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Friday, January 15, 2010

1/15/10 Friday Facts

-DH is stressed out at work..."worst day ever" yesterday.

-DD got laid off this week (and her BF of 3 years and she broke-up just before Christmas). She's also been sick as a dog for 3 days now (still running a fever...doc thinks it's a virus) "Mom, my life sucks". She's got a two year follow up procedure coming up on Monday (outpatient) and I'm hoping she's not still sick (and that the procedure can go on). Thank God her insurance goes through the month (yes, she'll buy ins. after that).

-DS1 called from college yesterday and thinks he has the swine flu (wouldn't get the shot, believe me I tried)...I'm waiting to see if he made it to the doc.

-DS2 is as happy as a club trip tonight.

-Someone please tell me how to sleep better when you're stressed (DH and I are both not getting enough sleep)...and pray for me that I can stay up until 11:30pm to pick up DS2 tonight.

*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book
Happy Weekend All!

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