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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3/31/10 Bitch and Whine

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3/30/10 A Bouncing Baby GB

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Monday, March 29, 2010

3/29/10 Surgery Update

This is BG's DH.
The surgery went fine. We are at home dealing with the pain. They were able to do a single incision through her belly button and it looks good. She asked the doctor to keep it an "innie" intead of an "outie" and he did it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

3/28/10 Prepped and Ready to Go

I just got back from my very busy weekend with getting the folks house ready for sale. We met with one real estate agent just after I arrived and another one on helped my parents to see how that went and what questions I asked as they've got two more agents coming (moving 8 times, I'm now a moving pro). The agents were helpful on what furniture needed to stay/come out for staging and it helped my parents to get confirmation on our plans for taking down more wallpaper (two more rooms), colors for paint (warm neutrals) and exposing all the hardwood floors (the agents were thrilled with all the changes we are making). I think it will sell fast once we're done with all the work and I was delighted to hear what their house was still worth (their area has only dropped 4% since the real estate peak in 2005...much better than the average).

Since my time there was cut short by the surgery, I focused my time on staging and helping them decide what to keep/toss/garage sale/antique dealer sale. We were able to go through the whole first floor and the place looks totally different now. The garage is now stuffed with boxes for the garage sale and a pile for the antique dealer to appraise/sell (and we sent things to my brother's basement that they want, but that can't stay for staging). We (two of my sister's and my brother were there part of the time as well) were all 'brain dead' by last night deciding on things and moving things into piles...even I was amazed by how much 'stuff' they had (eight boxes of just books and every surface looked like an antique store). It was hard, but we made it through with lots of laughing and a few teary-eyed moments, but no blubbering (I know, unbelievable for us).

*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

One more thing...THANK YOU FOLLOWERS!!! I see that I'm over 150 now and that just blows me away! I feel like I don't deserve you. Thank you, thank you, thank you...for all your support! I need to plan something special for when 'we' (just in case you didn't're family now, just be ready for all the family drama) reach 200..
...and I think I know just the thing!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

3/25/10 I'm Coming Back Home

I love the song 'Home', Michael Buble. Here's the music if you want to open a new window and have something to listen to while you read (sorry, I have no clue how to embed this).
It always makes me think of growing up home (pic below I took in '72; there's a huge tree in the front yard now and the landscaping is all redone). OK, now I'm tearing up listening to it.

I'm leaving tomorrow...for my parents house in Ohio to help them get the house ready to sell. They've found a beautiful little retirement place just about 30 min. from where they live now and they put their down payment on a brand new condo (one of those with two homes stuck together) and they need to sell the home, so the house goes on the market May 1st.

It's going to be a bittersweet move for all of us. I'm so happy that they've found a place they love and that they're doing this when they wanted to and not because they have to or someone needs care suddenly. My biggest fear was that one of them would have a fall or health problem and then they'd HAVE to move somewhere they didn't want to go, so this is a good thing.

The move is going to be a traumatic one though for all the family. We're all trying to be upbeat about it, but there's so many memories tied to that home. They've lived there for 43 years. The longest my family has been in one home, by a long shot is this one, almost 9 years now...we lived with my parents for a few months while our last house was been built, and got to live near them there for 5 years of our marriage. My kids are very tied to my parents home's been the one lasting home they've known, since we've moved so much. There's something comforting about going home to a house that has stayed pretty much the same for almost 50 years.

We've moved 8 times since we've been married. It's never easy. You get tied to your friends, your home, and your memories there. I still have a hard time driving by any of our old homes...especially if they've changed something, or G*d help them, haven't kept it up (the gardener/home-improvement-amateur in me goes ballistic). I don't know what I expect…that it would suddenly get declared a 'National Monument' or a 'Historic Home' where no one could change a thing? I'm expecting a shrine to our happy lives there and instead I always see someone else's home and it makes me sad. I just avoid the 'drive by' anymore.

You've all seen pics of my home and my 'decorating' style with all our antiques and collections (my friends say I collect rust). Let's just say it's the opposite of Minimalist. Well take that times 5 and that's my parents house. They both gave me the antique and collecting gene and every nook and cranny is filled with collections in their house. So many things that have memories and sentiments tied to them.

Three of my siblings all live in the same town as my parents, so there will be lots of helping hands to get it ready. I was supposed to spend all next week there working with my fourth sibling/oldest sister who is driving in from Chicago (she's a teacher and it's her Spring Break). Well, my gallbladder put a wrench in those plans. The plan now is that I'll go tomorrow so I can be there to meet with the three Realtors were interviewing. We need a third party to make suggestions about how to pare down the furniture and's easier to take from someone not related (trust me, I always want to think that everyone will appreciate my decorating style, but I've learned that in selling less is more and bland is best). After that we'll get busy ripping out the carpeting and cleaning up the hardwood floors throughout the house (they're already convinced on that one). I'm planning to come home Sunday for the surgery Monday and then go back over if I'm feeling up to it some time next week (I'll have DD drive me).

I'm taking my camera so I can get some pics, but things have already changed...the wallpaper is old twin bed has already been taken out of the room I shared with my oldest sister for staging and things are being packed up as I type. Some changes are just hard. We're the sappiest, most sentimental, cry baby family you'll ever meet...we can get each other laughing or blubbering like fools at the drop of a hat. It's going to be rough...bring on the kleenex!

*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

I don't know if I'll be back on here as they don't have wireless, but I'll do what I can. I'm off to pack!

Now get yourselves over to Rebekah's blog and yell at her to get to the PCP as her BP today was lower than mine!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3/24/10 I Died

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

3/24/10 Tell All

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3/23/10 Namaste! **Update**

Today is going to be a big Band day in BG Bandlandia with two big 'meetings' later.

Just got home from a Yoga class with teacher asking me the whole time 'ARE YOU ALRIGHT?' LOL. Much better than Boot Camp, and it still made me sweat! BTW Plank position is much better looking with my Victoria's Secret tight exercise tank/bra top on than it was in my nightshirt...but I did giggle every time the teacher said 'PLANK'! A young (probably 35) woman near us at the end of class turned around and said 'You girls look like gymnasts!' OK, I wanted to hug her for saying 'girls' instead of the usual 'Mom' or 'Mame' I get. It was the first time both of us had ever been to a yoga class, so we set up in the back of the room. We kept up (thank you Wii Fit yoga), but our flexibility is terrible right now (OK, mine is...can't even touch my toes yet...DD is still pretty flexible, even though she kept commenting on how she was surprised how stiff she'd gotten)...we were laughing through the class as our legs were shaking most of the able to do all the moves perfectly? umm...NO, not even close! I'm sure the teacher was showing all the 'here's how you can modify this' just for me again. I couldn't help myself when the lady said that about gymnasts...seriously?...I got one of those release-all-the-air-in-your-body-in-a-second-loud 'PFFTS' and then started giggling and said 'WHAT?!!' She looked a litle offended by my laughter and says it again 'Are you girls gymnasts or something?' I seriously couldn't tell if she was joking, making fun of us, or what?! DD just looked at me with the 'Is she serious?' look...thanks for the help sweetie.

I kid you not, I looked the woman dead in the eye and said 'No, we're dancers!' Now, DD is losing it trying to hold the giant 'PFFT' in and I see her shoulders shaking with holding the giggles in (I didn't lie...DD did dance competitively for a long time, and I was on a dance team in HS and College...yes, before you were born). I'm sure it was my Vicky's dance top that dazzled this lady. I'm hoping we don't see the same lady in the Zumba class we're trying next...I'll have to start working on my dance moves LOL. We had a good laugh on the way home.

Time to hit the showers! Namaste!

*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Monday, March 22, 2010

3/22/10 7 Habits...or Maybe 70...

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Sunday, March 21, 2010

3/21/10 Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I'm working on my headband today and getting rid of too big/too short pants. Sorry, I already got rid of some before I moved to Blogger. I'm not sure how this works, but in case anyone can use these before they go to charity I'm posting my pile. I'll warn you that none of these sit below the belly button as some have been in my closet for awhile (but a shirt would cover the high waist, so I'm figuring some of you are as desperate for clothes on the way down as I was)...some of them haven't been worn, and all are in great shape except a few minor things and I've shown flaw with a second photo.

I'm 5'8.5" and I have really long legs and need a tall pant; many of these are not talls/longs (I've noted that if they are) so don't get scared if you see they're flood pants on me. I bought them and they were too short (never wore them)...don't ask me why I kept them, but I had a whole section of pants that were too short LOL. Also I'm going to note that some of them do not correspond to today's sizes and I'll note that next to the size they're marked (ie. '12-more like a 10') and I also noted if there is any elastic in the waist and I'll give you the waist size (if it's got an elastic waist I'll give you the min. and max) just so you can be sure (so go measure your waist now).

If anyone wants anything me your selections (use the letter code) along with your name & address and I'll send them out to you (first come, first serve). Send and email to (don't ask, it's not my name, DH set it up and it's his favorite tree-ginkgo)

Oh, and the last one is just for fun, I'm keeping these to remind me...I found another pair of my 'Before' pants (sz. 22)...never thought I'd be able to get in one leg LOL!

A=14 Tall (more like a 12?), 33" waist, Harve Bernard, 100% wool lined, Black, tighter waist, loose thigh
B=12 Long (more like a 10?), 32" waist, Dockers, 100% Cotton, Tan, Tighter waist, loose thigh, pleated front(taken)
C=14 Long (more like a 12?), 31-34" waist, Lee, Black, elastic sides
D=16 (closer to a 14?), 35.5" waist, Villager/Liz Claiborne, Stretch, Tan w/White and Black thin stripes, small hole near pant hem (*see second pic)
E=16 Tall (more like a 14?), 33.5" waist, Harve Bernard, Poly Spandex, Black, Fringe down sides (*see second pic-Sorry the second one is not in order)
F=16 (more like a 14?), 33-35.5" waist, Requirements, Poly Rayon (non-wrinkle), Black with white dash stripes, front loop missing (need to sew a loop out of thread for the hook *see second pic)
G=1x, 31-48" waist Apparenza, stretch poly Spandex Suede, Black (the jacket or shirt is a 1x also...I'd suggest you wear it with more than a black bra LOL *See second pic (taken)
H=12 (more like an 8 or 10), 29-31" waist, Gloria Vanderbilt, Elastic Back, pleated front, Jean with white stripe
I=16 Tall, 36-37.5" waist Lane Bryant, Hidden Elastic Back, Tan, some pilling in crotch (*see second pic)
J=18W, 39" waist, Lauren/Ralph Lauren, 97% cotton, 3% Spandex, Summer weight, White and Black or Dark Navy (I can't tell) stripes (haven't been worn) (taken)
K=XL, 34.5" waist, Briggs New York, Linen & Rayon (machine washable), full elastic waist w/fake drawstring (you could cut it off even), Black
L=14 (more like a 12?), 29-33" waist, Russ, Elastic sides and back, 100% cotton, Dark Blue
M=10 (or 8?), 28.5" waist Tall Harve Bernard, Tight waist, widewhale cords, Tan
N=14 (more like a 12?), 31-33" waist, Country Suburbans, 100% cotton, elastic sides, Red & Green plaid (these were my Christmas pants LOL)
O=12 (more like a 10?) 30-32" waist, Liz Claiborne Sport, Elastic Sides, pleated front, 100% Cotton, Black
P=10 (more like an 8?), 30" waist, Essential Style, tight waist, Buckle back (*see second pic), 100% cotton, Tan
Q=12 (more like a 10?) 29.5-31" waist, Liz Claiborne Sport, elastic sides, pleated front, 100% cotton, Navy
R=14, 30.5-33" waist, Villager, Poly/Rayon, Gray, small bleach mark front near waist band (can be covered with a shirt *see second pic)
S=2x COAT, Herman Kay, zip out fleece lining, button off hood, only worn a few times

Saturday, March 20, 2010

3/20/10 Welcome Spring!

FINALLY Spring is here! Here's how I know; I can't breath!

We've had beautiful days here...70 degrees! We spent half the day starting the cleanup of the garden beds. I LOVE's like meditation for me. I have Spring Fever. The first green buds and bulbs are starting to pop up.

It's allergy season here. I don't think (blonde) I told you this story already (so humor me).

DS2 was diagnosed with Asthma a few years back, so we made an appointment with the Allergist to see if that would help him. His brother, DS1 has had a runny nose since he was a 2 yo...I swear it's true. Until he learned how to use a Kleenex by himself, he had 2 lovely lines of green snot running from his nostrils into his mouth. Yes, I'm a bad mother...I couldn't be there every minute to wipe his nose...good thing for him, he was adorable as everyone was always wiping his nose...and there isn't such a thing as a 'nose bib', trust me, I looked (DD was a spitter-upper so she was perpetually in a bib...I even found ones with a pocket at the bottom...problem solved). If you want to make millions...invent a nose bib...I'm not the only one with a snotty nose kid.

Where was I...Oh yeah, so we decided to take DS2 to the Allergist as well and then DH decided that he needed to go since he was having some issues and thought he might have seasonal allergies. I didn't think I had any allergies (this was before my 12 week cough and the Asthma diagnosis), except maybe some skin ones (I knew I was allergic to some harsh detergents and my skin is the kind you can write your name on and it will swell and turn red)...but decided why not, I'm a team player...let's make it a family event! It's almost as fun as a day in the park, right? So I made appointments for all four of us together (DD was away at college then).

The Allergist talked to each one of us about our symptoms first and asked us a list of questions before they did the testing. The boys went first.

The testing was interesting...they did the skin pricks on the insides of both your arms (at least 25 on each arm). DS1 was allergic to absolutely nothing...surprising...he was given some nose spray. DS2 started having reactions and it was actually kind of cool watching his arms (OK, I admitted I'm a bad mother already) swell up as one by one the red bumps started to form and spread out a little...some were raised and a few got twice as big in diameter. DS2 was about ready to claw his arms off by the time the 'don't move your arms' period was up and the nurse measured an logged each bump...then sweet relief with the Bendryl cream. DS2 was allergic to most environmental things (no foods) and highly allergic to a few.

DH and I came next. I went last and met with the Allergist to answer the questions...he predicted by my answers that I wouldn't have allergies. Then came the skin pricks...I went into the room with the kids and DH...he was already in the waiting period and only a few minor bumps were showing up on his arms (he has a few very mild allergies). The boys were getting bored by then and complaining to leave. I assured them we'd be able to leave as soon as my waiting period (timer on the table) was up as he Allergist didn't expect I'd have any reactions.

The nurse then did all my skin pricks. Holy Hannah Montana!! Before she even got done with my second arm I was getting reactions. OK, NOW the boys weren't bored anymore. I became the I sat there with both arms out on the table so itchy that I wanted to take a scrub brush to them, my three guys are giving blow by blow commentating 'There goes another one!' 'WOW, look at that one go!' Then, like all guys, they started taking bets...'I've got these two!' 'OK, these two are mine!' 'Look at 'em GO!' Hysterical laughter so loud the nurse came back in to take a look. Now she's having fun...'WOW! We don't get many reactions like that!' I give her the death glare as by now I'm squirming in my seat trying to hold my ams steady as I'm now ready to shove them both into a wood chipper!

5 min. to go and by now the laughter and comments are at a fever pitch. They're now taking bets on which two bumps are going to touch each other first. Then it was which one was going to encompass the most other bumps (the nurse is furiously writing so she can note reactions before some of the huge ones take them over). By the end when she finally goes to get the cream, I snatch it out of her hand and start squirting everywhere on my arms as she's yelling at me to stop scratching or they'll get infected. The boys are in hysterics by now as I 'made them come to the Allergist' and now I'm the one with all the allergies...see me laughing...not.

I found out that that feeling of swallowing all the time is because I have post-nasal drip in a bad way. "Nasal" sounds like my kids snotty nose, right? How was I to know that it can also run like a waterfall down the back of your throat...GROSS!! I didn't know that not everybody has that feeling...I'd always had it. Apparently I'm highly allergic to everything environmental...some so badly I'm off their charts. The boys were even watching the whole way home as I had two reactions that just kept on going...even two hours after I was home. One of them was still the diameter of an golf ball two days later...'Timothy Grass'...had to ask what that one wonder I can't breath on hayrides (and I thought it was all the dust from the kids throwing the hay at each other).

Get this though, they suggested allergy shots for DS2 (and some seasonal meds) and for me, just meds...because of my age!!! Apparently, unless I was planning on getting a dog or a cat in the future, the meds. would work fine and they didn't recommend that anyone at my age would need to go through 4-5 years of allergy shots.

I was well into year 3 (yes, my blonde brain cells) of taking DS2 to the Allergist weekly for his shots when it dawned on me...the Doc said he was getting better and no longer even needed the nose spray or the daily antihistamine (only as needed now)...I was the one had to take him for these shots every week (pain in the butt as they only have evening hours one day a week and there's only one allergist near us, but not close)...umm...couldn't they have just given me the shots at the same time?!! I didn't know we could get off the meds if we did the shots!!! OK, they asked me about pets, but did they bother to ask me what my favorite pastime is? GARDENING!!! I'm outside from Spring-Fall! No, I decided it wasn't worth the hassle to start shots now as he's almost done.

The fish are moving again in the pond (netting to keep the leaves out in the winter).

So it'll be another beautiful day here tomorrow and I'll be outside again. Me and my stuffy nose...and you know what...I'm happy it's means it's finally SPRING!

Your life is your garden,

Your thoughts are the seeds.

If your life isn't awesome,

You've been watering the weeds.

3/20/10 '7 Fun Questions'

I haven't done one of these yet, so I thought I'd participate.

1. If you could be a weather forecast, what would you be and why?
Foggy this morning with sunny skies by afternoon and a warm evening.
Y'all know I need my morning coffee, but I'm mostly sunny and warm.

2. If you could be a crayon, what color would you be and why?
Hey, it's a color too!

3. What is/was your biggest physical goal you want to do when you hit your goal weight?
Extreme Shopping.
Because I must.

4. If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
Supposed to be big and I could eat whatever I wanted and still be healthy and run.

5. Just because I’m new to some followers and I’m curious – let’s do a put it out there in black and white stat question.
What was your highest weight? 248
What is your weight now? 159.5
What is your goal weight if you have one? 148-158
What is your goal size if you have one? Was hoping for a 12, but the sizes have gotten WAY more generous. I'm in a 10, but would love an 8 (I couldn't fit into an 8 when I weighed 132 when I got married LOL).
What diet/program/tool do you follow/have if any? Lap Band
How did you lose the weight current to today? Lap Band (and NOT dieting ;-)

6. What’s your best advice for people in this weight loss journey?
Lap Band.
OK...and working on the headband as much as you're working on the weight.

7. Have you ever shaved your whootananny?
A whootawhat? If it's not on the top of my head I've shaved it at one time or another.

Friday, March 19, 2010

3/19/10 Enquiring Minds Want To Know!

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/18/10 Weekday Dish

**Oops I forgot one: Please stop by and wish Marie good luck with her banding tomorrow:

Well, it only took me three weeks, but I finally remembered the 'Weekday Dish' (yay Jen!)...and then I lost those brain cells again by dinnertime and forgot the pic (the Leprechaun poured me a beer).

- 3 mugs- black coffee (drank it right up until eating breakfast, I don't usually follow that 'before' rule as it goes right through on an empty pouch)

BREAKFAST (23.3g)protein, (245)calories
- 1/2C- Oatmeal w/soy protein and Benefiber (take a look at how thick I make it...NOT a slider, even with the syrup)
- 1/8C- SF (Splenda) Maple Syrup

- 32 oz. Water

LUNCH (20.9g)protein, (352)calories
- Tuna Melt (.5 can tuna w/2T mayo, onion) on Whole Wheat Toast
- Lima Beans < .25C (those are the 1/2C punch cups I use all the time)
- Baked Apple w/Cinnamon <.25C

1.25 Hrs. POST-LUNCH
- 48 oz. Water

DINNER (22.8g)protein, (537)calories
- Hamburger Patty (for St. Patty!) w/onion & 2T Ketchup
- (Green) Brussel Sprouts .5C
- 1 (Green) Beer
- 1pc. Chocolate

Total: 66.9g protein, 1115 calories, 128+ oz. liquids

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3/17/10 Sugar Doll Award

First, HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY!!! *Pinch* to all of you not in green (or still in your jammies...I'm guessing they're not green).

This is THE FABULOUS SUGAR DOLL AWARD. This award is to be given to 5 bloggers who make your life sweeter! Here are the rules for this Blog Award.

1. Thank the Person who gave you this award.
Thank you LD at A Journey To Embrace She was one of the gals in the moving truck this Jan. who moved her blog here from LBT to Blogger (so happy you did). She's currently had her paperwork submitted and is WAITING for approval (most of us remember those anxious days...tick, tick, tick). Go give her some support, or tell her a story to help pass her waiting time!

2. Give to 5 bloggers and write why they have made your life a lil sweeter.
In LD's honor, I'm giving this to the five of our 'soon to be' or new banders (I know I missed a few of you, sorry). They need our support the most!

Ashley at A Band New Life She's one week post op, Bandster Hell has arrived and she's HUNGRY (what's that? LOL)!

Tessierose at Band me Baby! She's getting banded in 8 days...go give her some love and advice!

Joey at Volume Control She's about three weeks post-op now and is doing well (back to work).

Jess at Big Girl in a Big World She's three weeks post-op now too and is fighting the carb monster!

Jacquie at Can't wait to lose it with the Band! She's getting banded on 3/24 in Mexico. Give her some support, or teach her some Spanish (I wonder how you say 'Thank you Mexico for my band.'?)!

3. Write why you where given this award. Lori said "I can't not bring up BG! She is the reason I got into blogging and she is the most amazing teacher! She has quite a way with words and she will put it all out there to try and help others. Her comments always make my day!" She's too sweet!

4. Tell the other bloggers u gave them this award.
*I'm having some computer problems (My screens keep freezing and I have to restart, grrr) and DH isn't back until Friday night to fix it, so I'll do my best to inform you!

**Please forgive me for not leaving very many comments lately, I hope it's fixed soon!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3/16/10 Celebrities in WL Denial

WL related things that got me crazy this morning (and it's not even 8:30 am yet as I'm writing this). I know there are many bad WL celebrity examples (did Anyone see Carney Wilson on Dr. Oz recently? She gets a crown for denial and excuses!), but here are a few that got me thinking this morning, because of their denial (and so back up my mantra on how important awareness is):

- This morning on my drive back from the bus stop I heard about a woman whose goal it is to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. She presently weighs over 600 pounds and wants to weigh over 1,000 pounds. She can't walk 20 feet now, but says she's healthy. She said running after her child has kept her weight down (running? seriously?). She's already in the book for being the fattest woman to give birth at 532 lbs. If she achieves this the GBoWR will, I'm sure put her photo in the book, and look, she's already getting press about this. This is just wrong on so many levels. That's press for someone cutting their life short. What's next, a world record for the most cigarettes smoked, the most alcohol consumed in a day?

- Kirstie Alley was on the Today Show this morning promoting her new reality show series 'Big Life' and her new for-sale WL program products ($1,700/one year membership and supplements). The woman is deep in WL denial.
---Meredith asked her if she'd thought about why she gained the weight back after her big bikini reveal on Oprah (2006)...She answered that no, she hasn't thought 'why', just 'did'...she 'did' gain the weight back and the two things her new WL plan (products for sale) help her with her cravings and hunger. Just the 'not thinking about why' and dealing with her emotional relationship with food (see yesterday's blog on awareness) means she's doomed for another regain IMO.
---I haven't been a long time yo-yoer like the tabloids say. I've only been fat four years of my life. Later in the interview she said her first weight gain was in the early '90's after a miscarriage (um, that's about 20 years ago, and her Oprah regain was over the next two years, so she's now been fat since 2008, so 2 years just from this latest yo-yo jump).
---Meridith asked what happened to her role with Jenny Craig and did they fire her/and were they mad at her? She answered that she didn't think they were mad at her and that she felt the split was mutual. Her explanation was that they wanted to go with a more serious commercial campaign and that she liked to have sillier/fun commercials. Um, did she really think anyone would believe that?
---She whined about how the press has hounded her since her first weight gain to sell papers, yet she's very publicly announced her attempt to start WL plans several times in the past and now, already did one show about her weight (I think it was called 'Fat Actress'?) and now another show. It's like telling people about your can't get mad then that those people are now asking/watching/reacting to your WL, or lack thereof. Also the WL experts agree that the stress and pressure she's under makes the WL even harder to come off...hmm 'stress and pressure' wasn't I just giving that same reason for not telling anyone about my LB at the beginning?
---Meredith asked what her goal weight is this time and she said that she always set her goal too low in the past...when she started her acting career she was 118 and so she set her goals at 120. She admits that 120 is probably not attainable now, so she has set her goal for 145. She's 5'8" and is very big busted. Um, we're almost the same height (1/2") and I'm flat chested and I can't see me reaching 145...I was VERY thin at that weight.
---Kirstie admitted getting off drugs in the past with a rehab program, and Meridith asked if she saw a correlation between the drug addiction and the food one. She was defensive that she doesn't use the word 'addiction', but 'compulsion' when it comes to food. She pointed out that you have to eat every day, it has nutrition benefits, and food is legal. Um, so is alcohol Kirstie, and doesn't red wine have benefits.

- Of course that got me thinking about Oprah as she was much thinner in the clip with Kirstie than she is now. Love Oprah, hate her thoughts on WL and the hypocrisy she spews about WL.
---I hate that's she's so solidly against WLS and then has one guest expert after another on losing weight the 'old fashioned way'...doesn't she see that she's no example of that?...she'd be better off not talking about weight at all IMO.
---The only thing that Oprah does successfully for people needing to lose weight is to make us feel better about her failure (especially those of us who have yo-yoed and/or tried everything like her). She publicly shows that you can have a raft of WL experts, books, exercise gurus and personal trainers, Medical Dr's., Nutritionists, WL Psychologist, and Private healthy chefs at your disposal and sometimes that's still not enough to keep the weight off successfully. Her example as a WL failure helped me when I reached my decision to finally allow myself to look at WLS.

I truly feel for these last two ladies, I've been them, well, without the celebrity part, although I do have the proper sunglasses. I just hate how it perpetuates the perception that the next 'diet' or 'exercise' plan that's around the corner will finally work and be our miracle. I do love that Oprah has owned her regain and is no longer blaming it on her thyroid, and she made a plan to start focusing on herself/putting her needs on the list. It's ironic though, one of the sayings that Oprah spouts out a lot is that life will keep giving you the same lesson until you learn that lesson...I would have loved to have seen her learn this one.

Monday, March 15, 2010

3/15/10 Porthole

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3/15/10 Funky Chicken

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Friday, March 12, 2010

3/12/10 Endoscopy Schmendoscopy!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

3/11/10 The Incredible Shrinking Woman

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3/10/10 Wednesday Words

*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

- DH and I went to DS2's Theatre class performance today. We arrived a little early and it never ceases to amaze me that every teacher always says the same thing about him to us 'He's such a nice kid, and he's SO funny!' When he was little, I used to worry when they said this as I was afraid he was the class clown and causing the teacher problems...nope...well behaved, and gets all the teacher's laughing as well. He's got the same humor skills his Dad has...he's very 'quick witted' and can get me laughing in seconds. Apparently this skill has been 'unleashed' in his semester of theatre class...he's 'very good at improve'. It wouldn't surprise me to be watching him do stand-up sometime in the future.

- DH and I grabbed a quick lunch (Chinese) after the performance...we never get to get out together at lunchtime (he works far away) so it was fun. Funny thing was I kept thinking of how we wouldn't be having these school day events any more (just after school activities) our youngest is starting HS next year...where did the time go?!! How did I get so old?!! ACK! GASP! Oh yeah...chew, chew chew!!

- DS1 is enjoying his Spring Break at home and catching up with all his HS friends he hasn't seen in awhile. My 'three boys' have been playing lots of video games together in the evenings; the 2 boys say Dad is getting good...they even made me come and play one of those 'soldier games' (no blood thank you)...let's just say they were all laughing hysterically at me as I'd get stuck facing a wall (apparently the Wii Fit isn't really a 'video game')...they took great pleasure in seeing how long they could follow me around before I'd finally figure out how to turn and then 'BAM'...I'm dead. I complained until they gave me 5 seconds to turn and shoot...still didn't help...I spent hours playing and I only shot one of them (and don't tell them, but it was accidental...after awhile I just run around willy-nilly firing). As they were all laughing at me I reminded them of my first endeavor playing a game like this with was years ago when they got their first soldier game (WWII Normandy) and they had been playing it for almost 6 months before they invited me to play. I started playing and came upon a I got in it and started driving the tank would have thought they'd seen a miracle!!! 'WHAT'S THAT NOISE? WHY'S THAT TANK MOVING?!!' me 'snicker' 'MOM?!! YOU CAN DRIVE THE TANK??!!! HOW DID YOU FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO THAT?!!' me 'snicker snicker...It's just me defending my country!' 'MOM!!' Apparently, they'd been running around all the little towns and never realized they could drive the vehicles that were sitting around there! I might not have good soldiering skills, but I can think outside the box...or maybe that's the tank LOL!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3/9/10 Telling

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Monday, March 8, 2010

3/8/10 I'm a Mystery

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Friday, March 5, 2010

3/5/10 Sunshine Award

Good thing I'm in the market for a new wardrobe as these award ceremonies require just the right dress...and you can't wear the same one twice!

It's all sunshine and roses daisies here! Thank you, thank you, now on to the award!

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I'll try to nominate others not yet nominated...
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3/5/10 Friday Facts

*Portions of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

- DD may have a potential interview for a job down in Virginia...fingers crossed that it's for enough money that she can afford to relocate.

- You were right, my gallbladder definitely needs to be looked at by a surgeon as my next step (as if there's any doubt what a surgeon will say hmmm). She gave me the name of one at our hospital and I told her I'd already made an appt. with my LB surgeon since I know his title say 'Bariatric and Laproscopic Surgery' (at the same hospital). She thought for sure that he wouldn't do GB surgery since they all 'specialize', so I called when I got home...he does...I'd rather go with someone who isn't going to mess up my LB while they're in there!

- I'm still my own worst enemy. One of my sister's is having a problem with several ovarian cysts. I'd just found out in passing at my PCP visit that a lower abdominal scan I'd had a year ago showed an ovarian cyst (I've got lots of breast cysts so I know they would have told me if it had been something of concern). I just wanted to know how big, etc. in case it mattered as 'family history' for my sis, and I told her that. Now the Doc wants me to do another lower abdominal scan on Monday, just to make sure the pain I was having isn't from something else (my breast cysts are painful at times, but is another scan for a tiny cyst necessary?). Why do I bother to ask questions?!!!

- And if you didn't know enough about my innards, I have a small hemangioma on my liver...nothing to fret about, might have been born with just makes me 'special'.

- I picked up my films for the surgeon on my way home and thought I would share a few images with you (just in case you're laying there on the imaging table like I was trying to figure out what channel is on that TV)...You know me...Yes, of course I have...I've been Googling 'gallstone images'. Apparently this collection of 'pearls for my necklace' are gallstones (I'm thinking there are enough for a pretty nice necklace there) since it says 'gallbladder'...but who knows...that could also be my stomach and the magic beans I ate the day before.

- Happy weekend all!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

3/4/10 Rejected Foods

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3/2/10 I'm Stoned

OK, for those not following...I told you I went for the upper abdominal ultrasound on Friday through the snowstorm and then after sitting there an hour the machine was broken. Then yesterday I had my first Scarlett O'Hara fainting least I'd like to think I looked like her with the back of my hand to my forehead as I gracefully crumpled to the floor...and rug burned my chin...and busted my teeth into my lip...and woke up with my glass of water poured all over me (and the PCP took me off my BP meds). The PCP made me make a follow-up appointment with her on Friday just to check my BP.

I wasn't going to even reschedule the ultrasound as by now I was convinced that it was just my colon acting weird...and can I just say I have not had any 'movement' since my laxative event last Tuesday...and yes, I've taken a stool softener once a day for the last 5 days...and so you can see why I'm thinking the colon is suspect (OK, why is it that all of you now know more about my health issues and bowel movements than anyone else LOL). After yesterday's spell I called and remade the ultrasound appointment for this morning...I knew I had to see my PCP on Friday and I knew she'd yell at me for not getting it done like she asked me to.

This morning; another 1/2 hour wait and then I was in for the ultrasound. So the tech and I were having a great chat, and I'm telling her about my LB/how common Gallbladder problems are and how I'm sure it's just constipation since the pain is in the lower abdomen but the PCP made me come anyway yadda yadda yadda...then we're talking about her WL and she's complimenting me on my face and how I must have elastic skin...and I'm telling her about my 'curtain' legs and belly...and then she's trying to figure out if she's met me before and I'm just so we're fast friends by now and she did a VERY thorough ultrasound...I'm talking over 15 min. and some mighty hard pressing all around the right rib area (I'm going to point out here for any of you newbies that this ultrasound would have hurt a LOT if my port had been on my right side as is my doc's default place to put it...I'm just glad it was on the left). So now that we're 'friends' she tells me 'Goodness girl, your Doc is going to be happy to hear she was right, your gallbladder is full of stones! There's a whole mess of stones in there!'

Well, the good news is that I no longer feel like I'm a hypochondriac going to the doc for 'mysterious pains'. The bad news is it looks like another surgery is in my future. And as one of my friends here pointed out...I'll now be losing my hair...again. I called my surgeon and they can't get me in until 3/23, and I had the ultrasound report sent down to them. We'll see what happens then!

I should have asked my new tech 'friend' just how many 'a mess of stones' is...might be enough to make a necklace?

Monday, March 1, 2010

3/1/10 Sweets & Sugar-Free

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3/1/10 Dizzy Blonde *Update*

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