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Friday, April 3, 2009

4/3/09 I'm a Bunny!

Hef finally called! I'm officially a Bunny!

Me and about 150 other hardworking "Girls Next Door" just trying to get in shape.

Yep, I'm an 'April '09 Bunny Bandster'! Our April Group has about 150 members. Sorry, I said girls, because if they're any guys I haven't found them out yet, but I'm sure they're there (Hey, I think the Easter Bunny is a boy!)...not sure if the guys were part of the name vote or not LOL as I came in late. The Bunnies are multiplying if you're a Bunny, join us!

The first of our hutch have gone off to surgery this week and I've been gobbling up their experiences so I can be prepared. Most are doing very well, but there's still some pain, as expected.

Hang in their Bunnies, keep your ears up...'ll be doing the Bunny Hop soon put your backside in, you put your backside out...! Ooops that's the Hokey Pokey....line up Bunnies...da da da da da-da...hop hop hop...

Pretty soon we'll all be eating healthy...

...and training for Bunny Jumping Shows (yes, this is a real sport).

It's great to have a group at the same point you are for support!

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