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Friday, February 5, 2010

2/5/10 Ticker Update & Note to Followers

Nope, I didn't lose a head (actually up a pound this week...sigh).

I spent a great deal of time revising my ticker pics. The 'time' part is partly because of the program I use (a free download- Serif) that seems to have it out for my old, tired, computer downstairs. Between the computer being SUPER slow and the program freezing every time I did something (and losing what I'd done of course) it took me FOREVER. I'd download it to my laptop, but I'm afraid to muck up my new computer. I'm telling you this so you'll know I worked long and hard to give you a little something to look forward to (if it had been just for me, I would have given up after an hour...I have lots of practice at disappointing, not so much).

When I first created my ticker I had no clue how to even scan a pic and move it into a program, so I was stuck with one pic of me I had on a CD. You know what?! It wasn't even from the year I started the LB journey. Eventually I added several other pics, but the history of my changing face was not complete.

So I went on a hunt. I looked up the dates on which I lost each of my 10 pound heads (from my Works Spreadsheet). Not being one who enjoys getting my picture taken (remember my severe and debilitating BBD affliction), I had a hard time finding pics of me from near each of the dates (note to Newbies...have someone take your pic at milestones even if you can't bring yourself to look at them...yet).

Some pics are a little fuzzy, since I had to crop my head out of a whole big group of people...some aren't from straight on...and one...well...I'll save that explanation for later.

What's that you ask?

Where are the new ticker pics?

I'm saving the unveiling for my know...numbers 75, 80, 85, 90, & 95 (Thank you for the suggestion that I unveil my "Before" side shot at number 75, but NO...this is the next best thing).

I plan to unveil 2 head pics for each milestone...And yes, it includes my 'real' before head....eeegads!!!

The answer is Yes. Is there really any question that I'm doing this to tease and get back at all my close friends on Blogger who didn't warn me how many of their friends they'd already brought here and let me make CRAZY promises I'll have to keep? Love you guys!

***Oh, and another reminder to those already following:

If you haven't seen my tiny head pop-up on your peanut gallery bleacher seats (followers), it's only because I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE OR WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!! It's not that I don't care. I've been trying my best to stalk you down, but when I tap you on the head here (for duck-duck-goose of course) it doesn't give me a link to chase you down.

Please leave me your link in comments here if you want me to follow as I'm getting tired of driving around the neighborhood trying to find out where you live...maybe you're a recluse and never come out to play...I'm not judging...OK, yes I am...I like to play...COME OUT, COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE!!!

OH, and I realize some may not have's OK, we can still play...thank you for the unconditional love (What's that you say? You didn't receive your check this week?)

- Laurel Nolan
- Bandita Senorita
- Kristen Witham
- SuperMegaAnna
- JM
- diane
- grisslyrider
- Andy Siple
- Joanne
- Debra Estes
- Janet H.
- Barbara Patterson
- mrsgrohl
- LoseIt!
- Jeff Combs
- shanazing
- Dee
- Kristin M
- Ashley
- imaluckydog
- justlynda
- bbeach
- strangedz
- michele.bardo
- sharon
- nerolid
- Yvette
- Beth L
- nscapt17
- Nicole Negvesky
- larahalsey2003
- barbara
- tobysjrzgrl
- Pam Griffis
- Jennifer


SuperMegaAnna said...

If you would like to follow me I am at:

Kristen said...

ooo I see my name on the list! Here is my blog addy:

Bandita Senorita said...

I would love for you to follow me. I am at

meandmygizmo said...

JM =

great job on the weight loss! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just started following you today. Mine is

Band Groupie said...

Thanks gals! I'm in your bleachers now!

Anonymous said...

You can find me at


Band Groupie said...

Gottcha! Thanks Jennifer!

Drazil said...

My name didn't show up before - not sure why.


Band-Babe said...

you asked... :)

diane said...

the komodo dragon follows but never leads

shanazing! said...

sorry that i didnt introduce myself. My mom told me about your blog. I've fallen off the blog wagon recently, but here's my link.

My mom is Kathi...(don't look back)

Nice to meet you (kinda), my mom adores you and thinks you are hilarious!

Kathi said...

It's only right that I should follow my amazing daughter..shanazing! :) You ARE hilarious and the smileys are boring, hurry up and plaster up some real pics! :)

Anonymous said...

BG--I'm nscacpt17 and my link is Thanks--your an inspiration!!!

Jenny said...

Just joined yours today! Love it btw.

Grizzlyrider said...

Well poo, (we say that a lot here in MN) I don't have a blog but if I ever do I'll let you know. Still loving yours though!

LDswims said...

Good idea, BG...I followed suit and am following all these links now, too! Thanks - always looking for a good new (to me anyway) blog to read.

I can't wait to see the new ticker. Hurry up already. I wish I could say I'd round up the last can't even get past my lucky number 13. :)

Lena Austin said...

Giving you my blog (again) so you have a record. I'm posting some new low carb recipes as fast as I can upload, I swear!

Band Groupie said...

"BG--I'm nscacpt17 and my link is Thanks--your an inspiration!!!"

nscacpt17- I can't find your blog with this address (and yes I added another slash at the end)...I've tried everything I can think of. I also tried googling 'the losing battle' and I still can't find you....HELP!

Everyone else...I'm there now...I've got lots of reading to catch up on, thanks for posting your links!

Anonymous said...

Hi BG,
I don't have a blog, but the second I create one I'll be sure to send you a link.

Love, love, love reading your blog. You've given me so much advice and help.

Deb Estes

Dee/Deanna/TxMomof4 said...

Sorry BG, I dont blog but I do follow YOU!!

Rebekah said...

Sorry! I misspelled it!! haha..that's aweful...

Bonnie said...

I just started a blog and am just starting the long 6 months of nutritional counseling that my insurance requires for approval. It's only been a month since I decided to get the lapband and it's been the slowest month of my life so I can only imagine how the next 5 are going to go. Any words of encouragement to help me pass the time are appreciated.

michele.bardo said...

sorry to say that I am in the bleachers...would love to be a blogger!! I get so much out of yours!!! finallyncontrol (lapbandtalk name) or michele.bardo

Band Groupie said...

Thanks all for the info., I'm following anyone who gave me their site now.

Bonnie- I'm following, but I thought you'd want to know that I can't leave comments (you have to enable them if you want them).

Lena Austin said...

Bonnie-- Tried to comment to offer you encouragement but your blog wouldn't let me comment. I'm at


Mountain Laurel said...

Hi! I'm Laurel. I am at
I am enjoying your posts!

barbara said...

BG. obviously I don't have a blog, I am so "computer illiterate" I would not know the first thing about starting one...I guess I am more of a follower....Thank Goodness, there are leaders like you!

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