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Thursday, April 16, 2009

4/16/09 Where the Sidewalk Ends

I was at my pre-op physical downtown at the hospital by 8am this morning (I’m so glad I don’t have to drive in rush hour traffic daily anymore…poor DD will be doing that route soon). The physical was basically a huge list of questions and a short bit of the usual listening to your heart, say ahhh stuff.

Oh, and I did find out that the overnight hospital stay is because of a law here...interesting. I asked how the office was holding up under the stress of their Dr. leaving. Well, of course that opened the floodgates…they’re all really hurt that he left without a word and many of them had been working closely with him for a decade (they really loved him and are both mourning his loss and are upset at how it was handled). Apparently, they did have to reschedule some surgeries last week, but my doc is now handling the load just fine. We chatted about all this for awhile and I’d made another new friend in the office by the time I left.

I went on to give my gallon of blood (had to point out my best vein as usual...I have 'bad veins')...

...and then on to another department for a chest x-ray (didn’t have to do the EKG since the cardiologist had already done one).

So, as long as ‘no news is good news’ from my pre-op physical, this long and winding road has finally come to an end and I'm all set for next Wednesday!!!

(Tell Shel Silverstein I finally found it!)

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