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Saturday, February 6, 2010

2/6/10 Let It Snow!

*View out the kitchen window of the back yard; table & chairs

We're snowed in! All the previous snow had melted off and everything was green (OK, more like brown) through noon yesterday when the snow started. They predicted about 7-9" here by this morning...WRONG! We got 24" and the snow has tapered off. DS2's school ski trip was cancelled today. The airport is closed, they're asking everyone to stay off the roads, and people have been stuck/sitting in their cars on the turnpike not moving overnight for over 10 hours now (they're sending snowmobiles out soon to try and rescue people...I'm sure they've all run out of gas trying not to freeze last night...scary!). I know, not unusual for other parts of the country, but they're saying we haven't had a snow event here like this since the Blizzard of '93 and we didn't move here until 2000). All the local TV stations have cancelled programming and have been running news/weather 24/7 now (the weather gal slept at the station last night). Yeah, and DD drove over to her old college yesterday before the storm to see some friends...she's not going anywhere for a few days.

Here's some more pics!

Me on the patio in front of the pond.

With the yardstick...24 inches in one night! Grill to the right.

We shoveled off about 8" from the driveway last night before going to bed and you can see there's a lot of new snow there. I took this photo standing on the other side of the can barely see the street and check out how the mailbox to the right is almost buried.

My nice neighbor let DH borrow his snow blower (I'm hoping DH is finally convinced we need one...he always says it's 'good exercise'...uh, huh...It usually seems like he's traveling when the snow comes). It would have taken us all day to clear with the shovels. Yes, I'm baking cookies now for my neighbor to tell him 'My back thanks you'.


imaluckydog said...

I am in Vermont this week end to ski and where's the SNOW????
It's at your house... We have not had any snow I am so Jell. Love your blog imaluckydog

diane said...

WOW!!! I really cant believe it...thanks for the lovely pix! It all looks so clean and pretty.Hope you are stocked with provisions...but I am guessing you are!

DawnB said...

We got 18" here in Reading - they were calling for 6 to 12 - LOL!

Kathi said...

loving the pics, have a bunch of friends in Maryland who were ready to be hunkered down for a few days too! Stay warm!

wannabthinagain said...

that's pretty to look at but oh my would i HATE to live there! LOL I'm FREEZING and i live in LOUISIANA! LOL

I hope that's the end of it for you!

Band-Babe said...

I live in Utah, and we have NO snow. Hey, I left my blog address because I was on your list a couple of days ago (larahalsey2003). That's me. Your cartoons are REALLY good. And funny. I've really enjoyed your posts.

Grizzlyrider said...

Hey that would be a lot of snow even up here in Northern Minnesota. Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I live in Michigan and, 2 feet is still a LOT of snow! So nice of your neighbor to help out.

This is my firs time here, so forgive me if you've already noticed this, but your coat is WAAAY too big. On winter clearance maybe you could pick up one that's several sizes smaller. Isn't the band great?!


Dirttrackdiva said...

Just found you from LBT!!! I moved too, we're neighbors! Loving the scrapbook type format. It fits your creative personality.

My address is
Of course, what else would it be. ;) We got mountains of snow here Christmas Eve (2 feet) and when it finally all melted it snowed again. We're supposed to get another foot in the next two days. I'm going to have hang hearts on my Christmas decorations in the yard. lol Don't be a stranger neighbor.

Dirttrackdiva said...


LDswims said...

The snow looks lovely - I hope you are staying warm! I'll be curious to hear whether or not the weather gal goes off air for the super bowl to come on or if it stays with the weather all evening tomorrow. Concern in this part of the country is that no one in the mid-Atlantic area will get to watch the SB. I'm sure that's the least of your concerns, though! I hope DD stays safe and warm and bummer about DS2's ski trip. But he could go sledding in your yard. :)

Band Groupie said...

LOL- My yard now looks like 'The Cat in the Hat' when Zoom carved out the snow (LOVE that snow blower!). Over 100,000 homes are now without power/trees down everywhere (we're still on and warm) and they don't expect to get everything back up until FRIDAY (moving people into Red Cross shelters, it's zero degrees here this morning). DD's going to try to dig out and get home tomorrow (more snow predicted for Tuesday, but just a few inches...not sure if I should trust that after the last FAIL).

Trixie- Wow, I didn't even notice (not a coat I wear that often) I had to go's a 2x coat!!! Anyone need a coat that size (it's got a zip-out fleece lining)? Thanks GF!

Diva- I'm following neighbor, thanks!

Band-Babe Thanks for putting the name with the blog for me!

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