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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6/15/10 Tuesday Grumblings

*Portions Of Post Deleted for Lap Band Blog

- DH still in Miami Beach from his bus. trip all week (poor thing never had a chance to even get in the least he saw the ocean).
- I went the the neighbors for a grad party and enjoyed my GF's and some wine...wore the zebra print halter I showed you.


- Migraines suck. That is all.

- DH left for Denver.

- I have three grumpy children at home and it's gloomy out...I may have to strangle them with my thong if they don't stop head hurts.


Drazil said...

OMG - migraines suck BAD. I feel you on that one.

Maria said...

Sorry about the migraine!

Thongs are such a mystery. Two gals at work tried to convince me to wear them, but I just can't fathom it yet. Maybe in another 50 or 60lbs...

Barbara said...

Take it easy.. and take care of you.. tell the kids you need to re energize yourself and the more they act up the longer it is going to take..

karen said...

I'm glad you weren't strangled by your thong because I'm afraid the paramedics wouldn't be able to stop laughing long enough to save your life - Whew that was a close one.

Hope the migraine has gone.

Nicole said...

Hope you feel better.. I love the thong comments lol

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Sorry about your migraine. I have never been a fan of thongs. I have spent way too much time pulling my underwear out of my ass...I can't see doing it on purpose!

Jenny said...

Totally laughing about the thong thing. I would not have known that.

Sorry about the migranes. Wish they'd come up with a better way of treating those!

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