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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/10/10 Shout out to New (and Old) Bloggers

I noticed today that several of my followers have less than 10 followers of their own. Now we all know we're writing primarily to unload, whine, and b*tch...Oh, that's just me get support in this journey. 10 followers is NOT support people (we all know it takes at LEAST 20 of us to lift one of us obese gals on our shoulders)!!! So get on over there and check these gals out and start the lifting!

Jenny- Just starting the journey:
Lena- Bander with a primarily LB recipe site:

Oh, and SOMEHOW as I went through the blogs tonight I found I wasn't actually following two people that I thought I was (see that anal list came in handy...yes you doubters!). If you see I'm not following you yet, it's only because I'm obviously TI (tech impaired). Please hit me over the head here and let me know.

Stay tuned...tomorrow's blog involves lots of booze and bubbles (party at my blog)!

P.S. I just need to say, DS2 has been off school all week and tomorrow already...I shoveled snow 3x today lifting to piles over my's no longer pretty b*tch over.


LDswims said...

Come on 80!!!

Should I sign up as a follower again?

I'm sorry about the snow. It's absolutely unbelievable and I just hope you are staying warm. Sheesh...over the shoulders! That's insane. It's just absolutely insane!

Dinnerland said...

I went an became a follower for all of those lovely blogs-- what a nice thing to do. I didn't realize the amount of support and information I would gain from the blogs of others when I got started, so I think it is essential to 'hook up' in the way.

Band Groupie said...

Thanks GF's, I'm sure they'll appreciate the support!

Drazil said...

Thanks so much for nudging people....I see a new follower and my whole day lights up!

sdh5463 said...

Thanks BG for the following shout out! I followed them all (except myself of course) Guess I'm going to have to post more often now huh?

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