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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3/23/10 Namaste! **Update**

Today is going to be a big Band day in BG Bandlandia with two big 'meetings' later.

Just got home from a Yoga class with teacher asking me the whole time 'ARE YOU ALRIGHT?' LOL. Much better than Boot Camp, and it still made me sweat! BTW Plank position is much better looking with my Victoria's Secret tight exercise tank/bra top on than it was in my nightshirt...but I did giggle every time the teacher said 'PLANK'! A young (probably 35) woman near us at the end of class turned around and said 'You girls look like gymnasts!' OK, I wanted to hug her for saying 'girls' instead of the usual 'Mom' or 'Mame' I get. It was the first time both of us had ever been to a yoga class, so we set up in the back of the room. We kept up (thank you Wii Fit yoga), but our flexibility is terrible right now (OK, mine is...can't even touch my toes yet...DD is still pretty flexible, even though she kept commenting on how she was surprised how stiff she'd gotten)...we were laughing through the class as our legs were shaking most of the able to do all the moves perfectly? umm...NO, not even close! I'm sure the teacher was showing all the 'here's how you can modify this' just for me again. I couldn't help myself when the lady said that about gymnasts...seriously?...I got one of those release-all-the-air-in-your-body-in-a-second-loud 'PFFTS' and then started giggling and said 'WHAT?!!' She looked a litle offended by my laughter and says it again 'Are you girls gymnasts or something?' I seriously couldn't tell if she was joking, making fun of us, or what?! DD just looked at me with the 'Is she serious?' look...thanks for the help sweetie.

I kid you not, I looked the woman dead in the eye and said 'No, we're dancers!' Now, DD is losing it trying to hold the giant 'PFFT' in and I see her shoulders shaking with holding the giggles in (I didn't lie...DD did dance competitively for a long time, and I was on a dance team in HS and College...yes, before you were born). I'm sure it was my Vicky's dance top that dazzled this lady. I'm hoping we don't see the same lady in the Zumba class we're trying next...I'll have to start working on my dance moves LOL. We had a good laugh on the way home.

Time to hit the showers! Namaste!

*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book


Sandy Lee said...

Last appointment of the day. Be prepared to wait a couple of hours :-) Maybe you can practice your yoga.

Funny about the questions about how you lost weight. Too many people just live for gossip which is why I haven't told many people, including a couple of GFs who can't keep it to themselves. Right now I don't need the hassle but will probably come clean (like you) when I am down and maintaining.

Good luck in the Tell All!

Anonymous said...

Hi BG another excellent blog. Thank you. I went to Dr's yesterday and they did another Barium Swallow on me, YUK I really do not like that liquid marshmallow stuff. They said they were doing a study. Then they tell me I am too tight and they need to take more out!!! I told them I would make an appointment only if I have any more problems. I have not had anymore issues (like acid reflux) and I am doing just fine.

I hope all goes well with the your GB and you do not have to wait to long for an appointment. Have a great day imaluckydog

Judi said...

WOO-HOO all the way around!
Too funny about all the neighbors wondering what you did to lose all that weight! Funny thing is that I tell everyone and anyone who will listen! If I don't tell them, my 89 father does (if you've read my old blog posts, I've said many times how INTO my Lapband my father is and how my weightloss is his fav spectator sport! Even when he had his first stroke, he remembered to tell the emergency room folks about my surgery...bless that man!) ANYWAY... my elderly neighbors across the street keep forgetting! I have only told them 600 times (every time they ask how I lost weight!) They are twin women--in their 70's (who look exactly alike!). They insist on calling my DH Mario--that's NOT his name. Anyway, this morning, we had a power outage here in Judiland. So, one of the twins (God knows which one) came running over to see if we lost our power too. It was around 7:30 am, I was still in my leopard After we talked about the fact that we both needed caffeine and couldn't brew it--she said---"I can't believe how much weight you lost! We keep looking over here and saying 'Judi must be on Weight Watchers' ". Too funny!!!
Good luck with your gallbladder surgery!

THE DASH! said...

Tell me, are these your pictures? I have just twigged. If so, you're a bloody talented artist!!

Good for you for getting out there and doing your exercise. Never easy!! And good luck on the GB op. Will be thinking of you.

Girl Bandit said...

LOL....and yes you are skinny. Don't feel bad about not telling...I don't lol. Great news about the GB

Band Groupie said...

Kathy- Glad you kept your fill!

Judi- I can only hope my Dad is the same...and too cute about the twins!

Cara- Thanks, yep my doodles (I'm embarrassed to tell you I was an art ed major/teacher in a former life).

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