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I'm writing a LAP BAND BOOK!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

1/29/10 I Know Victoria's Secret

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Thursday, January 28, 2010

1/28/10 BLOGGER Questions

***A few notes first:
------ Check out:
She's nearing the final lap of the 6 month diet and insurance maze and needs some support right now...many of us remember how stressful it was thinking you might not get that approval.
----- Check out:
She's just posted her first post here and will be working her way down the scale this year and needs your support.

Thanks all! *Woot another 'new thing' for the day...I learned how to make an actual link that works!

OK, I have a few questions (and I'm sure I'll have more) I can't figure out about using this site...HELP!

- Blog Links: ***NOTE TO MY FOLLOWERS*** I've been signing up for following the blogs of everyone that is following me. The problem is, when I click on some people's avatars (under 'followers') and look at the pop-up, it sometimes shows 'Links' and that's where I can find their blog, but sometimes it doesn't...even with people I KNOW have a blog (ie. Kathi's 'Don't Look Back' links). If you're following me and I'm NOT following you PLEASE leave me your link here under comments (you can check my profile to see who I'm following).

- Post Count: Is there a way to add a 'Post Counter' (for individual posts) here? I've tried two that I found online at other sites and neither one worked. I find it beneficial to see what others find interesting, or not.

- Messages: Is there a way to send someone here a message? I've been using Comments on their blogs, but sometimes my message has nothing to do with the blog.

- Private Message: Is there a way to send a private note here?

- Yahoo: I've had several people ask me if they can sign in through their Yahoo account (they said Blogger doesn't recognize them)?

- Comments:
----- Setup: Why when I leave comments on some people's pages is all the info. on the pop-up (INCLUDING the verification word) and for others, I go to a second page (where then I see the verification word)?
----- Notification: Is there a way to see if you've received any new blog comments that doesn't involve e-mail? ie: I was hoping this would show up on the Dashboard, or even the 'Edit Posts' page as comments in a different color.
----- Where: It seems like the practice here is to answer comments on your own blog, as a comment to the same blog, is that right?
---- Links: How do you add a link that will work in a Comment?

- Import: Is there an easy way to import old blogs here from sites like LBT? I did it the hard way, but others might need this.

- Other: Any other suggestions? I'd welcome them!

1/28/10 (SWA) Let's Talk Numbers

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1/27/10 Before Pic!!!

Written last night for you really early risers who need something to read besides the paper...I'm still sleeping...shhh...

If you've been following, you know I'm nothing if not long winded honest...

I told you I'd finally post my 'Before' and 'During' pics once I reach 100 Followers here knowing it would take years. Well between someone punking me...I'm coming after you my BFF good old (well young, but familiar) friends, shiny new friends, and stalkers lurkers I'm dismayed thrilled to announce that today I reached 50 followers WHO ARE YOU LITTLE SMILEY FACES AND HOW MUCH ARE THEY PAYING YOU?!!!

As you know, I'm a firm believer that it's important to set and celebrate short-term goals not just end's a party a day in BG land here!1 (just click on that little "1", I dare you!) I think it's appropriate to continue that tradition today my halfway to doom and destruction day.

In celebration of this horrific momentous feat I am going to hopefully dissuade any newcomers (cover your eyes and run, NOW!) reward you with what you deserve.2

For reaching 50% of goal....

50% of 'Before' me...

Oh, DEAR GODDESS OF RESTRICTION!!...TWO MORE instigators Followers! RUN WELCOME! OK, OK....I'll peak two eyes through the veil! There, 52%!


I think I look like Malibu Barbie! Look at those humongous boobs I've always wanted. Oh, and that beautiful crown with the veil across my face...isn't it sparkly! It's the fishnets over the sweats accessories that really make the outfit complete!

Oh, and TWO 'new things of the day'!4

1.Thank you Roo for reminding us that it's 'Australia Day'...but did you also know it's 'National Blonde Brownie Day'? I think I need to eat at least one...I'm Blonde...I used to be a Brownie...just sayin'...OK...step away from the Brownies...

2.May your eyes burn out if you're here just for the 'before' pics...or that bribe.

3.All HAIL my good friend Pickley D for suggesting the paper doll!

4.Photo Paint & Footnotes! Because my post just wasn't confusing enough with just the crossouts!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1/26/10 The Last Stretch?

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Sunday, January 24, 2010

1/24/10 I AM NORMAL!

I know, I know, you were hoping thinking you were NEVER going to have to call me 'normal'. Goal Limbo was toying with me again and dragging that 1/2 pound out forever...but it's FINALLY happened!!! Yes, Yes, my dear friends, I've finally got a title I can be proud of...NO MORE Obese (very close to Morbidly Obese)...NO MORE Overweight...I'M NORMAL!!!! I know it doesn't look like what you would have ever described maybe to the police sketch artist, but get out your Webster's folks...LOOK CLOSELY!...There's my pic...right next to the word 'Normal'.

Main Entry: 1nor·mal
Pronunciation: \ˈnȯr-məl\
Function: adjective or noun
Etymology: Latin normalis, from norma
Date: circa 1696

-- of, relating to, or characterized by average intelligence or development b : free from mental disorder : sane

NO, NO, NO...I'll NEVER get anyone to believe I'm sane...further down, further down..

-- a form or state regarded as the norm : standard
being approximately average or within certain limits in e.g. development; "a perfectly normal child"; "the most normal person I've ever met"; "of normal size or shape"

That's me...the most normal person you've ever met of normal size or shape!

I think I'm going to get it tattooed on my forehead because no one I know will ever believe me. Now, do I get a certificate or something in the mail? Where's my trophy? Hmmm...I already gave away my tiara...maybe I need a whole there a coronation or a ceremony of some kind? Maybe a parade down Main Street in Bandlandia? Will they erect a statue of me in the town square? Do I get to stand next to the Mayor and cut the tubing (on the giant ceremonial LB, of course) and have him give me the key (to the fill syringe cabinet, of course...the line forms here friends...) and then he'll declare this the official 'BG is NORMAL!' day? there's a thought...

I know, I know...hee-hee...I'll make all those 'friends' of mine who think I'm ABNORMAL call me 'NORMAL' for a day! Come on, fess up...I know who you are and where you live...humor me let me hear it...after all...I AM NORMAL!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

1/23/10 It's Raining Men!

In case anybody but me cares...I'm STILL not 'Normal'! I know, you already know that! I've been up and down the same flippin pound all week again! I don't think my body believes I'm 'Normal' either (you know I can read your minds). Either that or it's self-sabotage...I've been feeling hungry more lately...and my reflux is so much better...that can only mean one thing, right? I must need a fill!!! Hmmm...or have I just been stressed out this week and I've not been following all the rules? Was I drinking too soon? Maybe it's the stress of starting my new blog location? Yeah, that's it...I'll blame it all on you guys for twisting my batwing arms to do this (knowing full well that I'm tech challenged)...and don't even get me started on the 'Before' pic scare (I'm coming after you punker).

My 'new thing' today is...sticky note doodles!!! I found out in the process of moving my blog that apparently there are copyright laws about bootlegging pictures on the internet (who knew...remember I didn't even know what a 'blog' was when I all you photographers and comic illustrators...the check is in the mail). So until I scope out exactly what I can get away with am allowed to copy I've decided to start illustrating my own blog. Hey, I like to doodle, this might be fun (I really need to get some pink sticky notes...this yellow is just clashing with my new fashionista page). I picked the 'web/blog' size when I scanned them but they look too small in this preview (let me know if you have to get out the magnifying, remember).

On to other news about things that are ACTUALLY CHANGING (stupid weight)'s NOT's raining today...I'm singing praises because I don't need to shovel the rain (ice and snow return tonight...*sigh*). It's melted most of the snow except the piles at the edges of all my cement. Funny thing is, I kinda miss all the snow...snow is just so much prettier than rain don't you think?

I was talking to a friend in California this week and it's been raining buckets more drought! The wind was blowing so hard the palm trees (yes, I hate her too...stupid un-tropical Pittsburgh) looked like they do on the Weather Channel when that guy is being pelted in the middle of a hurricane and bracing himself against the almost-bald palm tree. I'm hoping her house doesn't slide off the cliff!

DH was in Phoenix again all week (boocoo rain there too) and was supposed to be home last night around 11pm. He called me and was excited the airline upgraded him to first class (he can't sleep on planes either, but at least he'd be more comfortable in his 6'3" frame and skinny a$$). Then he called with flight delays because of the wind (and it was still pouring...I heard this morning on the news that AZ declared a 'state of emergency' because of the flooding and mudslides)...more delays...then he found out the plane coming in had to reroute because they ran out of gas...they used more fuel flying against the winds (REALLY? If you fly on a windy day you might not make it there?...they don't pump in a few more gallons just in case?...well, that will really help those with fear of flying!).

Later they didn't think the plane was going to make it in so he was able to get the last (middle, coach...ugh) seat on another flight (this one had a stop in Vegas)...calls me from the tarmac after they'd been sitting near the end of the runway for two hours waiting to see if the winds would die down so they could take-off (the bathrooms were starting to smell and a riot was ready to break out). Guess which plane he saw out the window taxing past them and taking off when they first got out there (before they shut the Phoenix runway down, and they were waiting for clearance from Vegas)?..yep...someone else got that first class seat...and got home on time. He called me again and they deboarded the plane...'not going to make it home tonight'...he's 'looking for a hotel room'.

I never sleep well when DH travels...remember my irrational fear of the dark...I always go to bed much later and I was sleep deprived since I'd done this all week. After I fell asleep...I'm sleeping very soundly when all the sudden I wake up to a ROBBER coming in my room in the dark!!!!



...HEART...BEATING...OUT...OF...MY...CHEST...(d*mn...right about now I wished I hadn't pushed my PCP to cut my blood pressure meds in half just so I could finally post 'Yay! I'm cutting my meds back too!'...stupid vanity!)...


I hear *grumble* 'I'm going to try and get a few hours of sleep.'

WHAT?!! THE RAPIST IS TIRED AND JUST WANTS TO SLEEP?!! *the rapist turns on his side to face away from me* 'zzzzzz'...

This can only mean ONE thing...

no action for me DH is home...oh, and it's 5:30 am...d*mn...

1/23/10 WHO'S Punking me?

Well I hope all my friends (and lurkers) found me here. How do you like my new digs? Hope you're loving the Barcalounger Recliners I bought/installed here for each of you with the proceeds from my Moving Sale! Have you found the electronic button on the side of the chair blog yet? Let's just say once you push that button follow you'll never leave that chair's not called 'The Sweet Spot' for nothin'!

I wrote that yesterday...before my followers began arriving...

WHAT A WELCOME!!! And I'm SO happy that many of my LB friends followed me here from my former home page and WL sites (Like I said, I'll be there supporting all of you still).

Well, I had ONE follower on Thursday and by Friday morning I had EIGHT! I was thrilled...WHO KNEW that your little smiley faces on my new page would be the prettiest addition of all (you all look beautious)!!! I just love looking over and seeing my new 'friends' there! OK, I know you are a 'Follower' and you might not all consider me a 'friend'...YET! But I do! 'Follower' is just the wrong word anyway don't you think?...we're all Leading our on lives and Leading our own journeys...most of us (I think, but I don't know you all that well...YET!)...are also Leading major changes in our lives with new Lap Bands...oooo *shiny*. Anywho....I was thrilled with having my little group of smiley faces!

I came back here last night...

There are now FIFTEEN smiley faces!!! NO!!! SIXTEEN!!! NO!!! SEVENTEEN!!!...

I continued to watch the number grow...At first I was SO excited...I kept yelling 'There's another one YAY!' Then I started to think about it (I'm blonde, give me a break)...

HOLY MOTHER OF LAP BANDS!!! At this rate I'll have to post those awful, horrific 'Before' a matter of DAYS not YEARS!!! OMG, OMG, OMG...why oh why did I open my big mouth??!! I stooped to bribery and now I'm going to be punished for it!!! If I have to post those 'Before' life, as I know it, will be over!!! OVER I tell you!!!

This can only mean one thing! One of my 'friends' sent out a mass twitter alert chain letter (or maybe there's a 'Blogger' alert I don't know about yet) and is punking me! None of these people really want to 'follow''s all a big joke to ruin my life! It will happen just like those politicians, or Miss minute you're all proud to be helping to save the world, one newbie lap bander at a time (OK, a bit of a stretch, but that's my 'platform' and I'm sticking with it!)...and then the photos come out on the life is over.

WHO'S Punking me?!!

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE AND WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?!! Do I even know any of these people?!! What did I just call them? 'FRIENDS'??!! Let me look closer at those tiny smiley faces...AHHHH...They're not smiling!!...They're laughing at my demise!!

...Twenty-eight, Twenty-nine...I said a quick prayer and went to bed...

WHEW! Things seem to have settle out this morning at thirty...crisis averted.

Oh...sorry. Welcome 'Followers' 'Friends'!!! I love you all!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Well, I held my Moving Sale over at LBT today...I enticed all my peeps with the usual signage 'EVERYTHING MUST GO'. It was like a 'Run For The Dresses Sale'...they were lined up at was like 'Black Friday' all over you gals can shop! I finally sold the last of the goods...OK...I had to beg them to take most one wanted my incomplete Head-Band I've been building...dag, I guess I'll have to bring it here and keep working on that craft project (d*mn glue gun...burns me every time), but the artwork and photos sold pretty well.

I kept the 'Scale Whores Anonymous' framed Creed to hang up here in my new pretty blog...I'm hoping I can persuade the SWA members to hold our next semi-annual meeting at my new will be our 1 year Anniversary since the group was founded in February '09 and I plan to do it in hats, streamers...I'm getting tingly just thinking about it!! Musical scales (yeah, not the musical kind) is my fav game!

I'm so hoping that my LB friends will come and follow me here...and if not, I'll be stalking them daily until they come...Yeah, you heard me! You're not getting rid of me that easily...I'll still be around to read and comment on all your shenanigans!

I did resort to bribery, and I'll make the same bribe offer here...I shudder to think of it, but I've promised to share the horrid *knees buckling* 'Before' (your eyes will burn out of your head) and 'During' photos as soon as I get 100 Followers here. I'm hoping sure this will take quite awhile maybe never and by then I'll be so skinny that I won't care what those 'Before's' look like yeah, like that's true.

Oh, and shout out to Debi...I'm smiling just saying this...she's my very first.... FOLLOWER!!!! I'm not sure how you stalked found me, but WELCOME! As promised Debi, you get to wear the tiara (for being the first follower)! I was really proud of my tech challenged efforts here to pretty up my little new surroundings (yeah, took me a week) until I saw Debi's blog...check it out:
Yeah, the 'Hawaii' word will give you a clue how pretty her blog is...High-five Debi! Now you've got the tiara to match you blog (sending it over)!

Now the pressure is on...someone is following...I won't let you down Debi!

I'm planning to try some new, fun things with this blog and I'm looking forward to the new headache's 'new thing'......strike out...did you guess?!!

So come on in, loosen your belt (feel free to unbutton even, if your muffin top is chafing...mine is), 'sit a spell', prop up those swollen feet and make yourself at home...I hope you'll stay awhile (I could use the kick in the pants support), and just one thing...laughter is mandatory (bad singing together is just a given)...yes, even at my really bad puns...yes, that means you Debi!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

1/21/10 Fat Girls Don't Wear White

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/20/10 I'm Talking To Myself Again...

OK, this is weird...I'm here finishing up some of the last 'touches' on my blog now that everything is transferred...I've realized that I've gotten so used to the feeling that someone, somewhere out there will read what I'm putting out in the world and someone, somewhere will be able to relate...even if they don't leave I comment, I still feel like someone will 'get' it.

I'm nervous about launching this 'new' blog...will my peeps follow me here?...will anyone find me? I feel like I did when I first found out what a blog was and started my first that point I thought I was writing just for me. The blog became much more than a journal for me and I soon found the support I was receiving became my WL support system and it became critical in keeping me accountable, on the WL track, and allowed me to research and express things I was going through.

I'm hoping the reasons that I moved the blog are fulfilled and that I can truly reach more newbies to help. I got a little nervous when I added my hit counters here and saw that I've had 70,348 hits at my old blog home...that's probably not a lot in the 'blogger world', but to me it seemed like a lot (but then of course I wasn't expecting anyone to read it at all LOL).

Although I've gotten great personal fulfillment out of writing, I hope the support will continue as well. We'll see what happens in this new chapter!

1/20/10 Blog Move Complete

Well, I finished moving my blog here was very slow work (took a week and many hours) and I wasn't able to move the pictures. I also made the decision not to move other's comments as I don't have their permission. I'll apologize now for these ommissions on the archived blogs as I'm sure it will effect the clarity of some of the entries.

My kids would be so proud that I figured out how to 'pretty up' my blog (I'm very tech-challenged). I still have some things to figure out and add before I can announce my 'grand re-opening', but I'll get there soon enough!

I made the decision to move here for several reasons. I'm all about 'paying it forward' in this journey and trying to help others with this process and others convinced me that I'll be able to reach a lot more people to help here. Secondly, aside from my old blog home, I sometimes frequent several other WL sites and others suggested it would be best to have a link to a non-WL specific site. And thirdly, after a great deal of urging and encouragement I've finally decided to start a new 'project', which will be taking some of my time (more about that later).

I'm not sure where this journey will take me next, and it's both scary and exciting not to know, but I'm glad you're along with me for the ride!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1/19/10 Size Matters

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Monday, January 18, 2010

1/18/10 I’m Starting A New Movement!

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Friday, January 15, 2010

1/15/10 Friday Facts

-DH is stressed out at work..."worst day ever" yesterday.

-DD got laid off this week (and her BF of 3 years and she broke-up just before Christmas). She's also been sick as a dog for 3 days now (still running a fever...doc thinks it's a virus) "Mom, my life sucks". She's got a two year follow up procedure coming up on Monday (outpatient) and I'm hoping she's not still sick (and that the procedure can go on). Thank God her insurance goes through the month (yes, she'll buy ins. after that).

-DS1 called from college yesterday and thinks he has the swine flu (wouldn't get the shot, believe me I tried)...I'm waiting to see if he made it to the doc.

-DS2 is as happy as a club trip tonight.

-Someone please tell me how to sleep better when you're stressed (DH and I are both not getting enough sleep)...and pray for me that I can stay up until 11:30pm to pick up DS2 tonight.

*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book
Happy Weekend All!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1/13/10 The Economy Crashed My Party

Yesterday as I was enjoying my first day of everyone out of the house and was in the midst of my 80 lbs. party *bubble popping*

DD called me sobbing...she had just been laid-off (And might I just add...DON'T call your Mother during rush hour when you're normally supposed to be driving home sobbing so hard you can hardly talk...It gives us heart palpitations...I thought she'd been in a wreck). Poor kid…she was crushed. Unfortunately it’s a hard ‘life experience’ many of us have to learn sometime in our lives…cut-backs suck. Some days it's hard being the just want to go through it for them and take away the pain.

I’ll be busy helping edit resumes and cover letters…and I’m back wearing that sandwich board sign on the corner for her; ‘Smart, Outgoing, Marketing and International Business Double-Major, Needs Work, Willing to Relocate (Mom and Dad will miss her at home…no, really)'.

It’s a gloomy day here…

In response to Comments:

Thanks gals, lots of tears this week. I did do the 'this happened for a reason', but it didn't help. We're updating the resume today...

1/13/10 Blog Move Begins

***I started this blog on a Lap Band/Weight Loss website. I'm moving my old entries here, but I wasn't able to move all the pics (sorry) and I only moved my comments in response to what others said (as I didn't have their permission, and they didn't post their comments here). Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1/12/10 Party in My (Fat) Pants!

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Monday, January 11, 2010

1/10/10 Cookie Monster

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book




Friday, January 8, 2010

1/8/10 Another Link In The Head-Band- Part 2

*Post Deleted For Lap Band Book

1/8/10 Another Link In The Head-Band- Part 1

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Thursday, January 7, 2010

1/7/10 I'm Sick Of Shoveling Snow...

11 out of the past 12 days...snow.
4 more inches tonight...4 more tomorrow.
Please send sunshine!

That is all.

*In response to Comments

-I'm sending snow to all of you! All the schools are closed here (and Pittsburgh has LOTS of snow-plows so this rarely happens). We shoveled twice last night and there's now several inches waiting for me this morning...and it's still coming down...4-6" expected today. Can I count shoveling as an aerobic exercise?

DS1 is an hour away in the mountains for a 2 day ski trip...I'm wondering if they're going to get home today (have to get him back to college this weekend)!


- OK, exercise...I feel better. Going out now for the second time end in sight...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1/6/10 Hysterical

I just had to share…I’m an idiot…OK, you knew that. For those that read yesterday’s blog, a quick update. I was trying on some pants and decided to see how my new body shaper worked under my new too snug size 12 pants (see pics, helps the muffin-top, but I can't tell the difference on the thighs...sigh). So I’m doing my aerobics and working up my usual sweat getting the shaper on…a tug here, a jump there…my crotch is still hanging low, so I go to tug it up…

GUESS WHAT?!!! My finger happens to find a hole in the freakin’ crotch!!! I’m serious!!! I’m still in hysterics laughing. OK, I’m not sure how you would manage this hole in the bathroom, or whether they intended it for that use. I looked online, as their tags on it don’t mention this, but online it says a ‘split crotch’…no details on it‘s purpose (I‘m sure they‘re not going to make any promises on use for liability/embarrassment reasons). OK, it’s really not a hole as much as it is two pieces of overlapping fabric…and they overlap more than 2”…you know me, I’m a tester…

Yes, I did…well….not really. I got so far as to take off my panties (which raises the question…are you still supposed to wear your panties under these contraptions?) and put the d*rn shaper back on and I sat on the pot. I could use my fingers to get the hole to be pretty big, but not big enough for me to even…ehemmm…risk trying.

*Warning TMI (OK, I‘m a little late with that one, sorry)* I’m a ‘dribbler’…after that bladder sling surgery it takes me FOREVER to pee…and after I started the Vesicare pills it now takes an act of God, some serious meditation and prayer, and at least 10 min. So not only would I have to start doing aerobic workouts with my fingers daily to work up to the point where I could sit there for 15 minutes holding this open with them, but I’d have to pee so badly that I’d have a ‘normal stream’.

So here’s what I need for my ‘study’….I need a 20 year old, who hasn’t had any children to give this a try and report back to us (I‘m sure I would have figured out a way to do this when I was in my 20‘s…and out to the bars drinking). In fact I’m sure one of you reading my blog had done this, but prefers to remain anonymous…feel free to PM me and share your experience/technique (I can then post for you anonymously).

You know me though…if it’s stupid, I’ll be doing it at least once…let‘s just hope it‘s not like my ‘Horrific PB Event‘ when I‘m out to dinner (and decided I could PB between my legs while sitting on the pot)…I know, you‘re all placing your big money bets now…especially after you have that ’Ah-Ha’ moment when you remember I said ’I’m only going to wear the shaper for special events.’

*In response to Comments:

-LOL, yeah ym, it would be really good for men's use (and thank you Tx for 'fessing up for my scientific 'study'). The shaper comes all the way up to the bra line so that's why I said I was hoping for more 'boob-top' as a muffin-top isn't possible with it on (pic 2). The jeans are already uncomfortably snug (as is indicated by my muffin top (pic 1) and stretch wrinkles...that are sadly not premade 'age lines' that we pay more for on our jeans), but with the shaper on I felt the tightness of the shaper more than the tight spots (waist mainly) on the jeans. I don't think I'm ever going to be a daily shaper wearer, but I've learned never to say never...I can't wait to see how it 'goes' on my first outing.

-'Shaper Monologues'...ROTFLMAO

Yeah L- I'm all about comfort now...and xavier; I remember laying on the floor in college so my roommate could help me zip up my tiny skin tight (shaper) jeans.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1/5/10 Body Shapers

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book


Monday, January 4, 2010

1/4/10 Holiday Facts

-- The kids all had a great holiday…they are enjoying their favorite gifts; DD- all the new clothes, shoes, and beauty items; DS1- his new (used) desk and new comfy office chair (which he vows to somehow fit into the minivan to go back to school with him); and DS2- his new acoustic (w/electric) guitar. Mostly, they've enjoyed spending quality time together.

- I wish I could say there was no holiday drama, but it always finds a way in. This time it was a boyfriend/break-up right before Christmas (poor timing). I'll just say that DD is doing alright and was out with friends a lot over the holidays. She got inspired to clean out her bedroom (most of her stuff from college was jammed into her room on a shelving unit and in boxes, and under her on-lifts bed)…so we all pitched in and helped her take everything she doesn't need out to the 'clubhouse' in the back yard for storage. She took off the bed lifts, bought some shoe storage boxes for under the bed and she's almost done cleaning up. A 'fresh start' is a good thing sometimes.

- On a lighter note, DS1 has a new girl he met at college (not sure if she's an official 'GF' or not) …they have been back and forth the hour drive several times already and he's off to see her again today.

- Mom's birthday was yesterday…I miss her, but am thankful Mom and Dad were able to visit us just before Christmas.

- DH and I, although we missed seeing both our extended families, enjoyed our first holiday season without any travel. It was much more relaxing/non-stressful and provided many quality moments with the family. The kids have really appreciated it as they've been able to see/spend time with their friends as well (I can't tell you how many times I was giving thanks, w/all the boyfriend/girlfriend issues that we were home). DS1 was also able to work (restaurant) over the holidays for some extra cash for school.

- We took the kids last night to see Avatar and then out to dinner to celebrate our 'last moment of the holiday'. I had a wonderful 'moment' watching them 'plan' on what order they were going to sit together at the theater (it's nice to see that even as they get older they enjoy each other's company). Great 3-D movie BTW…and for those of you that get sick watching IMAX or 3-D movies (I can't even watch the ones at Epcot without feeling sick) I had no problems at all. It's a stunningly beautiful must-see movie.

- Everyone (except DS1, who has another week home from college) is now back to work/school…depressing……..for them ;-)

- Most of the holiday decorations are already down (I hate that job) and I've got a dining room table full of ornaments to finish packing up today…depressing………for me ;-)
* Oh, and Kay...I'm sorry I forgot to post the kitchen tool tree pic, but I remembered yesterday when I was packing it up. Attached are a few pics of the little tree and a pic of my red handled kitchen tools (now you all know I'm clinically family calls this part of my 'rust' collection).

- From 12/18 until today (the past 2.5 weeks), I've lost 3 pounds…it still continues to amaze me (losing weight over the holidays). I'm at 170.5, so (as Xavier would say) I'm headed back to the 60's (yes, I remember the 60's…I was a child, but I remember LOL).

- I bought a size 12 pair of pants this weekend…yes, I can barely button them, but the 14's were a little too roomy. I've got them hanging up in my closet 'front and center' (in front of my shelves) as my next goal (size 24 to a 12!). I also bought a piece of 'shape wear' for the first time, but more about that later.


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season full of time with your families! As I sit here and listen to the 'Today Show' with segment after segment about weight loss (ahh…January), I'm headed into this New Year with renewed hope that as much as last year was all about my weight, sometime this year…it won't be.
*In response to Comments:

-Yes, collecting rust is a documented illness...I'm glad to see that others have caught this highly contagious virus as well (and I always make sure my tetnus shot is up-to-date)! Doodle- sent you a PM about the spools.

Plants: These are DH's cacti that live on my patio when it's warm...the two (center single stem, and a double stem on the left) are Madagascar Palms (not really a palm-PACHYPODIUM LAMERII). I call the one in the middle 'Phallic Symbol' and I keep trying to kill it, but it won't die LOL. By Spring it won't have a leaf left on it, but after spending a week outside it always comes back to life- d*mn thing (DH gets such a kick out of this). I'm guessing you have a 'Crown of thorns' they get lots of small flowers that are pink, red, or yellow and they usually have lots of stems. The one on the right with lots of angled (three sided) stems gets small leaves as well, but I can't remember its name. DH bought them all since we moved here and they were in tiny 3" pots and less than 6" tall (so within the last 10 years) be wary, they grow fast (probably faster in a warmer climate! Each year someone gets stabbed moving them in and out of the house as you can see they're now taller than the patio door...I don't know what he's going to do when they hit the 9' ceiling! ...and yes, I hung those ornaments from them LOL.

-Yeah, those phallic symbols must go through a dormant stage even in warm weather. Now I'm bummed that yours blooms!!! -BG
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