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Sunday, March 21, 2010

3/21/10 Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

I'm working on my headband today and getting rid of too big/too short pants. Sorry, I already got rid of some before I moved to Blogger. I'm not sure how this works, but in case anyone can use these before they go to charity I'm posting my pile. I'll warn you that none of these sit below the belly button as some have been in my closet for awhile (but a shirt would cover the high waist, so I'm figuring some of you are as desperate for clothes on the way down as I was)...some of them haven't been worn, and all are in great shape except a few minor things and I've shown flaw with a second photo.

I'm 5'8.5" and I have really long legs and need a tall pant; many of these are not talls/longs (I've noted that if they are) so don't get scared if you see they're flood pants on me. I bought them and they were too short (never wore them)...don't ask me why I kept them, but I had a whole section of pants that were too short LOL. Also I'm going to note that some of them do not correspond to today's sizes and I'll note that next to the size they're marked (ie. '12-more like a 10') and I also noted if there is any elastic in the waist and I'll give you the waist size (if it's got an elastic waist I'll give you the min. and max) just so you can be sure (so go measure your waist now).

If anyone wants anything me your selections (use the letter code) along with your name & address and I'll send them out to you (first come, first serve). Send and email to (don't ask, it's not my name, DH set it up and it's his favorite tree-ginkgo)

Oh, and the last one is just for fun, I'm keeping these to remind me...I found another pair of my 'Before' pants (sz. 22)...never thought I'd be able to get in one leg LOL!

A=14 Tall (more like a 12?), 33" waist, Harve Bernard, 100% wool lined, Black, tighter waist, loose thigh
B=12 Long (more like a 10?), 32" waist, Dockers, 100% Cotton, Tan, Tighter waist, loose thigh, pleated front(taken)
C=14 Long (more like a 12?), 31-34" waist, Lee, Black, elastic sides
D=16 (closer to a 14?), 35.5" waist, Villager/Liz Claiborne, Stretch, Tan w/White and Black thin stripes, small hole near pant hem (*see second pic)
E=16 Tall (more like a 14?), 33.5" waist, Harve Bernard, Poly Spandex, Black, Fringe down sides (*see second pic-Sorry the second one is not in order)
F=16 (more like a 14?), 33-35.5" waist, Requirements, Poly Rayon (non-wrinkle), Black with white dash stripes, front loop missing (need to sew a loop out of thread for the hook *see second pic)
G=1x, 31-48" waist Apparenza, stretch poly Spandex Suede, Black (the jacket or shirt is a 1x also...I'd suggest you wear it with more than a black bra LOL *See second pic (taken)
H=12 (more like an 8 or 10), 29-31" waist, Gloria Vanderbilt, Elastic Back, pleated front, Jean with white stripe
I=16 Tall, 36-37.5" waist Lane Bryant, Hidden Elastic Back, Tan, some pilling in crotch (*see second pic)
J=18W, 39" waist, Lauren/Ralph Lauren, 97% cotton, 3% Spandex, Summer weight, White and Black or Dark Navy (I can't tell) stripes (haven't been worn) (taken)
K=XL, 34.5" waist, Briggs New York, Linen & Rayon (machine washable), full elastic waist w/fake drawstring (you could cut it off even), Black
L=14 (more like a 12?), 29-33" waist, Russ, Elastic sides and back, 100% cotton, Dark Blue
M=10 (or 8?), 28.5" waist Tall Harve Bernard, Tight waist, widewhale cords, Tan
N=14 (more like a 12?), 31-33" waist, Country Suburbans, 100% cotton, elastic sides, Red & Green plaid (these were my Christmas pants LOL)
O=12 (more like a 10?) 30-32" waist, Liz Claiborne Sport, Elastic Sides, pleated front, 100% Cotton, Black
P=10 (more like an 8?), 30" waist, Essential Style, tight waist, Buckle back (*see second pic), 100% cotton, Tan
Q=12 (more like a 10?) 29.5-31" waist, Liz Claiborne Sport, elastic sides, pleated front, 100% cotton, Navy
R=14, 30.5-33" waist, Villager, Poly/Rayon, Gray, small bleach mark front near waist band (can be covered with a shirt *see second pic)
S=2x COAT, Herman Kay, zip out fleece lining, button off hood, only worn a few times


Bonnie said...

It is so nice of you to take the time to do pictures and descriptions. Unfortunately, all your too big clothes are too small for me right now. :-) Hopefully they will find a good home.

workinprogress said...

Good on you for adding to the sisterhood. Unfortunately I live too far away :-)

I'm tall too - don't ya just hate too short pants! I ordered some off eBay the other day and they could have nearly passed as 3/4 pants!

With all the things you are passing on - you are going to have a empty wardrobe and a great excuse to so shopping!

Jacquie said...

I love Item B but do not want to take them now because it will probably be a while before I'm out of my 16's.

However, please, please, please, teach me how to do the side by side pics! How will I be able to do my before and afters if I can't put them side by side?

Thanks BG...I'll be looking for instructions for when I get back from Mexico!

Barbara said...

Wow you did a great job with outlining the clothes.. I am very impressed.
I would love to claim dibs, but I am a short runt and wear petites (for the inseam, not the butt size).. but whoever gets this cache is sure lucky!!

Band Groupie said...

Jacquie- If no one wants them, I'll send them to you for your 'soon to be' rack. I'll leave this on your blog as well:
I open the three (or how ever many you want side by side) pictures in 'Paint' software and crop them each to the exact same size (if you want your body/height to be the same in each you may have to also use the 'resize' function if the camera wasn't the same distance away; I just worked with it until the top of my head to my feet were in the same place.). I open up a fourth Paint screen and expand the blank/white box to the size that will be needed to hold all three pics (ie. If I decide to make each pic 500x200 pixels then the box would need to be 500x600 pixels). Then go back to each pic, and under 'select' chose 'select all' then 'copy'. Go back to the 4th sceen and push 'paste'...then slide the pic into position. When you get all three pics there, save it. Then you're ready to import it here. Let me know if you get stuck and keep us posted next week!

Jacquie said...

Thanks BG...I will try it and let you know!

Gilly said...

I LOVE the picture of you in one leg of your old pants! My god, that makes me SALIVATE for one of my own! But mine's going to be with me and my hubs and kids in this skirt i have...i can't WAIT!!!

Gen said...

No way, that one-legged shot is awesome. I did not realize you are a 23 BMI! Whoa! I am just hoping for 29 at this point! Very inspiring.

THE DASH! said...

Look at your stomach, girl. It's so flat!! I noticed you holding your pants up lol. Way cool! And SHEIZER! Two legs in one pant leg - how much weight you have lost. GO YOU!!!!!

Girl Bandit said...

That last shot is amazing...lookin fine the chrissy pants

Judi said...

Love that last shot is amazing! I should definitely get my act together and do this! LOL!'s on the list....!
You look great! LOOK AT YOU!!!

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