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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3/17/10 Sugar Doll Award

First, HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY!!! *Pinch* to all of you not in green (or still in your jammies...I'm guessing they're not green).

This is THE FABULOUS SUGAR DOLL AWARD. This award is to be given to 5 bloggers who make your life sweeter! Here are the rules for this Blog Award.

1. Thank the Person who gave you this award.
Thank you LD at A Journey To Embrace She was one of the gals in the moving truck this Jan. who moved her blog here from LBT to Blogger (so happy you did). She's currently had her paperwork submitted and is WAITING for approval (most of us remember those anxious days...tick, tick, tick). Go give her some support, or tell her a story to help pass her waiting time!

2. Give to 5 bloggers and write why they have made your life a lil sweeter.
In LD's honor, I'm giving this to the five of our 'soon to be' or new banders (I know I missed a few of you, sorry). They need our support the most!

Ashley at A Band New Life She's one week post op, Bandster Hell has arrived and she's HUNGRY (what's that? LOL)!

Tessierose at Band me Baby! She's getting banded in 8 days...go give her some love and advice!

Joey at Volume Control She's about three weeks post-op now and is doing well (back to work).

Jess at Big Girl in a Big World She's three weeks post-op now too and is fighting the carb monster!

Jacquie at Can't wait to lose it with the Band! She's getting banded on 3/24 in Mexico. Give her some support, or teach her some Spanish (I wonder how you say 'Thank you Mexico for my band.'?)!

3. Write why you where given this award. Lori said "I can't not bring up BG! She is the reason I got into blogging and she is the most amazing teacher! She has quite a way with words and she will put it all out there to try and help others. Her comments always make my day!" She's too sweet!

4. Tell the other bloggers u gave them this award.
*I'm having some computer problems (My screens keep freezing and I have to restart, grrr) and DH isn't back until Friday night to fix it, so I'll do my best to inform you!

**Please forgive me for not leaving very many comments lately, I hope it's fixed soon!


Carmen said...

my favorite part about these awards is all the new blogs i get to follow!!

Band Groupie said...

Me too!!!

tessierose said...

Thanks so much for the nod, I forgive you for the dream! lol.
Have a great day!

amandakiska said...

Gracias México por la banda.

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