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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

4/1/09 I'm an April Fool!


Yes, it's frozen over. Have you seen my 6 mo. Diet Ticker lately? Well, I’m done! DONE I TELL YOU!!! The 6 months of the insurance 'dieting' is so over!!!!!! Newbies, cover your ears just a sec….All you LBers who posted that “The 6 months goes so fast!” I want you to know I have all your names and I learned how to Google Earth my way to your houses and yes, I’m letting this one slide, but if I find out this ‘restriction thing’ that you also posted about is yet another LB Urban Legend I’m coming after you!!! This has been the l—o—n—g—e—s—t 6 months of my life!!! Well, it didn’t help that I started looking at this last May, and it took me most of the summer to decide, and until September to get in to my PCP, and then I blew September and October because (I’m an idiot) and had to start again in November…and then I couldn’t do anything constructive to make the time fly by, like say, do Atkins…and so I past the time by (whining about) blogging every gory detail of my (dys)FUN(ctional) life and bored all my new friends on until they were so tired of my incessant (whining) blogging about my 6 months of (misery) dieting that they too, (wanted to throttle me) were counting down the days until my 6 months was over, (Just so they didn't have to listen to me anymore) but it was still a LONG 6 months! OK, my friends, here’s your reward…yes, I said reward…you’ve earned it…you were always there for me laughing, crying, ranting, (whining), and yes, peeing. You’ve come along on my magical ride and now here’s the pay off…

…the 6 months are over.


No, I wasn’t lying and now you have to suffer through more months with me, the 6 months ARE over, but that’s NOT your reward…bet you can’t guess?..........time’s up!!!

I got my Band Date!!!!! (No, NOT April Fools!) Isn’t that great!!! What a reward!!! You were just calculating how many weeks of (whining) blogging about waiting to get my date you’d have to suffer through, and there will be NO (whining) blogs about that!! Good news for everyone! Here it is, served up on a silver platter just for you….drumroll please……my Band Birthday is April 22! April is going to be the best month ever…April 22, my new shiny band…then that same week, our 27th Anniversary (guess that won’t be a wild night)…and my big 5-0 Birthday (Broth for everyone!), and the next day DH’s 50th Birthday! Wow, all within 7 days! Then I have the two days to get the house cleaned, party decorations up and meals made (maybe catered now) for all the company coming on May 1st for DD’s Graduation!

Now here’s the ‘cherry on top’…wait for it…………..there’s NO pre-op diet! Yep, I won’t be (whining) blogging about that either! Just a pre-op class next week and a physical with the nurse there sometime before banding and I’m golden (oh, and that approval thing…I should know within 72 hours, submitted today…she said ‘no worries’, so I’m not).

Let the ROASTING begin…. I can hear it now….
BG- Thank GAWD it’s over!
BG- If I had to hear one more word about your suffering with not having to lose much while we're all out here sweating and counting every blessed calorie…
BG- Whine, whine, whine...
BG- I thought you were banded years ago!

OK, maybe not that last one…I’m off to blog the (boring) nitty-gritty about my day.

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