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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3/24/10 I Died

*Post Deleted for Lap Band Book


LDswims said...

Sheesh! You died? Your poor sweet hubby had to watch that. :)

This is getting crazy! I am so glad you didn't die but I hope you stop fainting, too! This is odd. This is bothersome. This, I can only imagine how badly your husband felt. I can just see my hubby wanting to fix it all and not knowing what to do - that would tear him up!

Man, BG. Man! I'm glad you lost no teeth. I'm glad you are ok! I hope you don't get all bruised up. I hope this is the last of it!

Nicole said...

oh Man! I hope your okay!

tessierose said...

Okay, that's enough of that. You are not Scarlett O'Hara! You have me worried now. You need to get that checked out. My girlfriend kept fainting and she had to get a pace-maker!
So, stop fainting already and definitely tell your Doctor right away.
I'm finished preaching.

Doesn't it kind of make you secretly happy to know that our husbands really do care if we up and die? LOL.
Seriously.....get checked out!

Carmen said...

oh boy!!!! quit it with the fainting would you? LOL

DawnB said...

Wow! Thank God you're ok & hubby made it through too!

Rebekah said...

Ok, I'm glaring at the computer too!! Would you quit laughing about this and get checked out already!?! Do you have another bezoar?!!? (Hahaha--just kidding.) But, seriously, I'm TOTALLY worried about you! This is crazy!?! Forget about all the pre-op jaz, and call your PCP and tell him what's going on. You need an MRI of your head!!

Rebekah said...

Sorry to rant, I'm glad you're ok!

Gen said...

This is crazy, I agree! Are you eating enough? Maybe you are fainting from starvation!

So lucky you get to do the single incision! I hope the GB surgery does not get messed up somehow with this fainting thing. One problem at a time, right?

Fell better. Um, I mean feel better. ;)

Band Groupie said...

LOL 'fell better'!

Alright you worry warts (wasn't expecting this!)! I called the PCP and they want to check my BP (even though it was checked yesterday at the surgeons 'THEY didn't take it'), so they can get me in Friday morning.

I also left a voice mail of the whole story (no NOT the giant whozeewhatsit, just the 2 fainting/off BP meds) with the nurse at the surgeon's I'm having the pre-op physical with tomorrow just in case this is a deal breaker for the surgery (dag, better not be...I didn't even think this was a big's not like I'm walking around and just drop, as I'm doing this getting up when your BP is lowest).

Fell better?!

Love you, warts (worry) and all! -BG

P.S. Rebekah...I'm sending you a bezoar nightmare LOL (and I still want to know what sis said)!

Bonnie said...

Geez, just because you faint you don't draw us any doodles? What a crock! Seriously, I agree with all the above.

Rebekah said...

No you don't, BG!! You really don't! I can't even eat snap peas anymore! :o)

Jenny said...

Ok, not to be another worrier, but you really need to get some answers on this. Your poor DH. Are you eating enough? I sound like an old lady but seriously!!!

workinprogress said...

I have all my fingers and toes crossed that you have something simple like low blood pressure :-)

Hope you get it sorted out soon - so that your husband doesn't have his own faint!

Take care!

Sandy Lee said...

I am so glad you came back from the dead to blog that you are ok. I would never have forgiven you if you had died and we didn't know.

OK, get the BP and heart checked out. It isn't a laughing matter (although my hubby walked in as I was reading your story and he couldn't understand what I was saying as I was LMAO--he was sitting here in a towel after his run and I asked him if his "whozeewhatsit" was hanging on the step).

So tell them everything (well you can leave out the whozeewhatsit) because chances are it is nothing but that little 1% is the part you need to have checked. Mom has spoken.

amandakiska said...

Hope you get this all sorted out soon!

Dirttrackdiva said...

holy crap on a stick!!!! i agree with everyone else. you really need to get this looked at. there are tons of things it could be other than the gb. this could be something terribly serious. keep us posted.

LOL giant whozeewhatsit. :D:D:D:D

THE DASH! said...

YOIKS! When you faint for no reason you know of: go get checked and NOW!!!! Your title frightened the wits out of me at first. I'm glad you're ok so far, albeit with some new bruises. Stay safe and let us know. xx

Band Groupie said...

Yes Mom, I promise to confess everything...and I might even tell my CRNP gal at the PCP's office about the whozeewhatsit.

I'm sure it's just my whacky BP. I promise I'll keep you posted!

OH, and I told DH I should have known right away it wasn't a would have been George Clooney LOL.

Debi said...

Isn't it crazy when they just can't seem to figure out what causes our problems?

My worst one (that a Dr has never figured out) was a few years ago. My DH was in the Master Bathroom (naked, on the toilet), getting ready to take his shower, when I woke up and realized that I needed to go too. So I got up and went into the second Bathroom, so the bright lights in our MB wouldn't wake me up too much.

I was just entering the bathroom, when all of a sudden, (the only way I can describe it is) I lost all feeling from the waist down (like I had no legs) and I started free falling forward! I threw my arms out and luckily caught myself on the walls before I hit the floor!

While I was free falling, I cried out in surprise, which had my cat rush to the doorway looking at me like, "are you ok mommy?". My DH called out to me too, asking what happened? He heard me all the way from the other bathroom.

I made an appointment and went back to the Neurologist. She ran all kinds of tests, including MRI's, but found nothing to explain it.

However, recently we found out that I do have a pinched nerve in the Lower Spine, so I am guessing that I must have slept wrong and the nerve pinched. Although why it waited for a minute or two to pinch, I don't know. Luckily, it hasn't happened since!!!! But I do have constant pain in my Lower Back, Left Leg and Left Foot.

So anyway, here's hoping you find out what is causing your blackouts soon!! Why can't our Dr's have these high tech gizmos like they have in these Sci Fi shows, they can just scan us and know exactly what the problem is, and how to fix it????

Will be thinking about you, hoping this will not postpone your Surgery!

Debi said...

PS, sorry for the book in the last comment!!

Jennifer said...

I hope you find out what's causing this - First your title scared me THEN reading it freaked me out even more - I can't imagine how DH felt!
We want our BG healthy and teaching us and drawing doodles! No Scarlet O Hara tricks allowed!
And no 'I'll think about it tomorrow' either!
I'm glad you called the doc. Good BG.

Debi said...

Hey BG, thanks for the comment on my blog post! I really want to thank you for your support and input. I know it to be true, but for the life of me, I wish the restriction would kick in and help me out!!

The PS post was saying, "I'm sorry for the extra long comment (book) about my legs!!" LOL

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I hope all your checkups come out ok. wow, how scary!

I'm curious.....are they going to empty the fill from your band before GB surgery?

Anonymous said...

Wow! It is a funny story as you tell it, but I'm sure it was unreal as it was happening. I'm glad you are okay and I hope you get it worked out soon!!


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