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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4/21/09 Pics and Countdown...5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

We had a nice meal out for our early Anniversary last night (my ‘Last Supper’). Don’t worry, I picked the fish and a salad (OK, and a piece of the soft gooey herb bread…the kind that would for sure get stuck) and had 2 protein shakes the rest of today. It’s a fun filled day today of clear liquids. I did another anti-bacterial scrub down as ordered and have finished packing. I just called in and I need to be there at 5:30am…I hope that means I get to go first…getting excited.

OK, now here comes the reminders…remember my 5th post? WHAT you don’t remember? You know…when I went to the initial seminar…the ONLY time I’ve met my surgeon…and I ( just came out!) blurted a joke out in the back of the class that might have insulted the doc…so if I’m not back here my doc must have heard me…and I’m holding you to your promise LOL.

Last item…I drew my porthole. I decided to add the words “Port Site” around it, lest the doc not get my little joke and think it’s a tattoo that he needs to avoid (that’ll be my luck). OK, NO WAY would anyone think it’s a tattoo as it’s so roughly drawn. Add to that my stomach is no longer that tight hard taunt canvas I used to have and it’s like trying to draw on pudding (yeah, I thought about using the word Jell-O, but even that is firmer than my me, I’ve had lots of Jell-O today…blech). Now add to that the fact that I need to breath…oh, yeah!...forgot about that didn’t you…so my stomach is going in and out. Good thing my boobs aren’t huge or it would have been impossible (I should have picked a lower place for my port!). Why the heck didn’t I pick a free form picture…and I HAD to do 3 circles inside each other? I DOUBLE-DOG-DARE YOU to try to make a drawing on your own stomach while the picture looks backwards and upside down…common just try to make a smiley face inside a circle…hey, I’ll even let you use a washable marker unlike my permanent one (but no do-overs)…now go look at it in the mirror (hee-hee-hee). I’m sending a pic now because it will probably look (as if it’s not shaky enough) even worse tomorrow after my shower/abdomen scrub I need to do. Here’s the fatal flaw…I forgot about the “blow up your abdomen” part…you know how cute those little puffer fish look with their fins sticking straight out to their sides twirling around as they float along? Then they BLOW UP and they look all sorts of scary!!! I wonder what my poor porthole will look like when it’s all blown up and distorted LOL! I think I attached the PIC BELOW. I've never uploaded or attached...only took me three hours from taking the pic LOL (kept me from getting nervous about tomorrow)...and there's me today...No makeup...not sure I even brushed my hair...oh, well...I wasn't wasting my first attachment on one pic!..just don't ask me how to do it again LOL.

Thanks my friends for being so helpful along this journey. Bandlandia here I come! See you on the other side.
Countdown...5! 4! 3! 2! 1!...


*In response to lots of Comments that escalated into suggestions of selling my porthole pic for others to use:

Thanks guys! ...temporary tatoos, hmmm, I wonder if those are sterile! -BG

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