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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1/13/10 The Economy Crashed My Party

Yesterday as I was enjoying my first day of everyone out of the house and was in the midst of my 80 lbs. party *bubble popping*

DD called me sobbing...she had just been laid-off (And might I just add...DON'T call your Mother during rush hour when you're normally supposed to be driving home sobbing so hard you can hardly talk...It gives us heart palpitations...I thought she'd been in a wreck). Poor kid…she was crushed. Unfortunately it’s a hard ‘life experience’ many of us have to learn sometime in our lives…cut-backs suck. Some days it's hard being the just want to go through it for them and take away the pain.

I’ll be busy helping edit resumes and cover letters…and I’m back wearing that sandwich board sign on the corner for her; ‘Smart, Outgoing, Marketing and International Business Double-Major, Needs Work, Willing to Relocate (Mom and Dad will miss her at home…no, really)'.

It’s a gloomy day here…

In response to Comments:

Thanks gals, lots of tears this week. I did do the 'this happened for a reason', but it didn't help. We're updating the resume today...

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