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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/20/10 Blog Move Complete

Well, I finished moving my blog here was very slow work (took a week and many hours) and I wasn't able to move the pictures. I also made the decision not to move other's comments as I don't have their permission. I'll apologize now for these ommissions on the archived blogs as I'm sure it will effect the clarity of some of the entries.

My kids would be so proud that I figured out how to 'pretty up' my blog (I'm very tech-challenged). I still have some things to figure out and add before I can announce my 'grand re-opening', but I'll get there soon enough!

I made the decision to move here for several reasons. I'm all about 'paying it forward' in this journey and trying to help others with this process and others convinced me that I'll be able to reach a lot more people to help here. Secondly, aside from my old blog home, I sometimes frequent several other WL sites and others suggested it would be best to have a link to a non-WL specific site. And thirdly, after a great deal of urging and encouragement I've finally decided to start a new 'project', which will be taking some of my time (more about that later).

I'm not sure where this journey will take me next, and it's both scary and exciting not to know, but I'm glad you're along with me for the ride!

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