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Thursday, January 7, 2010

1/7/10 I'm Sick Of Shoveling Snow...

11 out of the past 12 days...snow.
4 more inches tonight...4 more tomorrow.
Please send sunshine!

That is all.

*In response to Comments

-I'm sending snow to all of you! All the schools are closed here (and Pittsburgh has LOTS of snow-plows so this rarely happens). We shoveled twice last night and there's now several inches waiting for me this morning...and it's still coming down...4-6" expected today. Can I count shoveling as an aerobic exercise?

DS1 is an hour away in the mountains for a 2 day ski trip...I'm wondering if they're going to get home today (have to get him back to college this weekend)!


- OK, exercise...I feel better. Going out now for the second time end in sight...

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