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Thursday, January 28, 2010

1/28/10 BLOGGER Questions

***A few notes first:
------ Check out:
She's nearing the final lap of the 6 month diet and insurance maze and needs some support right now...many of us remember how stressful it was thinking you might not get that approval.
----- Check out:
She's just posted her first post here and will be working her way down the scale this year and needs your support.

Thanks all! *Woot another 'new thing' for the day...I learned how to make an actual link that works!

OK, I have a few questions (and I'm sure I'll have more) I can't figure out about using this site...HELP!

- Blog Links: ***NOTE TO MY FOLLOWERS*** I've been signing up for following the blogs of everyone that is following me. The problem is, when I click on some people's avatars (under 'followers') and look at the pop-up, it sometimes shows 'Links' and that's where I can find their blog, but sometimes it doesn't...even with people I KNOW have a blog (ie. Kathi's 'Don't Look Back' links). If you're following me and I'm NOT following you PLEASE leave me your link here under comments (you can check my profile to see who I'm following).

- Post Count: Is there a way to add a 'Post Counter' (for individual posts) here? I've tried two that I found online at other sites and neither one worked. I find it beneficial to see what others find interesting, or not.

- Messages: Is there a way to send someone here a message? I've been using Comments on their blogs, but sometimes my message has nothing to do with the blog.

- Private Message: Is there a way to send a private note here?

- Yahoo: I've had several people ask me if they can sign in through their Yahoo account (they said Blogger doesn't recognize them)?

- Comments:
----- Setup: Why when I leave comments on some people's pages is all the info. on the pop-up (INCLUDING the verification word) and for others, I go to a second page (where then I see the verification word)?
----- Notification: Is there a way to see if you've received any new blog comments that doesn't involve e-mail? ie: I was hoping this would show up on the Dashboard, or even the 'Edit Posts' page as comments in a different color.
----- Where: It seems like the practice here is to answer comments on your own blog, as a comment to the same blog, is that right?
---- Links: How do you add a link that will work in a Comment?

- Import: Is there an easy way to import old blogs here from sites like LBT? I did it the hard way, but others might need this.

- Other: Any other suggestions? I'd welcome them!


Lynda said...

Hi there,

My blog is

I think the verification thing (pop-up or not) has something to do how the person configured their blog settings/comments (embed, pop-up or full window).

As evidenced above--I don't know how to do hyper-links in the comments.

Blogger is associated with Google, which is why the Yahoo ID's won't work. They will need to sign up for a Google ID.


Band Groupie said...

Thanks Lynda...coming your way...

LDswims said...

If you want to disable the comment verification thing here's what to do...

(but keep in mind, that you can end up with spam if you disable that...)

1) go to settings
a) inside settings, go to the comments tab at the top
b) scroll down until you see "Show word verification for comments?" and change that to "no"
c) save your settings and you are done.

I'm playing around with IM and personal messages and will let you know what I come up with.

I'm playing around with some other stuff, too. Will post this for now - but see if you can find where I did a friend request. I think that might give you some of what you are looking for (and me, too).

Thanks for linking me!

Natalia said...

I didnt see you on my list so here is my blog.
Unfortunately I am terrible at blogger so I cannot help you with any of your questions, but am so glad you asked because I could use those answers too!

Lena Austin said...

Hi BG! My blogger blog is and I just posted some new recipes for bandsters.

1. Counters-- go to your Dashboard and look for Edit Layout. One of the things you can click on is to Add Widgets. There are many, many widgets so be prepared to be tempted and devote a lot of time to finding your counter. After you find it, just follow directions to install it.

2. Comments Where-- Yep, answer as a comment yourself, or if the subject deserves a new post, you can cut and paste the original comment into the beginning of a new post.

3. Adding a link in comments has never worked for me. If I want a link, I cut and paste.

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