I'm on a new journey to pay-it-forward & with the support of my Groupies/friends...

I'm writing a LAP BAND BOOK!!!

WL Photos

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Before--------------1/13/09 = 244 (-4 lbs.) Start 248 lbs.

About 1/2 Way----8/2/09 = 195 (-53 lbs.) 1/2 Way=50 lbs.

Almost 1st Goal---1/30/10 = 163 (-85 lbs.) 'Health' Goal=90 lbs.

Dream Goal!-------6/3/10 = 148 (-100 lbs.)

5/08 Before: The two photos above were taken the week in Paris when I had my 'Moment' and I decided to just take a peek at WLS.  I'd lost 20 lbs. for the trip, but I was still Obese.

Before 11/8/08 Just a few days before I started my 6 mo. Pre-Op Program

During 9/6/09 (-54 lbs.)

Summer 2009- During 8/24/09 (-53 lbs)

Summer 2010-After 8/9/10

6/3/10 GOAL!!!!

After- Party in My Fat Pants! 6/5/10

After 8/6/10
After Summer 2010

10/12/10 After
After partial Unfill and losing both Docs I was back up 19 pounds!

After 2/6/11

New Doc, Refilled
1 year after reaching Goal I got back down to Goal Again

10/1/11 at 143lbs.
Band Of Outrageous Babes (BOOBs) Dinner
Conference With 50+ Banded (except a few) Blogging Women
(photo credit: Sandy Lee)
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