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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4/22/09 - Blast Off!!!

This is BG's DH.

She made it though surgery without any problems. Surgery took just under two hours. The drugs are working well but she hasn't slept all day so she is a bit groggy. Her drawing was almost too good since the surgeon thought it might be a tatoo. He figured it out and all is well.


*In response to Comments (I replied once home):

-WEBCAM! LOL! Thanks my pickly friend...I was looking lovely about then...he did get some pics, but I'll have to review them first.

Thanks for the support gals. Good to know 'Houston' and Mission Control were back here for me!

- I've been walking and resting a lot. (And giving directions on 'ridding up' before the big par-tay!) I'll certainly pass on your words to DH, friend! I know he's hoping I'm back on my feet soon!

((hugs to all)) -BG

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