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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/20/10 I'm Talking To Myself Again...

OK, this is weird...I'm here finishing up some of the last 'touches' on my blog now that everything is transferred...I've realized that I've gotten so used to the feeling that someone, somewhere out there will read what I'm putting out in the world and someone, somewhere will be able to relate...even if they don't leave I comment, I still feel like someone will 'get' it.

I'm nervous about launching this 'new' blog...will my peeps follow me here?...will anyone find me? I feel like I did when I first found out what a blog was and started my first that point I thought I was writing just for me. The blog became much more than a journal for me and I soon found the support I was receiving became my WL support system and it became critical in keeping me accountable, on the WL track, and allowed me to research and express things I was going through.

I'm hoping the reasons that I moved the blog are fulfilled and that I can truly reach more newbies to help. I got a little nervous when I added my hit counters here and saw that I've had 70,348 hits at my old blog home...that's probably not a lot in the 'blogger world', but to me it seemed like a lot (but then of course I wasn't expecting anyone to read it at all LOL).

Although I've gotten great personal fulfillment out of writing, I hope the support will continue as well. We'll see what happens in this new chapter!

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Anonymous said...

I found your new home and just love it!!!! I am into scrapbooking as a hobby and that is what your page reminds me of! You are sooo clever, have your kids seen what you can do? You should show it to them! Sharon AKA Doodlebug

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