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Friday, February 19, 2010

2/19/10 Low Carb Banders

One of our Bandster bloggers, Lena from 'Fat Frog Diary' needs some help. She/her surgeon follows a low carb diet and has been asked by her surgeon to come at speak at the support group to other Banders who have 'fallen into negativity, especially concerning the low carb diet'. She wants some feedback from any of you regarding a low carb diet, questions you have, what about low carb you have the most difficulty with, etc. (my only low carb experience was with Atkins). Her blog is here:

Lena was one of my first supporters on LBT when I knew nothing (still don't) and has a great blog with wonderful recipes, so while you're there check it out. Her broth and soup recipes drove me into the kitchen to ACTUALLY COOK them just pre-op...yes, unbelievable I cooked (three kinds) and even I didn't flub them...ask DH...I caught him happily lapping up one of my coveted and carefully portioned frozen soup packets about week 3 of my 6 week post-op diet from Hell and I about took his head off...he wanted more...not happening dude!

Best wishes Lena, you'll do great inspiring those Banders!


THE DASH! said...

I'm not much on watching my good carbs/bad carbs so I can't help any. But I did want to say, have a great weekend :) Have fun xx

Girl Bandit said...

I just may be an expert so will pop over...LOL

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