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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

9/7/11 Three Reasons All Is Right In The World Again

1. I hate Blogger.

I've had almost a month of trying to comment on blogs only to get kicked to the curb by Blogger with 'you do not have permission to view this page, please logout and pick a different account'...I do not have a 'different account'...isn't that my actual email and actual Blogger name right there on the page Mr. (you know it is d*mn him) Blogger?!!!...and thank you Trisha (at Diary of a Fat (and often Mad!) White Woman) for having the exact same problem. 

This lead to a great deal of screaming, especially when I was trying to leave profound and lengthy, life changing words (like 'motorboat' for all you BOOBs features that I was NOT commenting on) wouldn't even let me leave anonymous comments.  Being the tech-challenged oldtimer that I am, I was lost.

Yesterday I'd had enough and spent an hour, or three trying everything, even though I knew there was a high probability that I'd be deleting my whole blog.  I finally 'changed my password' (to the same old password I had, frickin' Blogger) and it seems to have changing words coming at ya (Gilly, I'm lining up for mine)...

2. The only local store that carried my morning protein powder (add to my oatmeal; Gensoy, unflavored), stopped carrying it...even though I was single handedly keeping them in business. 

OMG!!!  I eat the same thing every morning...NO ONE messes with my morning protein oatmeal and three cups of coffee (I'm NOT a morning person...don't piss me off)!!!  DH tried to placate me with other brands and flavors (vanilla...blech), but I wanted the good stuff...And I think it was Vanessa who recently said that we need lots of protein in the morning to do better during the day...I now have proof that this is true. 

After a month of withdrawl, I found the powder online and my case finally arrived.  I have enough powder to snort now and I can wake up happy (OK, 'not pissed off').

3. Most importantly...I'm running through the house naked today.

Yes, that's right.



Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Blogger has been giving everyone trouble. Dawnya saved me by letting me know that if I log in and don't click the box to stay logged in, I can comment. Strange, I know. Glad you got your protein on!

diane said...

I have been having the same blogger problems and was really taking it personally so I am relieved it wasnt just me...

Darlin1 said...

I'm glad all is well with you....Running around the house naked is a good thing....I can go out and comb my wet hair in the backyard naked also...TMI?? ;-)

~Lisa~ said...

logging in and not checking the box to stay logged in works for me too! I know where to come now when I need a protein fix!

speck said...

I'm just glad I'm not the only one having issues with posting comments. I've been getting the same message for days now.

And I'm a new blogger so I'm still pretty clueless and this just adds to the confusion! lol


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