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Friday, January 22, 2010


Well, I held my Moving Sale over at LBT today...I enticed all my peeps with the usual signage 'EVERYTHING MUST GO'. It was like a 'Run For The Dresses Sale'...they were lined up at was like 'Black Friday' all over you gals can shop! I finally sold the last of the goods...OK...I had to beg them to take most one wanted my incomplete Head-Band I've been building...dag, I guess I'll have to bring it here and keep working on that craft project (d*mn glue gun...burns me every time), but the artwork and photos sold pretty well.

I kept the 'Scale Whores Anonymous' framed Creed to hang up here in my new pretty blog...I'm hoping I can persuade the SWA members to hold our next semi-annual meeting at my new will be our 1 year Anniversary since the group was founded in February '09 and I plan to do it in hats, streamers...I'm getting tingly just thinking about it!! Musical scales (yeah, not the musical kind) is my fav game!

I'm so hoping that my LB friends will come and follow me here...and if not, I'll be stalking them daily until they come...Yeah, you heard me! You're not getting rid of me that easily...I'll still be around to read and comment on all your shenanigans!

I did resort to bribery, and I'll make the same bribe offer here...I shudder to think of it, but I've promised to share the horrid *knees buckling* 'Before' (your eyes will burn out of your head) and 'During' photos as soon as I get 100 Followers here. I'm hoping sure this will take quite awhile maybe never and by then I'll be so skinny that I won't care what those 'Before's' look like yeah, like that's true.

Oh, and shout out to Debi...I'm smiling just saying this...she's my very first.... FOLLOWER!!!! I'm not sure how you stalked found me, but WELCOME! As promised Debi, you get to wear the tiara (for being the first follower)! I was really proud of my tech challenged efforts here to pretty up my little new surroundings (yeah, took me a week) until I saw Debi's blog...check it out:
Yeah, the 'Hawaii' word will give you a clue how pretty her blog is...High-five Debi! Now you've got the tiara to match you blog (sending it over)!

Now the pressure is on...someone is following...I won't let you down Debi!

I'm planning to try some new, fun things with this blog and I'm looking forward to the new headache's 'new thing'......strike out...did you guess?!!

So come on in, loosen your belt (feel free to unbutton even, if your muffin top is chafing...mine is), 'sit a spell', prop up those swollen feet and make yourself at home...I hope you'll stay awhile (I could use the kick in the pants support), and just one thing...laughter is mandatory (bad singing together is just a given)...yes, even at my really bad puns...yes, that means you Debi!


Linda said...

I'm sooo excited to see you on Blogger!! I used to follow you on LBT, but don't go so much since we have a great band community on Blogger for support.
My blog is:


Debi said...

Thanks for such a warm welcome!! I will definitely enjoy reading your blog from start to current & then keeping up with your posts!

Here is the instructions for getting your photo to show up when you start Following someone. At least this is what I did & it worked for me!!

On your main page, click on View My Complete Profile.

Then choose Edit Profile.

Scroll down to the area for Photograph & click Remove Image (or it may say to add image).

Download (upload?) your Image, then at the bottom of the page, click Save Profile.

You should then see an option to view your saved Profile, go ahead & click on it & hopefully, it will show your photo.

Then check to see if your photo took the place of your Silhouette in blogs that you are following.

I can't remember if it changed automatically for me or if it only changed with new blogs I started to follow. If that is the case, try Following someone new & see if your photo shows up. Anyway, I hope this helps!!

If not, go into Customize at the top of your Home page & click on Help in the upper right. It can also help you. I think that is what I ended up doing. But try my walk through first.


Lena Austin said...

Hi BG! Thank goodness you made the switch. Like you, I prefer Blogger.

Kathi said...

BG, welcome, welcome and welcome to blogger! You are among many friends and I'm sooo bummed that I wasn't first, but Debi is a, pineapple? I'm so glad you are here and I'm going to spend all morning (not really) seeing all your stuff in color and on blogger! It's gonna be fun!

Kristen said...

Welcome! I have followed your progress on LBT for months, so I am pumped I have found your blog. Your progress is phenomenal, and I can't wait to read more about it!

Amy W. said...

Damn that Debi! I wanted to be the first follower bc mama loves a tiara!

Gen said...

Hi LBG! I have stalked you on LBT, so happy to see you here. You will have 100 followers in no time, so get those Befores polished up!

Loved your panty-shopping story. That is a popular genre on the blogs, always fun to read!

Come visit me at I Heart the Band.

Gen said...

Sorry, I meant BG! Band Groupie!

Kristi said...

I read your blogs awhile back when I first looked into this surgery. You bring honesty and humor to a scary thing for me and thank you for that!!!!! So now that I have been approved & know for sure I'm getting it done and asap.....I just wanna know what happens to your boobs & skin after you lose all the weight fairly quickly. And you seem like the person to ask and get an honest answer from!

Band Groupie said...

Kristi- I don't know how to contact you through Blogger (it shows no link to you, or I'm stupid, very likely). Contact me with your address and I'll tell you whatever you want to know! -BG

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