.

4. Did you go to BOOBs 2010?

5. When were you banded?
April 22, 2009...(five days before my big birthday).

6. How much have you lost?
I'm in maintenance at 100+ (...OK, lately +, sometimes -) pounds lost

7. What are you most looking forward to at BOOBs?
Just meeting everyone!

8. What/who do you hope to find/see/accomplish at BOOBs 2011?
Honestly, I couldn't care less about where we are, I'm just looking forward to meeting everyone and spending time with them having fun.  If I could, I'd lock you all in a big meeting room at the hotel and make you all stay up and have a slumber party with me, because I know my <48 hours there are going to go way too fast! 
9. Children? Pets?
- DD just turned 24, lives downtown (she's a city girl), and works for a graphics company in corporate sales
- DS1 is 21 (aiyiyi), and is a junior at Penn State main campus in IST, living in the frat house (did I say aiyiyi?)
- DS2 just turned 16 (I'll send you all a notice when the driver's license is official), has his first job interview today, and starts his sophmore HS year tomorrow...AHHH...WHAT am I doing here?...time to get him ready!
- As of last Christmas, I now have two brother grand-kittens that belong to my two brother son's (but are somehow living with me)...Tucker and Beau (Beauregard H. Cat).
10. Who is your roomie?

The fabulous Donna, at  (here she is in Kauai...and no, her DH is not rooming with us, but aren't they a cute pair!).

11. What day do you arrive?
Friday...I booked my flight really early on (FF's), and dag I wish someone had told me that people were coming on Thursday!!!
12. What airport/flight/time?
I'm arriving at O'Hare at 12:50 on Friday (anyone else want to meet up at the airport around then?)...oh, and I depart O'Hare at 1:50pm on Sunday (anyone else leaving the hotel around 11:30am-12pm that wants to meet up/go together?).  My DH just informed me this morning that he changed my flight so I'm flying first class on the longer legs (I'm flying backwards through Philly first)...have I mentioned what a nice guy he is yet?
13. What events are you signed up for?
Donna suggested the Second City Show after dinner on Saturday, and I love to laugh, so we're going with the group!

14. Hobbies?
- Lots of DIY home and decorating projects
- Art
- Travel and planning our next trip (have I mentioned I'm anal?)
- Flea marketing, antiquing
- Collecting things; old kitchen things (red handled tools, pie tins, bakeware, enamelware), polish pottery, crocks, bobbins, Erzgebirge tiny wooden toys (when you forget to play, you get old)
- Writing and blogging
15. Career?
I've had too many...maybe it's my 'almost ADHD'...naw, we've moved around a lot (seven homes) and it's me finding the new job each time;
- As a teen: cashier at a grocery store, lifeguard, summer art program assistant instructor
- As a college grad: art teacher (and aerobic dance instructor, yup me, for almost 10 years), activities director for a 'young seniors/classes based' senior center, then several jobs in the business world last leading business process improvement in a large fortune 500
- Since our last move: mostly Mom, Wife, home project/decorator

16. Single? Married? In a relationship?
Married my best friend (and nicest guy ever)...30 years in April (just wait until I tell you what he already gave me)

17. Your birthday month?
April...born the same day and year as my DH

18. What do you want other BOOBs to know about you? 
That I'm so looking forward to meeting each and every one of you (and I'm a seriously nervous BOOBs 'fat girl' wonders, will anyone like me?!...anyone else nervous?). 
Got to run...I'm off to take DS2 to his job interview, then to school for a work permit (hopefully), then to the Doc's.  We're cleaning out his closet and getting ready for school to start tomorrow the rest of the day.  I'll catch up soon...I hope...
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