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Thursday, April 30, 2009

4/30/09 I'm Domestically Disabled

Today and tomorrow morning are my last days to prep for the graduation party. DD is now home from college and (sorry to ask her) will be helping me prep for her own party. DH has moved most of the heavy things and did all the laundry and the boys have been helping out too. We've really only have vacuuming, dusting/surface cleaning, fridge, bathrooms, and some food prep to do. Hoping we'll get things under control today. I wish I could close off the upstairs, but I'm always working on home improvement projects and no one has seen the latest decorating reno. I completed; the Master Bath decorating (nothing major; paint, new trim, some added tiling, curtains, and lots of accessories). I'm feeling pretty good if I'm sitting and am on meds…problem is I need to be up cleaning and I don't last long; we'll work it out.

Everyone is staying at hotels (I just can't sleep 20 more people here, but some of the cousin kids will probably stay over). I'm also enjoying the fact that I'm having this catered for the first time so this one should be a piece of cake! Oh, DEAR LORD! I forgot to order the cake!!! I'll be making that call soon! D#*N these meds…I'm brain dead! We also have to prep some meals (Fri.- Dinner, Sat.- Breakfast, Lunch, Appetizers and Desserts for Dinner, and Sun.- Breakfast).

My Mom called yesterday because they've left a thousand messages for my birthday. They don't know about the LB and I was back in the hospital on my birthday (I thought about calling back from there, but on the cardiac floor there were so many beeps, hospital noises, nurses taking blood all day, and that silly 'no cell phones on this floor' rule that I thought better of it...I'm sure my roomie who got a pacemaker appreciated that). Mom was "WHERE have you been? I've called your house phone, your cell phone..." She also wanted to know if she could come early to help me get ready for the par-tay, so I told her about the catering and how easy this party would be). Complete silence, then "You're doing what?!!" I was expecting this. Remember my mom is a great cook and shows her love for us with food. So this is pretty much food blasphemy in her book! DH's family have all catered, so no big deal. We don't need to spend the extra bucks right now with another kid off to college They should all just be grateful 'the bad cook' isn't cooking for them. I'm just going to enjoy it (not the food, remember I'm on liquids, the 'having it catered') as I'll be working my bum off for DS1's party coming up. Wish me luck that no one notices that I'm not eating.

Back to work! Why am I so tired?
*In response to Comments:

-I fell asleep for 2 hours while taking a break...and I NEVER have been able to take naps. Rest: 'check' LOL! Thanks! -BG

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