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Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31/11 Post is up!

Sorry, I pushed 'enter' and my last post published while I was writing it...I didn't know it would show up here.  I couldn't get the time to change, but it's up now... HERE

10/31/11 Happy Halloween!!!! (WORKING NOW...Lots of pics)

Happy Halloween all!!!!  Sorry I pushed publish too soon and didn't realize it would show up...all working now.

Lots to catch up on, but I'll just focus on the 'Fall' stuff (since it's Halloween) that's been happening the last week.

First, Fall officially disappeared this week...We had big, wet, snow that covered everything.  Good for the kiddies that it melted and tonight looks cold, but clear.

We took our annual trip to the big pumpkin patch (one of those places that has a million kiddie things to do and booths of food everywhere).  Luckily this was a week ago and the weather was beautiful!

On the hayride out to the pumpkins...

OMG...I just realized this is the same raincoat I was wearing in France when I had my LB 'Moment' of revelation (OK, it's a great brand, it has a belt, and a zip out lining, so I saved it...hey, I didn't want to be naked in the pumpkin patch!)...

...let me just say that this pic of me from the back in Normandy (at the American Cemetary) with the same coat undone because I couldn't close it sums up how far I've come...100+ pounds more here...yes, that is NOT the wind blowing my coat is ALL my giant a$$ feet hurt just looking at this pic.

DD and DS2 picking out the largest pumpkins in the patch...they thought it was a good idea...until they had to carry them to the car.

DD and BF...

OK, I will admit here that DH said (after I gave DD, her BF, and DS2 tickets to enter the corn maze with strict instructions 'not to scare the little kids'...and with my camera) that 'These things are more fun with little kids.'  (...and hey...just look at those pretty, straight teeth we paid a fortune to our Orthodontist for!)

...and then one of my sisters said to me 'It's time for grand-babies when you start dressing up your grand-pets'...I'm too young for that (an it was DH who brought home costumes for the kitties)!

DD came to spend he night this week and carve her pumpkin early as she's had a big Halloween party this weekend (and I found her some great black feather accents to glue on her 'Black Swan' costume...and in her hair). 

I made my annual pumpkin seeds...that DS2 declared his 'favorite food ever' (my invented recipe...butter, worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and garlic salt)...he had eaten them all by morning.

And I baked sheets of these 'scaredy cats' (decorated mint cookies ontop of iced chocolate chip brownies....I said I hate to cook...but I LOVE to's the artist in me) and sent a batch to DS1 for all the Frat brothers (got a thank you call today) and a batch to DD for the Halloween party. 
Now here are some vignette's around the house of Fall things I've made (and a few new ones)...

Acorn trees...

I don't usually like silk flowers, but I make an exception for holidays...

An easy idea...a 'funkin' (just traced and cut a 6" plastic pot size hole) with a real mum and a few cattails...and fall garlands are everywhere...on the chandelier...

...on the mantle with some lights, and a berry garland around a candle...and a giant bowl with all the gourds DS2 grows...

And every year I try to add something new, or replace something old.  I needed a wreath for inside the glass front door...couldn't be more simple...a grapevine wreath (same size as the oustside one you can see through the door), nine 'picks' (3 ea. of 3 different ones) of berries (didn't do any cutting even), some hot glue, and 10 minutes later it's done.

And I replaced the very old plastic ghost and pumpkin lights I had on the porch railing outside with some grapevine ball covered lights (on clearance right now at Target with all their summer outdoor lights), just took the old lights off the old grapevine garland and wrapped the new lights on, and I hot glued on some silk leaves I pulled off another garland.
And here's the front porch...

Happy Halloweeny!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

10/21/11 Lap Band Study

*Post Deleted For Lap Band Book

Saturday, October 8, 2011

10/8/11 BOOBs Post 4...The End

And now, for the REST of the story...

After dinner, I was hobbling home...NO, remember the almost heeless shoe at this point...I swear I had only had one glass of wine all day (OK, post-LB my limit is about two...and YES, I really act like that without drinking much LOL), with everyone when Barb bushwhacked three of us and made a detour...OK, let me tell you more about this woman's Super'men' powers (as if the chocolate cake wasn't enough)...I found us being led the whole way by Barb AND our hotel Doorman to a bar nearby...OK, it was more like a Japanese restaurant with a bar in it, which we didn't notice at first....Anyway, once again I was glad I was not sitting on the high barstool with naked hairy legs as Barb (and her Super'men' powers) immediately made friends with a group of boys nearby (no, I can't even call them men) even offered to change his name for her (I swear)...and I soon found myself being asked how much weight I'd lost by some handsome youngster (Super'men' powers, I'm telling you) LOL...what was even more funny was that I told him (Barb's powers again)...isn't that like asking a woman for her age LOL?  After a quick drink (thanks again Donna!) we figured out that we were the only ones left in the place...hey, 'we shut the place down!' (at like 11pm LOL) we made our way home.

Our wonderful planners had put together an impromptu slumber party and we arrived (OK, let me just mention that over the weekend I must have ridden the elevator with BOOBs and strangers without we BOOBs remembering to push our button at least a half-dozen times...that's how much we were engrossed in talking...or...that's how bad my 'oldtimers' has gotten) we arrived just after the PJ party started to a meeting room full of girls in PJ's.

 I took off my (now completely broken) shoe and went to change (and I'm outing Donna...who didn't change...because I think she sleeps in 'nussing).  I then grabbed a spoon and went around helping myself to bites everyone's tubs of shared ice cream...where else could we LB'ed women not feel judged for eating ice cream and sweets?

Here's Jen in her cute pig tails and the hilarious Dawnya reading our bedtime story from Lynne's (Drazil's) book about pee and poo...we got to see an illustration of 'Explosive Man' (featured in her blog)...I had nightmares.

Then Sandy Lee received a gift of panties...apparently she was pantless last year and was going door to door in the hotel asking strangers if they had her pants (I love how Camela's totally unphased by the fact that she's wearing them on top, like 'That's just Sandy Lee!'...or maybe...'I got to get me some of those!').

Apparently wearing them on top gives her super ninja powers...

I had a blast at the PJ party...laughed until my port hurt. 

Barb was recanting more of her Super'men' powers and then I got to see that Gilly has Super powers also...except she told us that hers are mainly over old people (which explains why they worked on me)…and her powers come from her itty bitty (I'm NOT kidding) pinky fingers (just ask to see them...I dare you)…which, OMG, she can use (along with her other magical fingers) to demonstrate perfectly anything we're discussing (Barb's inverted cobra story in this case)…HIL-ARIOUS...and she has a for-real Super Woman suit even (see)…I touched it…no super finger powers rubbed off on me *sigh*.

I was blubbering like a BOOB as people started leaving and saying goodbye for the final time...By that point, it was about Sunday morning and everyone was totally wiped out…our poor planners looked like they'd been through the we cleaned up and tucked them in bed.

Oh, and one of the highlights of the weekend was that they counted up how much weight we'd all lost at dinner (amazing)...OK, I realized 1/2 way through that I was holding my camera (didn't have my camcorder) the skinny way up...HEY, at least I realized that turning it midway wasn't going to work!  Hope this tech challenged girl did this right... 

The whole event is still ringing in my thoughts and I'm still trying to take it all in!

The End...Happy Weekend All!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

10/7/11 BOOBs Post 3

Saturday was a sleep in day for most of us......Donna...


...and then I woke up...
Posted Image

...and was amazed proud that no one had needed to call me the night before for my card...
Posted Image

Then we all found a variety of things to do, most in small groups; Jazzercise, touring, shopping, meals, segwaying, spa day, and there was even a group that got tattoo's (some even got two!). 

For me it was first food and drink...
...No, of the COFFEE kind...
Posted Image

...and talking, more talking...


and popcorn shopping (OMG)...two bags!

...then off to get ready for the 'dress up' event at the Brazillian restaurant.  Thank you Donna and Beth Ann (poor thing, just knocked at our door) for not gasping at my nearly1/2 naked body and droopy skin (see, I told you I'd be running around Chicago naked!) as I was first in the shower and didn't want to put on that too tight dress any earlier than I had to...and I forgot to bring my Spanx d*mnit...bra, thong (I'm still getting used to these things!) and tights, not pretty, not pretty at all!

Oh, and I made the unfortunate decision to be lazy on my girl's weekend and not to bother shaving my legs again, since I'd be wearing tights...a decision I would later regret...both when Mom Donna urged me to lose the tights and shoes on the way home...and later, when Barb was running her hands over my legs (OK, more like my webbed toes...first time they'd been called 'pretty feet' LOL) at the PJ party.
Posted Image

OMG, I thought they were beautiful women before…give them a day in the big city and they all clean up well (some had facials and even makeup makeovers...BTW, Note to self:  For the love of bling and all things shiny, please buy some powder foundation as your face is as shiny and bright as the flash is in every pic!).  These gals were 'aglow' with pretty, glittery clothing and hair and makeup that rivals a TV 'makeover'.  The restaurant had a yummy, very extensive salad/side bar…two words when you want to taste more items…and you didn't hear it here…sliders first.   No that doesn't mean that I stuffed myself (remember that too small dress I was in)…well, at least until dessert (read on). 

First, we took the 'group photo' (I'm on the left...and you can even meet Fluffy, lower left)…LOL, I just noticed that I look like I'm still stalking Catherine!
Here's the aftermath:
and just look at my roomie posing for me...too sweet (umm, and I won't point out how you were 'smart' enough to take your 'beverage' to the photo session LOL...I love that girl)!

Posted Image

Too funny trying to squeeze us all in that pic in tight quarters (thank you Deb's sister for climbing up on the bar…or maybe you're up on the bars all the time…actually, you did get up there pretty easily…I'll bet our Deb's a bar dancer too).

Oh, and I was SO happy that I got to meet Deb's Mom (so nice and beautiful!)…and I told her how much I love her Deb (sorry Deb's Mom…that was a joke before…I'm sure your girls have NEVER been dancing up on a bar!). Love you Deb (That girl is wicked funny!  Wish she and I had more time together!)!

And then we ate...I chose just the salad bar (Fluffy went to town...that girl is as cute and as small as a bunny)...

(it had plenty of protein on it) and not the neverending meat courses.

What if I was talking too much and didn't remember to chew the meat well...
Posted Image
I couldn't count on any bathroom stalls being open with this group!  I found bacon at the salad bar...MMMmmm bacon...

Let me share the women I haven't identified in other pics yet;
CindyLew, who is about as big (and cute) as Cindy-Loo-Who (just look!).

and Camille- left, who's smile lights up the room (so glad I got to sit with her at dinner...too much fun!), the end of the night she could hardly walk (in Barb's very high heeled shoes)

Meet Robin (right), she's got a bubbly, friendly personality to match that smile!  With Vicki and Gilly.

Angie (left)- who always had that huge smile on her face (wish I'd had more time with her), Lynda (you've met, but see, her mouth really does close...or maybe she's just chewing on something LOL!) and stunning Liz, who I did NOT have enough time with either (right).

Left- Nicole again, Susan who is so sweet and adorable, Tina who was one of my surprises...I expected a quiet, reserved woman...NOT (love ya!), and Justine again.

And the beautiful girls; Debi, Beth Ann and meet Stacey, whom I only got to spend a split-second with (right).

Here's the gorgeous Jessica from the Bahamas and the lovely Steph (She's so nice...SO glad I got to spend some time with you at Second City...thanks!).

D*mn, I had to steal a pic of Ronnie...I thought I'd gotten everyone, but I SO badly wanted to talk to her, so I guess I was talking instead of taking her pic...this girl is too you Ronnie!

I had to steal a good pic of Angela too (left, with Dawnya and Gilly), as all I had was the back of her head and she's so pretty from the front too! 

Ummm...I'm thinking this was right after I got to feel Thelma and Louise (she insisted, and yes I did, and doesn't Barb look happy?) and then, right before the pic I asked the also busty Gilly and Camille...I think they're thinking it over...or not...

OK, all was forgiven (hey, I was just looking for that motorboat line), and here's your birthday card...


I tried to get around to everyone I hadn't gotten to talk to before, but I didn't get to spend enough time with everyone I wanted to (especially our planners).

I love this girl and I'm really enjoying watching her journey...she's a lot tougher than she appears (in a great way) and I just know she's going to continue to reach all her goals!

...and can I just say again that Joey has a career in modeling...and she could design her own cover you hear me Vogue?

Making the rounds...

More misc. Pics of all the beauties you now know...


The food was great, and I didn't overeat at all... least I didn't until Barb, because she (or Thelma and Louise) has powers over all men, got our waiter to bring our table some chocolate cake (which wasn't one of the two dessert choices)…and you all know how my first love is chocolate…one bite (OK, I had three bites of shared cake) and we renamed it 'The real reason I came to Chicago' cake (I'm sure they'll be updating the menu).

Then we all sang 'Happy Birthday' to our Gillybean…who also has super-powers…but more about that tomorrow...

And at the end of the evening Sandy Lee (OK, wasn't going to post this one, but yes, I heard you GF, and yes, I'm giving you photo credit) insisted on playing photographer...yes, you framed this just right, I'm looking a sweaty mess from running around, but love how happy I look!

OK I think I shared with you that I decided against wearing those cute brand new suede and silver shoes that were now way too big (once I heard we had to walk two blocks and that the salad bar was downstairs...and thank G*d for that elevator or I wouldn't have had seconds!).  I did bring them and I put them in the sisterhood box (glad I didn't 'break' those in).  I decided to wear some old more sensible (AKA not cute) satin good friend Lynda offered to lend me a pair of her cute peeptoes (you'll now be glad I declined your sweet offer).  My heel was hanging off after running around all night (I caught them on a plug outlet in the floor...really...didn't anyone else see it?...ehem...I had exactly one glass of wine that entire evening!), and Donna wanted me to run home barefoot, but I was too vain (didn't shave) to take off my tights...I tiptoed instead, but by the time I got to the hotel...this is what was left of my shoe...

...that's just how fun this weekend was!  PJ party to come... 
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