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Friday, April 10, 2009

4/9/09 The Continuing Saga of a Woman and Her Bladder

DD found a ride home from college (saved me a 4-5 hour trip tonight, whew), so I’m back from the track meet and all packed for the trip tomorrow, so onto my day…

Stop reading if you don’t want to read about my incontinence issues, yes…again (it never ends). I went in this morning (after taking DS1 to get blood work and to school) to get my ultrasounds done for the incontinence Dr. (Urology Specialist). After drinking the prescribed 32 oz. plus some an hour before the appointment, I arrived 15 min. early as instructed, full and ‘ready to go’. My appoinment time came and went...then I sat for another 15 min., then another 5…my back teeth were floating by then and my eyes starting watering…I crossed my legs and said a prayer of thanks that the good Dr. had put me on Vesicare, or it would have been all over by now. 5 more min…I’m in some serious pain…and then I gave up…I walked up to the receptionist (with my knees locked together) and asked politely for the bathroom key. ‘Oh, but I think they need your bladder full for this procedure’. I glanced around at the men sitting in the quiet waiting room...OK, I'm way beyond caring. I nicely said ‘I understand that, but they are late for my appointment and I have to go NOW!’ (Do they understand that I am here for an incontinence issue??!! What about a full bladder and having to wait longer than expected don’t they understand??!!!) She saw the desperation in my eyes…or maybe it was the tears of pee streaming down my face…either way, she showed me right in.

The tech lady had a ‘trainee’ gentleman with her, so I tried to be brave. The rest was textbook, well sort of…ultrasound of my bladder (yeah, push on my bladder a little harder with that thing…I dare you), then kidneys, then ovaries (do you know your ovaries move around with age, yes, even without a hysterectomy…I thought that was interesting). Then she handed me the lubed up ‘probe’ and asked me to place it up the vajay-jay (Oprahism). She sought out the ovaries internally…all I’ve got to say is that I’m glad she knows what she’s doing…looking for a baby on an ultrasound is a piece of cake compared to finding ovaries that are no longer where they are supposed to be (I think mine were touching...awww, cute). Even looking at the screen it all looked like fog to me…no dark spots, no light spots. Don’t you always try to read the tech’s face just to know that they didn’t find something bad? Am I the only one who thinks I’ll be watching the tech’s face and they’ll gasp when they find the 70 lb. tumor (that’ll explain the weight gain anyway). Sometimes I can even get something out of them…this one wasn’t budging, not a thing…I even pulled the ‘I’m having abdominal laparoscopic surgery in less than 2 weeks.’ Nothing…no indication…I’ll get the results by Monday. I’ll try to post about my pre-op visit today this weekend…it was…interesting.

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