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Thursday, March 18, 2010

3/18/10 Weekday Dish

**Oops I forgot one: Please stop by and wish Marie good luck with her banding tomorrow:

Well, it only took me three weeks, but I finally remembered the 'Weekday Dish' (yay Jen!)...and then I lost those brain cells again by dinnertime and forgot the pic (the Leprechaun poured me a beer).

- 3 mugs- black coffee (drank it right up until eating breakfast, I don't usually follow that 'before' rule as it goes right through on an empty pouch)

BREAKFAST (23.3g)protein, (245)calories
- 1/2C- Oatmeal w/soy protein and Benefiber (take a look at how thick I make it...NOT a slider, even with the syrup)
- 1/8C- SF (Splenda) Maple Syrup

- 32 oz. Water

LUNCH (20.9g)protein, (352)calories
- Tuna Melt (.5 can tuna w/2T mayo, onion) on Whole Wheat Toast
- Lima Beans < .25C (those are the 1/2C punch cups I use all the time)
- Baked Apple w/Cinnamon <.25C

1.25 Hrs. POST-LUNCH
- 48 oz. Water

DINNER (22.8g)protein, (537)calories
- Hamburger Patty (for St. Patty!) w/onion & 2T Ketchup
- (Green) Brussel Sprouts .5C
- 1 (Green) Beer
- 1pc. Chocolate

Total: 66.9g protein, 1115 calories, 128+ oz. liquids


Jen from Oregon said...

Thanks for posting! your lunch looks yummy!

Marie said...

Looks great! Especially for someone on clear liquids!

THE DASH! said...

Wow - thats some menu. You went to so much trouble and look at the little side dishes. I really must start experimenting more!!

Athena's Melting said...

oooohhh, yummy. So you put syrup in oatmeal..? I have never tried that..

Jacquie said...

It all looks delish and I love the punch cup idea! Thank you for sharing your menu!

Oh, and a huge thank you for the Sugar Doll award! I am so honored!

I have 6 more days BG and than the questions will really start coming!

Rebekah said...

I love seeing these menus! That tuna melt sounds great! I might have to try that!

Jennifer said...

It all looks great, but that tuna melt is calling my name! I'll have to try that one.
Thanks for posting!

Gen said...

I have to remember that syrup!

And now I know your true secret: NO snacks! They add up, even the healthy ones!

Tuna melt looks yum!

Nicole said...


Sandy Lee said...

That looks so yummy. I'm hoping to get back to some real food by tomorrow.

Band Groupie said...

"You went to so much trouble"...LOL Cara! You haven't heard my cooking stories! Besides opening the tuna can the rest was easy...all leftovers from various dinners. Oh, and I did push one of those apple wedgers through an apple and sprinkle some cinnamon on LOL. Throw it all in the microwave and I was done!

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