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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6/30/10 Enquiring Minds Want To Know

*Post Deleted For Lap Band Book

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/29/10 I'm Deflated

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

6/29/10 A Little Scared

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Friday, June 25, 2010

6/25/10 My Wrinkles

*Portion of Post Deleted For Lap Band Book

Come on...sing it with me!!! Cracking open the 'box of wine' for you all now...there's no such thing as too early...hold those glasses still GF's...happy weekend! OK, now you're singing...and dancing...WHOOT!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

6/24/10 Drivel Scribbles: TOM and your Band

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Blog

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6/23/10 Thoughts From The Hobby Room...and a tour

Yes, I'd rather be blogging or writing, but I'm taking a week off to delve into one of the projects I've been putting off...forever...and it was at the point you couldn't walk in the room...and the natives were complaining (am I the only one with a 'junk room' where everything you don't know what to do with ends up?). I've been shoveling out our 'Hobby Room'/'The Shrine to DH' (Bonus room over the garage with office, sewing, drafting/art table, craft closet, pullout sofa for guests, junk, etc.). In between all the filing, sorting, and are a few thoughts I had...and while I'm at it, I'll give you a tour of the room (and show you all my 'Martha Moments' of things I did)...not that you care about what my 'prison' looks like this week, but I'm already sick of all the sorting and I needed to blog to break up the monotony of filing papers.

It used to be the kids playroom when we first moved in, until we finished the basement. As planned, we took the kid stuff downstairs and brought up the office furniture from the first floor office (I refinished all the furniture to make it darker and painted the room Hunter Green...DH's pick...and yes, I planned those eyeball lights knowing DH's collection would eventually be here).

Here's a view of the entrance...the door shown is off the upstairs hall (there's another unseen backdoor to the Master Bath just to your left).

Little packages arrive at our doorstep weekly from all around the world...I've finally figured out what was in all of them. Collecting things is an illness and I think it's contagious. I'm sure there's someone out there that collects everything...there's probably a used battery collector out there somewhere...I hope it's not your DH. This is what a 'collection gone wild' looks like...I think he's up to 700 now. '700 what?', you ask? '700 useful things perhaps?'...umm telephone insulators. The sad part is I can't point fingers...I told you 'collecting' is contagious!

Oh, and the 'shrine to DH' is mostly on top of the bookshelves...trinkets from his childhood in Germany (dad was an Army Doc), thing from his first career as an oil/gas Geologist, etc.

Here's (turning slightly right) the other side of the entrance...I decoupaged/framed a geological map of Pennsylvania DH had...and...why yes, there's a 'border' of guess-what at the top of the walls.

Turning slight right is the office area. I framed an old Pittsburgh map found at DH's Grandparents home when it was sold (they lived here), and more furniture I refinished...Oh and part of DH's 'rock collection' are in glass cases in the corner of the desk. I'm an 'almost OCD' organizer, but I have a terrible time with papers and filing as I'm a 'pigeon holer'. Most of this was actually kids papers/art from school. I'm proud to say I threw a ton of this out yesterday and I should be about done with it all in another day or two....kill me now...did I say I HATE FILING?

Turning right, beyond the office, in the dormer window is my little sewing/craft area. The sewing machine/cabinet is backed up to the file cabinets (can't see). My antique drafting table (craft/sewing table) is just under the window between the bookshelves. I made the tapestry valances and framed (4 frames you see) the blueprints for the house (I designed our house).

Turning slight right again you can see the short door on the knee wall that is my closet and houses shelves on both sides stuffed with art/craft supplies (my first career was as an art teacher). There's also a lot of fabric in there as I hate sewing, but I don't hate sewing decorating things like curtains and pillows...She who dies with the most fabric wins...I'm a contender.

See that key in the lock I added to the door instead of a knob? How smart was that?'s only 'smart' when you hide the key. I need to learn to use it and take the key kids love creative stuff too and the closet/room was a jumble of art supplies when I started...sorting that out seriously took a day...umm...I just noticed the key is still in the lock.

I brought some more shelving (shoe factory racks/match the ones with our books in my corner) back from my parents and we set one up in the corner for DS2's new 'music corner' (If there's open wall space in our house it eventually will be filled with an antique...I don't think we could fit one more thing into this room). When you move the guitar amps (and the tuba) from your son's bedroom that's over the Family Room to the Hobby Room over the garage (under the ruse of setting up a 'music hobby corner') you can actually have a conversation in your Family Room...amazing. DS2 caught on...his complaint was that I gave him Great Grandma's chair and the wooden arms would scratch the back of his guitars...and 'couldn't we put it all back in his room?' Add a throw...problem solved...sorry kiddo.

Turning right again is the pullout sofa (I made the padded valances, pillows on the couch that match and the padded ottoman...DH made the frame for it). It's taken me years, but I've learned that some hobbies go by the wayside...a 75 gallon aquarium (yes, I refinished that cabinet too) with no fish or water in it isn't a pretty sight...the good news...I had the foresight not to put it in my Living Room in this's gotta go.

The Master Bath 'backdoor' is just to your right/white frame (other entry to the bath is from our bedroom...yes, so DH only wakes me once getting out of bed in the morning...I'm not a morning person...hey, there should be some perks to designing your own house!). Yes, more insulators over the 'aquarium'...and LOOK at the lovely streetlight hanging lamp with the insulators on top (OK, I'm the one that bought this for DH's B-day).

Look what I found when I cleaned out my sewing area? If you leave things in your mending pile for enough years, your kids (and you) will eventually grow out (shrink out) of them...problem solved...or so I thought...I hate to mend. The next pic is not from the Hobby Room, but is the sorted pile of mending still left after I tossed all the kids clothes and other things...kill me now...did I mention I hate to mend?...this will take me all summer...or maybe I can wait another 5 years.

Yes, our house would drive a minimalist to's OK, I have a wine collection too. I guess I've stalled long enough with my tale/tour about nothing...back to my prison of papers...kill me now.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

6/20/10 Happy Fathers Day!

...all you Dad's! We had a great day here and it's a perfectly beautiful evening with fireflies flitting everywhere (the boys are all playing basketball in the driveway still), so I thought I'd share some pics outside.

My Dad is having a great day (and week) too...finger's crossed, they have a buyer for the house, at a good price, and it looks like the closing will happen in just a few more weeks. Get this...they got the offer after just 4 weeks on the market, a pre-approved buyer, couple that is in an apt. right now so no contingency and they can move right away, and the inspector only put two things on their 'fix' list (a chimney cleaning and repointing). I keep telling them how lucky they are with a 44 year old home and in this market right now.

My Dad is just thrilled that he doesn't have to go through the 'showings' daily was getting old for him already as he doesn't like moving fast in the all good news for him! Those three trips home to help get the house ready and all that work (with all my siblings and parents) was SO worth it now...they got great comments from all the showings (and it does look great if I do say so myself!). I hope everything goes smoothly and we'll be moving them to the new retirement place soon!

Happy Father's Day Dad (at his surprise 80th birthday party last year...doesn't he look surprised?!).

Friday, June 18, 2010

6/18/10 40%

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6/15/10 Tuesday Grumblings

*Portions Of Post Deleted for Lap Band Blog

- DH still in Miami Beach from his bus. trip all week (poor thing never had a chance to even get in the least he saw the ocean).
- I went the the neighbors for a grad party and enjoyed my GF's and some wine...wore the zebra print halter I showed you.


- Migraines suck. That is all.

- DH left for Denver.

- I have three grumpy children at home and it's gloomy out...I may have to strangle them with my thong if they don't stop head hurts.

Friday, June 11, 2010

6/11/10 I'm an S.O.B.! *Update with Video*

No not that kind, I'm a SUPERSTAR Of the Band! I'm still coming to grips with that word 'inspiration' (OK Newbies, just wait until the first time someone calls you an'll think 'ME? I'm just an Obese gal/guy trying to lose weight?!') and now I'm a star...I need to buy more sunglasses today!

I'll apologize now for the 'after' pic there as I wanted to get the photo off to Gen quickly so I took a bikini pic minus makeup (and apparently I thought brushing my hair was optional too LOL). The Catholic school girl in me...yes, some of you will remember that I have three sisters and all four of us were named 'Mary' Something and we all go by the 'Something'...we even call our brother 'Mary' when we want him to feel included...anyway, I sorely wanted to do the Molly Shannon pose for her blog, but I contained myself, in respect for Gen, and left out the lunge...but I never contain myself here...


*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

I Heart Gen! Thanks GF!
*UPDATE* For Sally:
Molly Shannon; actress who played a Catholic school girl (Mary Katherine Gallagher) on Saturday Night Live and had a dream of becoming a 'Superstar' (at which point she would 'strike the pose'...sorry my school uniform no longer fits me LOL).

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

6/9/10 It's all Joey's Fault

I was getting in the shower this morning and I was thinking about Joey's latest blog (yes, I'm still reading) and her NSV about now seeing the sunlight triangle between her upper legs...well, I hadn't thought about that so I looked in the mirror...whoot!...air and...and...?...wait a minute...what's that back there?...ummm WTHeck?...*sound of my BDD body image bubble bursting*...triangle in front...then...back there...I CAN SEE BUTT CHEEKS!

...*hangs head*...thanks Joey...I'm not joining your cult...BTW Kool-aid has mega calories...just thought you'd wanna know....keep walking toward the light GF...tri-lights my a$$ (literally)!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6/8/10 Party In My Fat Pants! *New 'Afters'*

It's time for my Century Club party! Yes I'm all dressed up in my 'big girl pants'! I remember showing you that I could get into one leg of my old dress pants awhile back, but they were thin and had a pleated front. I wondered if this would work with the old pair of remember, I accidentally got rid of my 24/26W jeans and saved the size 20's instead (yes, not the 22's even, the 20's). HOLY COW! I can get into one leg of my size 20 non-stretch jeans!!! Party in my fat pants...and there's room for you all!!! See, even Frownie (my new belly-button) looks a little happier).

Time for some new pics!

Before--------------1/13/09 = 244 (-4 lbs.) Start 248 lbs.
About 1/2 Way---8/2/09 = 195 (-53 lbs.) 1/2 Way=50 lbs.
Almost 1st Goal---1/30/10 = 163 (-85 lbs.) Goal=90 lbs.
Dream Goal!------6/3/10 = 148 (-100 lbs.)

Oh, and my pants didn't shrink along with me; again I have 4 big clips tightening the pants on the opposite side from the camera so you can see my silhouette.

Anyway, I'm still reeling a little from reaching my Dream Goal (yes I cried...and then I drank lots of wine to celebrate...I heard Gilly joined me...and Judi made me a martini...and Sandy wanted to but she's in rehab for WL...although I think she's off the wagon now). Then I got 'stuck', and PBed, but that's another story.
 *Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

This is what I bought to celebrate my Century Club initiation...10 new bras and 8 new little panties (they look just like party favors)! All I know is that my ever shrinking boobs had put all my old 38C bras out of business and I was down to 2 bras that didn't really fit this weekend (most of them could now be indented the opposite way when I had them on). Note my side shot above. Psst, I'll tell you a secret...I wore my thin cami and had to put pieces of kleenex over my nips (no, I don't mean stuff the bra wadded up kleenex, I'm talking in place of band-aids because it was R-rated) just so I could show you how flat I am now...send all your excess boobage my way please). So I went shopping. I tried figuring out what size I was before I left home using my 'Bra Fitting 101' blog research, but I found I was in between sizes and I was guessing that even with as much as I'd lost and the 'rounding up' that I wasn't actually now a 36AA. I tried on more than 100 bras in 6 different sizes of every shape and color trying to figure out what size I am now. The poor dressing room lady looked like she was going to kill me by the time I'd figured it out. Apparently I am now either a 34C or a 36B (I bought five of each size LOL). Yes there are ones with cups that are super thin all the way up to 'add a cup size', so I'm going to keep everyone confused with my flat to buxom blonde boobage.

So PARTY AT MY HOUSE! Now I'm off to turn in my S.O.B. answers (my acceptance speech).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

6/6/10 Intro. to the Book

Alright...listen up LBers (yes, you Sandy...she's always stirring things up LOL) because I'm Queen of Bandlandia (for a minute) and I've got something important to share today. I want you to know I'm still reading, even if I can't always comment and something came up in the blogs this week that I wanted to comment on.

I've had massive things going on since my big news on Thursday. I've actually started three different blogs; celebrating my entry into the Century Club, I took new 'After' pics (oh, and I updated my ticker and notice my new profile pic too...DD has been trying to get me to change the old one 'That's awful Mom!'), had a Party in My Fat Pants, and took some pics of what I bought to celebrate. I also decided that I'd take some time out to sit down and do the SOB questions as my thank-you for supporting me in getting to goal (I'll send it off to you soon Gen).

*Portions of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

I thought I'd share it with you (to celebrate my 100 pounds ) as I think it sums up a lot of what you've all been talking about. I'll just leave it up this week, and please let me know what you honestly think or if you have suggestions.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

6/3/10 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I'm still hyperventilating...I. DID. IT!!!

Do you SEE it?!!! No not my tan feet with the two headed toe (please ignore my gardening flip-flops farmer's tan)...between the feet...THERE...YES...




I finally reached my 100 lbs. gone 'dream goal'!!!! Frickin' unbelievable! I'm in the Century Club!!!

I should be shooting confetti out my a$$ or something! Maybe the crown will arrive with the Publisher's Clearing House Prize Patrol headed to my front door! Where's the parade...I want to be Grand Marshall...or the Queen of the Bandlandia court on a float!

Maybe you're expecting a speech? Who me, at a loss for words? Never!

*stunned silence*.....Wow.

*I'll collect my thoughts, put together a party in my fat pants with you all, and be back spewing words of wisdom and silliness, but for now, just...*


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6/1/10 Drivel Scribbles: New Tastes and Foods

First, Happy Memorial Day!

Yes, I know I'm late, explanation of busyness to follow. No, I didn't get my belly button pierced. It's 'the chasm', remember?!  Nothing to be down about as I've cheered it up with another holiday decoration! It's a huge plastic ring, and trust me, the ring part doesn't come close to 'bottoming out' (see below). Oh, and note my tanner I didn't wear the bikini to mulch (sunless tanner cream), but now I'm ready if I ever get invited to a pool party!

I'm back to writing the book after a long week-and-a-half-off. I spent the first part of that planting new bushes, removing old ones, and weeding. The mulch pile arrived last Wednesday evening (two days early) so DH decided to take off Friday to get it going. DS and DD were away this weekend in different cities so we decided to get our major spring jobs finished up. We spent Friday and Saturday mulching. If we weren't tired enough from that, Sunday was spent taking everything out of the garage...I did that part while DH took DS2 to lunch and a movie (just because we decided to make it a 'working weekend' didn't mean he didn't need some holiday fun). When they got back I had them move the last heavy things out and then we hosed the garage down and put it all back. Monday was partially spent boxing up DS1's college stuff (yes, it was still sitting in my Dining Room), and rearranging all DD's stuff in the Clubhouse out back so we could fit DS1's stuff in (along with the four large pieces of furniture the two of them bought in our neighborhood garage sale). Last night we just enjoyed all our hard work and had a great rib dinner with the kids/others returning home.

So time to refocus on the book. I'm writing now about:
*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book
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