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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3/16/10 Celebrities in WL Denial

WL related things that got me crazy this morning (and it's not even 8:30 am yet as I'm writing this). I know there are many bad WL celebrity examples (did Anyone see Carney Wilson on Dr. Oz recently? She gets a crown for denial and excuses!), but here are a few that got me thinking this morning, because of their denial (and so back up my mantra on how important awareness is):

- This morning on my drive back from the bus stop I heard about a woman whose goal it is to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. She presently weighs over 600 pounds and wants to weigh over 1,000 pounds. She can't walk 20 feet now, but says she's healthy. She said running after her child has kept her weight down (running? seriously?). She's already in the book for being the fattest woman to give birth at 532 lbs. If she achieves this the GBoWR will, I'm sure put her photo in the book, and look, she's already getting press about this. This is just wrong on so many levels. That's press for someone cutting their life short. What's next, a world record for the most cigarettes smoked, the most alcohol consumed in a day?

- Kirstie Alley was on the Today Show this morning promoting her new reality show series 'Big Life' and her new for-sale WL program products ($1,700/one year membership and supplements). The woman is deep in WL denial.
---Meredith asked her if she'd thought about why she gained the weight back after her big bikini reveal on Oprah (2006)...She answered that no, she hasn't thought 'why', just 'did'...she 'did' gain the weight back and the two things her new WL plan (products for sale) help her with her cravings and hunger. Just the 'not thinking about why' and dealing with her emotional relationship with food (see yesterday's blog on awareness) means she's doomed for another regain IMO.
---I haven't been a long time yo-yoer like the tabloids say. I've only been fat four years of my life. Later in the interview she said her first weight gain was in the early '90's after a miscarriage (um, that's about 20 years ago, and her Oprah regain was over the next two years, so she's now been fat since 2008, so 2 years just from this latest yo-yo jump).
---Meridith asked what happened to her role with Jenny Craig and did they fire her/and were they mad at her? She answered that she didn't think they were mad at her and that she felt the split was mutual. Her explanation was that they wanted to go with a more serious commercial campaign and that she liked to have sillier/fun commercials. Um, did she really think anyone would believe that?
---She whined about how the press has hounded her since her first weight gain to sell papers, yet she's very publicly announced her attempt to start WL plans several times in the past and now, already did one show about her weight (I think it was called 'Fat Actress'?) and now another show. It's like telling people about your can't get mad then that those people are now asking/watching/reacting to your WL, or lack thereof. Also the WL experts agree that the stress and pressure she's under makes the WL even harder to come off...hmm 'stress and pressure' wasn't I just giving that same reason for not telling anyone about my LB at the beginning?
---Meredith asked what her goal weight is this time and she said that she always set her goal too low in the past...when she started her acting career she was 118 and so she set her goals at 120. She admits that 120 is probably not attainable now, so she has set her goal for 145. She's 5'8" and is very big busted. Um, we're almost the same height (1/2") and I'm flat chested and I can't see me reaching 145...I was VERY thin at that weight.
---Kirstie admitted getting off drugs in the past with a rehab program, and Meridith asked if she saw a correlation between the drug addiction and the food one. She was defensive that she doesn't use the word 'addiction', but 'compulsion' when it comes to food. She pointed out that you have to eat every day, it has nutrition benefits, and food is legal. Um, so is alcohol Kirstie, and doesn't red wine have benefits.

- Of course that got me thinking about Oprah as she was much thinner in the clip with Kirstie than she is now. Love Oprah, hate her thoughts on WL and the hypocrisy she spews about WL.
---I hate that's she's so solidly against WLS and then has one guest expert after another on losing weight the 'old fashioned way'...doesn't she see that she's no example of that?...she'd be better off not talking about weight at all IMO.
---The only thing that Oprah does successfully for people needing to lose weight is to make us feel better about her failure (especially those of us who have yo-yoed and/or tried everything like her). She publicly shows that you can have a raft of WL experts, books, exercise gurus and personal trainers, Medical Dr's., Nutritionists, WL Psychologist, and Private healthy chefs at your disposal and sometimes that's still not enough to keep the weight off successfully. Her example as a WL failure helped me when I reached my decision to finally allow myself to look at WLS.

I truly feel for these last two ladies, I've been them, well, without the celebrity part, although I do have the proper sunglasses. I just hate how it perpetuates the perception that the next 'diet' or 'exercise' plan that's around the corner will finally work and be our miracle. I do love that Oprah has owned her regain and is no longer blaming it on her thyroid, and she made a plan to start focusing on herself/putting her needs on the list. It's ironic though, one of the sayings that Oprah spouts out a lot is that life will keep giving you the same lesson until you learn that lesson...I would have loved to have seen her learn this one.


Gilly said...

Just a quick comment about your fabulous post: um...excuse me, but I think I AM losing weight the old fashioned way. I am eating less and moving more...which is exactly what everyone who doesn't have a band is doing. I just have a tool to help me. Oprah had personal chefs and trainers: well I can't afford tools like that. So I did what I could. It bugs me that people like Oprah speak out against WLS. Really REALLY bugs me.

GREAT post!! Loved it! Wish I had more time to comment on it, but I am running out the door to take March Break children to see Alice in Wonderland and NOT eat popcorn!

Bandita Senorita said...

I agree...this is a great post! You really hit on those things that bug me too (and I heard about that story with the GBOWR woman this AM too--weird!!).

Band-Babe said...

Statistically, diets don't work. Even Oprah won't be able to find studies to dispute that. If someone has done their homework, weight loss surgery is the only obtion that has long term results. Not perfect results, but statistically meaningful ones. And, I agree with Gilly... the band is absolutely the old fashioned way... with a modern twist. Smart women get the job done!

Sally Hamilton said...

This post is spot on!

tessierose said...

Great post. My struggle with food and my emotional dependency on it has consumed my life for last 25 years. I'm so glad to be getting the band, it's like finally a fighting chance at real success. You give me hope.

LDswims said...

Oh how funny! I was going to blog about the lady in Australia, TOO! In addition to saying what you said, basically, I was also going to say that she is eating 12,000 calories a day and is spending $850 a WEEK on groceries just to make her record a reality. Insane. It's absolutely insane! I wish there was a way to say that when she starts to have (if she doesn't already) major health issues - no amount of public dollars can go towards correcting said issues. This should all be on her. Just like when someone refuses to evacuate with a hurricane looming on the horizon - don't make me pay to rescue your dumb butt! I got out. Stuff is replaceable! Our health and physical well-being is not!!!!!!


Why the media is promoting this is beyond me.

I refuse to watch Kirstie Alley's show as why she should make money and garner attention for a real struggle she's not serious about is beyond me. That whole denial thing.

Great post!

Stephanie said...

What kills me is that Kirstie claimed that her higest weight on oprah was only 228 lbs. That woman is in denial. There is no way that was her higest weight. That is what makes me mad. You go on TV to discuss your weight, yet you can't be honest with yourself or those you are claiming to want to help. Kirstie Alley is so freakin' annoying!

jennyr1222 said...

Love this post, and while I think Kirstie Alley is hilarious, I agree she is in complete denial and completely un-self-aware. I personally watch Oprah's show every once in a while but am so bothered by her lack of authenticity. I just don't think any of us knows the "real" Oprah, yet everyone claims she's so "one of us". Ugh! Get a lap band and shut up lady! (tee hee)

Jennifer said...

Spot on - Perfect!
And I love what Band-Babe said: Smart women get the job done.

Great post BG! :) I've missed you over at my blog. I hope I didn't offend you in anyway. If so, I'm sorry! So sorry!

Camille said...

I used to love Oprah. I dreamed about being on Oprah. I though she was so up front and honest about her weight loss struggle, but I had the same realization that you did. She has essentially proven that it doesn't matter how much money and experts you throw at the problem, the answer lies within you. I actually thought about her when I decided to have WLS. I mean if Oprah can't do it with her billions of dollars then maybe there has to be a different approach worth trying. Great post.

amandakiska said...

Such a great post! I cannot imagine how hard it would be to have my weight loss struggle in front of millions of people. As far as the Fattest Woman in the World goes, I think that is so sad.

Judi said...

For so long I have wanted to email or write or call or send up smoke signals to Oprah and Kirstie and tell them--GET A LAP BAND!! Come on!!! (I might have even done a blog post about this...)
As for the world's fattest woman thing....I don't even know what to say!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so now I feel old. The early 90's was 20 YEARS ago?! How can that be? I was tricking myself into thinking it was about 10 years.

Can you imagine if Oprah got a band how many people would jump on board, just because she did?

Athena's Melting said...

Great post! I know, isn't it crazy how all these women have their own shows..!!

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to Oprah and Kirstie, I feel their pain as do many of us. Your blog in right on today BG. Thanks you ;-)

When I saw Kirstie's add for her new show I was like OMG. What is going on in her head????? Has she lost her marbles? I know the diet madness she is making and refocusing on something else to sell. Her bubbly personality will sell. Sorry, but I am just not interested thank you very much. She is in fact creating her own destiny and people will buy in to what she sells. Just not me. I do not need it.

I am so happy where I am today. It took hard work and patience with myself and my band and I too am creating my own destiny. ;-)

Have a great day. Thank you, imaluckydog

LDswims said...

Just wanted to let you know I gave you an award. See my blog...

Tiffani said...

Holy crap, how did you get in my head and say things so much better than I ever could have?! AWESOME POST! :)

Debi said...

Amen Sister!! I totally agree with you and the others.

I agree with Stephanie, who said "Kirstie claimed that her highest weight on Oprah was only 228 lbs. That woman is in denial".

My highest weight was pre-surgery and it was 228.6 and I am 5 ft 3 ins tall!!! She is was bigger than I am at her largest, and taller!! Which means that her weight would have to be more!!

Dinnerland said...

What a great post-- amen to all.
I have wondered why Oprah hasn't gone for WLS-- I didn't realize she was solidly opposed to it.
She is a fool.
Her loss.

Dirttrackdiva said...

I agree with this post. As I agree with all of the others. There is one person that you left out......Beth (Dog the Bounty Hunters wife). While she is beautiful, and a bad ass bitch, I think she would feel so much better and be better about her job if she did this for herself. As for the GBOWR, I've got nothing on that other than that it's appalling.

Amanda M. said...

I think the big issue with both of the celebrities is just the fact that they are celebrities. They get judged for anything they do. If these two women were everyday women, they would not get any beef from the press. Before the Lap Band, I think many of us were yo-yo dieters. We've obviously got tried of it, and decided to do something about.

However, the woman that wants to gain weight... OH MY GOSH. Have you seen the show on TLC called "Half Ton Mom?" She was just a little under 1,000 pounds, and then she finally decided to get gastric bypass. She ended up dying a week later. She left her two daughters behind. It's such a sad situation.

Gen said...

Did you see the most recent Oprah mag with the headline announcing "the battle is over" and Oprah has made peace with food? It turns out to be all about Geneen Roth's new book (which I am reading). I sort of think the battle is not over for Oprah. And I agree, I have said to myself many times, "if Oprah can't do it, with all of her resources and money and talent, then how can I ever hope to be successful?"

WLS is the ONLY proven method of losing and keeping the weight off for the vast majority of people. Why not face the cold, hard facts?

Great post.

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