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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3/10/10 Wednesday Words

*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

- DH and I went to DS2's Theatre class performance today. We arrived a little early and it never ceases to amaze me that every teacher always says the same thing about him to us 'He's such a nice kid, and he's SO funny!' When he was little, I used to worry when they said this as I was afraid he was the class clown and causing the teacher problems...nope...well behaved, and gets all the teacher's laughing as well. He's got the same humor skills his Dad has...he's very 'quick witted' and can get me laughing in seconds. Apparently this skill has been 'unleashed' in his semester of theatre class...he's 'very good at improve'. It wouldn't surprise me to be watching him do stand-up sometime in the future.

- DH and I grabbed a quick lunch (Chinese) after the performance...we never get to get out together at lunchtime (he works far away) so it was fun. Funny thing was I kept thinking of how we wouldn't be having these school day events any more (just after school activities) our youngest is starting HS next year...where did the time go?!! How did I get so old?!! ACK! GASP! Oh yeah...chew, chew chew!!

- DS1 is enjoying his Spring Break at home and catching up with all his HS friends he hasn't seen in awhile. My 'three boys' have been playing lots of video games together in the evenings; the 2 boys say Dad is getting good...they even made me come and play one of those 'soldier games' (no blood thank you)...let's just say they were all laughing hysterically at me as I'd get stuck facing a wall (apparently the Wii Fit isn't really a 'video game')...they took great pleasure in seeing how long they could follow me around before I'd finally figure out how to turn and then 'BAM'...I'm dead. I complained until they gave me 5 seconds to turn and shoot...still didn't help...I spent hours playing and I only shot one of them (and don't tell them, but it was accidental...after awhile I just run around willy-nilly firing). As they were all laughing at me I reminded them of my first endeavor playing a game like this with was years ago when they got their first soldier game (WWII Normandy) and they had been playing it for almost 6 months before they invited me to play. I started playing and came upon a I got in it and started driving the tank would have thought they'd seen a miracle!!! 'WHAT'S THAT NOISE? WHY'S THAT TANK MOVING?!!' me 'snicker' 'MOM?!! YOU CAN DRIVE THE TANK??!!! HOW DID YOU FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO THAT?!!' me 'snicker snicker...It's just me defending my country!' 'MOM!!' Apparently, they'd been running around all the little towns and never realized they could drive the vehicles that were sitting around there! I might not have good soldiering skills, but I can think outside the box...or maybe that's the tank LOL!


Kathi said...

Hey BG, cool blog, I'm a novice with whole video gaming also, all the hand eye coordination..bring back atari! :) Good luck on the dr appts, hoped surgery wouldn't be the call, but sounds like it might be. Hugs.

Sandy Lee said...

So cool about playing the video games. I can partly play the Wii Fit but strike out almost all the time. About the compliments you get about your kids, I've decided that as long as others tell me how great my kids are (even when I might disagree), I would be glad. If they are civil in public and with others, all the crap they do when alone with me is ok. They love me.

I hope you get some good answers from all those doctor's you are seeing. Too bad we couldn't see just one for everything.

I have to ask you--do you draw the pics that you post. They are always bang on to what you are talking about in your post.

Band Groupie said...

LOL...I'm embarressed to tell you I used to be an Art Teacher, since I don't spend much time on these doodles. I just showed my youngest my pic of him today and he was horrified at my tank (he got my artistic ability, only he DOES know what a tank looks like LOL). Apparently the gun is supposed to be on a turret...obviously I wasn't good at aiming the tank gun either...I was just having fun driving around while they ran after me laughing and trying to find other vehicles!

THE DASH! said...

lol Playing the video games sounds familiar. It's such a boy thing.. and with having four myself .. I've also been annihilated a few times over the years as they shoot me dead on and I fire wildly and ... miss! Pfft

I love that your child is so happy and confident. I mean, what else could we ask for? And don't talk to me about getting old. Sigh.. my oldest is 20 this year. EEK.
Glad things are sorting on the gall bladder front. I wonder if they had told us (well, mines gone already, but told others including yourself) that WL COULD cause the stones, if it would have stopped us getting the band in, in the first place. Unlikely I'm thinking? Yes, no?

TJ said...

LOL!! When I used to babysit my younger cousins I used to make them let me play first whenever we rented games. The way they took to them it was the only way I could actually keep up (for at least a little while). They still remember it to this day and bring it up all the time - that and all the books I made them read. I have to remind them of the almost daily visits to the beach or park!

Anonymous said...

Hi BG, After having my Upper GI done yesterday. It wasn't that bad either.

I got instant results in pictures. You could see everything and I felt so much better. My last fill was in October and the NP could not really tell me why my band got tighter in five months. The little un-fill I had gives instant results as well. I slept normal last night with no acid reflux. It is so important that we listen to our bodies as the little tell tail signs are so important. I had a night cough and acid coming up while prone. This is something we as LBers do not want. I am looking forward to a great day.

I love hearing about your family thanks for sharing. imaluckydog

Judi said...

Wonderful blog! I LOVE YOUR weight loss counter on the top with your pix! Very fun! So glad I found you!
Although I haven't read all of your postings, I felt so many connections to ones that I did read.
I was banded in August 2007 and have been thrilled with every aspect of it--especially the 115 weight loss!
Thankfully, I haven't had some of the more serious issues you are dealing with but I have went through a few rough patches.

Good Luck to you with the tests and I look forward to reading your blog!!!

Dinnerland said...

Oy-- the tests... good luck with them and I love how you keep your chin up and move through them with grace.
You're my hero about that. I have mammo's and sono's coming up (breast) next friday, and I will be doing my best to go through them gracefully too. But they are stressful if I let them get me crazy.
And: I too, LOVE the art work. I would have loved to have such a fun art teacher.

NewME said...

I know when I had my endoscopy the Dr. came out and spoke with me regarding his findings (ulceritis). Not sure if that is common practice or what. So I can only inform you based on my experience. Good luck though...It was kind of funny for one minute I was "there" the next I remember kind of waking up telling anethesiologist I was sorry for falling asleep but I was ready now LOL...apparently it was already done!!

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