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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10/5/11 BOOBs Post 1

I have way too many pics to post, and I have no clue how to set up an online album, so I'll try to get as many as I can on here in several posts so you can grab/save the ones you want (and I tried to remove all your red eyes...but my you girls can drink! all had red eyes...or maybe I need a new camera?).

I'm writing this Monday while being delayed at the O'Hare airport for two hours, sitting on the plane on the tarmac at the O'Hare airport for more then two hours now.  Doesn't USAir know that I could be spending all this wasted time with my GF's who are still in Chicago?!!! Side note…thank you again DH for the surprise First Class seats (I've offered my row mates my Garrett's Popcorn, as they've run already run out of snacks and lunch isn't happening).

What can I say about the BOOBs…NO, not mine (I have none left)! THE BOOBs! BOOB's weekend 2.0 was a blast!

This compliment won't begin to cover it, but it was obvious from the moment of arrival that our planners had worked their butts off for all of us and had crossed every t and dotted every i…or maybe it was these they dotted: (.)(.) (sorry girls, I couldn't figure out how to raise my 'nipples').  I know I said this to each of you, but again, THANK YOU!!!

I arrived after two exhausting flights (Did anyone else not sleep the night before?  I was like a kid before the first day of school!  Wish I could sleep on planes!) on Friday (missed my Pittsburgher Judi to travel/party with!) and I got off the shuttle to yells of 'BG!!'.   Four of the BOOBies were already standing curbside at the hotel. Holy crap! They recognized me immediately (guess I didn't do a good enough job of putting only flattering pics of myself online…OK, that was all over when I posted the first 'before' photo of myself). My lovely Darlin'1/Donna (roommate, far right) was there and she's just as I pictured her, both inside and out! She's got a smile that will melt you and she's a redheaded firecracker (SO much fun!)!  I found out that we think alike on so many things…sorry Donna, I guess that wasn't the best compliment, as everyone knows all my thoughts are crazy!  Sooner than I could say BOOBs, she had whisked my stuff into the room and off we all went for a late lunch…

Lovely Maria (right), who has already lost almost exactly my current weight (Amazing! Just imagine carrying me around on your back all weekend Maria!...Or maybe that was you who carried me back home that night?), and Sandy Lee (just as you'd picture her…beautiful...that girls rocks Jlo skinny pants!) had been waiting a whole year for another bowl of the clam chowder at this restaurant and so I took her lead, on the soup (yum!), but not the LI 'iced tea' (I stuck to my trusty first glass of wine)!!!

And I was so glad to finally get to spend some time with the gorgeous Jen (left)...she's just as sweet at she looks!

Posted Image

I started off by getting the 'scoop' and had missed a GREAT time at the 'drag show' on Thursday night (that's what I get for being an anal planner and booking my FF tickets too early). There was also a karaoke bar later where, apparently our little Barb (or should I say most of her is little…Thelma and Louise however…unbelievable!! I'm too jealous of her new boobies!) was the backup singer or dancer for anyone on stage…no worries, I got her to sing/dance for me later in the weekend (just play 'Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night' and see what happens…you're welcome).  Love you girl!

Friday night was the 'Meet and Greet'.  Let me mention here that the event and the swag bags were amazing (I'm still hoping my BOOB's wine makes it home in my checked bag in one piece!).  My one disappointment of the weekend was that our planners were so busy/tuckered out that I didn't get to spend enough time having fun with them!

Our wonderful planners...(Kerri wasn't there) Stephanie, Lynne (Drazil), Linda, Joey...

...and (other) Jen (whom I tried to get extra pics of as she was the photographer) and her BFF Lynne again.

Stephanie and Joey bartending and attending to details (glow straws for the drinks).

I walked in and I was…what's the word?….overwhelmed. The closest thing I could describe it to, is that it was as if you walked into a room of celebrities you've never met in person, but you are also a celebrity they want to meet. I just wanted to line them all up and hug them all, but I just started hugging whoever was closest and talking to them about their blogs/lives. 
The curly-headed beauties Camela/Read and Carmen.

Barb again, and the lovely girls Miss Vickie (Queen Bee) and Jacquie

The fun youngsters Debi, Brandi, Becky (the newbie WL challenge winner!  Still in Bandster Hell even!) and Shannon (loved your hubby!...and your haircut!)

...and later with Julie and Beth Ann

It's a strange thing meeting someone you know so many intimate things about, but have never gotten to meet.
As petite little Donna...

...pointed out, one of the funniest things to her was that people are either much taller or shorter than she expected…being an amazon myself, usually everyone is shorter, but I found myself looking up at the beautiful Joey (she should SO be a super-model, that girl is so statuesque and beautiful, both inside and out…and Joey…I'm SO in for the 'Zombie Boo's'!)!

Joey, Theresa/Tessie Rose (OMG now I'm going to hear that Louisiana accent everytime I read her blog), and the too fun Lynda (right)

These two girls I did not get enough time with...I could have spent a 'nuther day having fun with them (and their roomies)!  My lovelies Maria and Grace (they are a riot).

Yes, Nicole wore the red dress and she's every bit as pretty and sweet as she looks.

My revelation was that many were actually older than they look…yes, I was still the old-woman, but these gals all look at least 10 years younger than they are…and the other thing was that Blogger adds 10-20 pounds...these girls look GREAT...what gifts this WL gives us!

'Say Cheese, not AHHH!', have I said I love Lynda?  And doesn't she look 25?

Super model Joey finding the best seat in the house (Dawnya's lap...OMG I'm glad I got to get to spend some time with her...she cracks me up)...These three were trouble! Gilly (right)...much more on her later (she's already using her 'super power' fingers here).

Carmen and Krystal (right, whom I got to spend no time with)...hope you're feeling better Krystal!

Gillybean (who put together the WL Challenge)!

Amanda (she's stunning) with the beautiful Brandi

Beth Ann (more on her later), Karin/Lap Band Gal (she's so tiny and buff!), and my lovelies Julie and Debi

More on Catherine (with Jen) later

My head was spinning off by the end of the night.

And some more misc. pics from that night (more about all these gals later)...

 Posted Image


~Lisa~ said...

Great photos!! Looks like soooooo much FUN!! Thank you sooo much for sharing!

Jacquie said...

Great pics BG! It was great meeting you finally! You are gorgeous girl!

Judi said...

Am I F'in jealous to the point of wanting to PB? YES!!!!! OMG. Everyone is gorgeous, everything looks like it was fun and did I mention that I am F'in jealous? I keep saying "next year, next year" but it's already been proven that getting away during an academic year is NEXT to impossible. I gotta quit this job, I's wrecking my fun!
I would have loved, loved, loved to come and party with you and all the BOOBS. I'll just have to have an extra martini tomorrow night to help me drown my sorrows....
Looking forward to more pictures and stories!

Sandy Lee said...

Thanks for creating a bunch of memories. You take amazing photos, and I mean when I took a pic of you! So glad to finally meet you in person. And Donna, and...

Joey said...

SOOOOOOOOO great to meet you finally! You and I definitely didn't get enough time together! With 50+ women it's very hard to do. MWAH!

Becky said...

I LOVED your photos in this post and I saved several. Thank you!! Great job taking such good ones. I think you have the best photo of Grace I've seen from the weekend too!

DiZneDiVa said...

I love your photos... and I am glad to have gotten to spend extra time with you... Yay!

Beth Ann said...

I'm slowly but surely making it through all the blogs since Chicago. I just want to make sure I catch every one!! :) I think you know how happy I was to meet you. You will always and forever be my original inspiration and for that, I thank you. <3

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