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Sunday, February 21, 2010

2/21/10 ...and the Last Award of the Night Goes To...

OK I'm behind, but finally up to speed with this blogger award...thanks Vanessa, you're always stressing me out there for me (love you girl). Let me start by thanking my nominators (and let me seriously say here that I'm touched and honored since we were strangers just a few short weeks's the bond of the band people!).

Drazil at 'It's just Me, Drazil, and Sheniqua' who claimed she was picked last......and then nominated me...and they call me blonde!...Love you sweetie!

Jen at 'Jen's Lap Band Journey' She has the cutest new layout that matches that cute face of hers...I swear she looks just like a Disney Princess (d*mn her, from the time I was 5 I desperately wanted that Snow White skin and dark hair...yeah, we've seen what happens to me as a brunette), and she has the personality to match, always looking on the bright side and so supportive (she's probably got the seven dwarfs waiting on her too...maybe that's why she's so sunny)!

Vanessa at 'Dinnerland' I love that she is ballsey and 'tells it like it is', all while having the kindest of hearts, love that. She's rocking her band, working hard, and managing a family...all on NO sleep and while in pain (she's either superwoman or she's got a refill on those post-op drugs).

Athena at 'Athena's Melting' she's newly have to go there just to check out this girls smile, it is only matched by her personality. I'm thankful her blog starts with 'A' so she's always on my Dashboard...I go there even when she hasn't posted if I need a pick-me-up, that's just how infectious and happy her smile makes me. Oh, and I love her cool pics.

Here are the rules:
* Thank the person who nominated you for this award; Done
* Copy the award and post it in your blog; Done
* Link to the blog of the person who nominated you; Done

* Tell seven interesting things about yourself; Hmmm...OK

* Nominate seven bloggers and;* Post links to the blogs of your nominees; Well, since I've been here less than a month now, I'm guessing you know all the bloggers I do as I'm still trying to stalk track everyone down!

Hmmm seven...
1. I met DH on a blind date in college...I had a lousy time (later found out the party was to celebrate the end on his frat 'Hell Week' and he hadn't slept in excuses buddy, show a girl a good time).

2. DH called me the next day to ask me out again and I told him 'Sorry, I'm going to the library to study.' He said he'd meet me there...groan. I fell in love with my DH in the college library when he poured some lumps of candy into my hand and I poured them into my mouth (candy, I couldn't resist) was my first experience with 'Pop Rocks' (when they first came out). I thought he'd poisoned me and starting spitting and making a scene...soon I couldn't stop laughing...we were almost kicked out by the librarian. He still makes me laugh.

3. I'm the second oldest of five kids; 4 girls and a boy. My youngest sis is 10 years younger and we tried to sell her for a dollar on the stairs of the Camp Store when we were camping one summer on vacation (they had great candy inside...are you seeing a food theme here?).

4. All my sister's have the same first name as I do...we're all Mary something (my parents were/are good Catholics), and none of us go by the name Mary...yes, the Catholic guilt continues.

5. I'm still afraid of the dark. When DH is gone I still go upstairs when the kids go to bed and turn the bedroom TV up so I can't hear the noises in the house. I never sleep well when he's gone, but get this...he snores like a bear and I have to sleep with a noise machine on full blast and a second pillow over my gets worse...I'm so used to it, I have to sleep like that even when he's not there. Oh, and don't tell the kids I lock my bedroom door when he's gone...yeah, they're on their own if the robber breaks in...I'll never hear any of them.

6. The only food I won't eat (yeah, hard to see why I got obese isn't it) is coleslaw...our school lunches served the kind with a mayonnaise base (it was so watery it looked like someone poured milk on it) and there were raisins on top. I gagged on it the first time I tried it (don't ask me why I tried coleslaw with raisins, but up until then I hadn't met a food I didn't like and I was giving it the benefit of the doubt) and after gagging about 10x I finally puked in a pile of napkins much to the dismay of those at the tables around me...HS trauma...scarred me for life. Coleslaw...Just Say No (oh, and black licorice...gag).

7. I was born with a minor physical kids think it's disgusting, but they often want to show their friends...if I ever get to goal, I'll show you (no, you wish!...I don't have a tail.).

Now excuse me while I go pin up my award on my bulletin board...*skips off happily hugging her award*...I'm loving this 'Blogger world''s all sunshine, roses, and awards here! ((hugs)) -BG


LDswims said...

Yay for you, BG!

And thanks for sharing! I love the story of your blind date meeting. I can just imagine the surprise of the poprocks!

THE DASH! said...

lol You do the best posts!! Great one and loved your seven unknowns!!

Girl Bandit said...

I loved how you tired to sell your sister and am busting to find out what your deformity is...LOL Please share

Sandy Lee said...

I too am the second of 5 kids, 4 girls and the last was a boy who is 10 years younger than me. Poor thing, he never got much time in the one bathroom we had. But he survived. Looking forward to you revealing this new side when you hit goal (was looking for the little tail though). Now you have us guessing. LOL.

Jill said...

congrats on your award! And thanks for visiting my blog. You're right--bandster hell is true HELL! And I can't wait to get out of it!

Bandita Senorita said...

I'm another second oldest--and my youngest full sister is ten years below me too. I never thought of selling her. it too late? :) Just kidding.

That was super funny about the kids being on their own if a robber breaks and enters. I'm a fellow fraidy cat too, so it makes perfect sense.

DawnB said...

Congrats on the award. I love your blog and waas so happy when you started posting here instead of LBT.

Bonnie said...

Congrat on your award. Ahh, pop rocks - brings back memories. Did somebody die when they ate them with a soda? I actually think that's an urban legend. Very interesting facts and loved the blind date story. I think everybody deserves a second chance. Looks like your husband's second chance worked out great for both of you.

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