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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2/8/12 Dear LBG...Regains, and Waiting For Fill?

Don't worry about me...I've had my nose to the grindstone (OK, more like trying to swim as I'm in over my head) working hard on learning some techy things for the site here (O.M.G.), but more about that when I've got more to show for it...just know that I'm working night and day again to get more info. out to those that need it (I just realized it's 1:30pm and I haven't stopped to eat all, gotta love that Band...yes, I know it's not good to not eat, trust me, this wasn't a normal day...I'm eating plenty)...we all need to find a way to pay-it-forward if we can. 

Anyway, I've had a rash of good questions about regains and fill levels lately, so I'm going to address two of them here.  I've been working on a longer answer to someone that needed more detail, but for today I'll share a short one... 

I see that you are able to eat most anything. I have been banded for 2 years now and am filled to 7.+ cc's. I am struggling and have gained about 15 pounds because I don't feel the restriction so much as I believe I should. I feel like I can eat anything and find myself trying to eat things I know I shouldn't and too much of them. Any suggestions? I feel I should go get another fill, but want to take off 15 before I go back in.

Two words...DON'T WAIT...go get that fill now. If, when you are following the rules, you're hungry between meals, then you need a fill...PERIOD.

I know first hand how hard it is to have a regain (I gained back 19 pounds after a partial unfill then losing both Docs). I certainly didn't throw it all out the window, but old habits slowly crept back and it's so much harder to control things when your hungry all the time (and the lower you get in weight the easier it is to regain quickly).  I was embarressed, ashamed, and felt like I should be able to control it...but you know what I decided...if I could have done that, I would the 30+ years I yo-yo dieted. I had to remind myself that one of the reasons I chose the Band over other procedures was because it would force me into having more follow ups with my Doc...and that meant, especially when I was struggling.  I had made a promise to myself pre-op NOT to be one of those Bander's who gets too embarressed by struggles not to continue to go to the Doc (too many of us disappear and stop going just when we need to the most).  At least needing a fill gives us a reason to go to the Doc...with other WLS how hard would it be to call up and schedule a visit just to talk to the Doc because we're gaining?!  What's the worst that can happen?'ll be embarrassed in front of Doctor's and Nurse's that have seen obese WL patient's who've reagained weight many times before you?  Trust me, any good practice wants you to come in when you're struggling.

You got the Band to help you, so that's what you need right now...not more will power...not another diet. Think of it like any other medical 'tool' people have to help them...if you were out of meds you needed, would you wait to get them? OK, so food is an addiction, we've accepted that, but that doesn't mean we should be ashamed to get the help we need now that we have a tool that can help us. Would a drug addict wait to get meds to help with withdrawl?  Would a smoker, trying to quit, wait to ask for more nicotine patches?  You already did the hardest got the get it to work properly for you.

OK, 'nuff that Doc for a fill please. 

Two more things...have a logical and well planned talk ready for the Doc that shows him/her clearly why you need a fill...remember that they get Banders begging for fills every day who they know don't need one, or really need unfills...You need to assure them you're not asking the Band to restrict your eating (head hunger is a whole other issue the Band can't address), your asking it to reduce your hunger.

Last item...stay tuned as I'll address my ability to 'eat anything', etc. soon.

Best wishes, and keep me posted!

Yep, you all know me well...that was the short one LOL...I can't just say 'go get a fill'...because I know if someone had given me just that, I wouldn't have gone.


Heather said...

Ok you totally convinced me! I stopped reading halfway through your post and called my doctor!

Janice said...

Yea for Heather! If you are gaining weight, call the dr. sooner than later. I was gaining and embarrassed to go in. I kept rescheduling my appt. I finally did get in (5 mos. later), only to find out my tube had become disconnected from my port. So it is good to make sure everythng is working okay and not put it off like I did.

CeeJay said...

Oh how I had forgotten about head hunger. a 20 pound regain later I am back to basics and thinking about head hunger versus true hunger. I truly believe I am at the right restriction, I just need to change my habits again. It's a constant battle!

Barbara R. said...

GB & Janice,
How did the dr.determined your tube was disconnected? By xray? How did they reconnect it?

GB, This is Barbara from San Diego, I don't know if you remember me, but we had our bands put on he same day. Even though I havent written in a year, I still faithfully read your blog. Lately I have been getting a lot of foam coming up if not foam, throwing up. Been at the same fill level for 6 mons. Just wondering if you have any insight on this. I am at 7cc. not really loosing lbs. justkeeping steady weight. Thank you for any info. Barbara

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