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Saturday, April 3, 2010

4/3/10 Easter Crazy

I've turned the corner...that or the good drugs are really doing their job...and either way, it doesn't matter...I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!!! Vicodin kicks Endocet's butt!!! I woke up at 3am and made my way downstairs to quickly munch some pretzels before I took another pill ('take with a small meal', pretzels count right?). I fell back asleep on the couch and DH was up around 7am to move me upstairs with another pill and I slept until 10am!!! I'm a new, I'm my old self!

Thank you everyone who put up with my incessant whining this week. It's not funny that I whine way more here than I do to my family (well, except DH this the fourth day it's safe to say he knew exactly how I was feeling LOL). I'd also have to say that you usually get the best of me as well. I am an optimist, so by the time I'm blogging about something I've had the time to mull it over and find the silver lining or the funny side of's just how my mind works...there's always a laugh or a silver lining in every situation. So you get both the best and the worst of get me (that reminds me, I need to do that post on 'blogging'...later).

I came back down to Easter decorations placed around the house. My DH is the sweetest. I'm the 'Holiday Queen' (seriously, you can all be my Princesses and we can ride on the holiday float together, but no one has more holiday decorations than I's a serious affliction). I have bins of decorations for every holiday (6 big metal shelving units full in the basement). I was whining yesterday that I didn't decorate for Easter this year yet...or last year, as it was just before my surgery and I knew I wouldn't feel up to taking things down before DD's graduation party. DH got out some of my favorite Easter things to brighten my day (I most love the things the kids made). Here are the bunnies I made with them one year that decorate our mantle:

Just in case you missed it, take another look, this is the one that cracks us up. DS2 (now 14) was 2 when we did the bunnies (he's got mad artistic skills now, and not bad for a 2 year old then). The kids crack up over it every year and call it the 'scary crazed Easter Bunny' NOT look directly into its eyes (I take no responsibility for your Easter Bunny nightmares know you're getting 'crazy' when you read my blog). DH said this morning 'When the police come to us after they pull you out of the bell tower with the gun and ask us if there were any signs we missed, I'm pulling out the bunny.' We're awful parents...we laugh at our kids a lot...I'm sure I'm scarring them for life...I gave up hope of not doing that long ago...don't you remember all the things your parents did wrong? Yes I still blame my parents for everything...thus there's no hope my kids won't blame me...better to just give up now and have fun scarring them for life.

DH is so NOT a sentimental holiday nut like I am. My sisters and I have a pact that if I die they'll put up holiday decorations for my kids and I'll do the same...we used to have different 'sister packs' about things our DH's would never do, like cutting our kids fingernails when they were little, now that the kids are older we have the 'holiday pact', so getting out some Easter decorations was such a nice gesture for DH...I love that man.

Get this, he also already stuffed 80 plastic eggs for each kid for the egg hunt tomorrow (my Chocoholic radar is at an all time high right now, so I was glad I didn't have to do it...does Vicodin give you the munchies?). Yeah, it doesn't matter how old they get, there will always be hidden baskets (I remember my Mom setting my oldest sister's basket on fire when she hid it in the oven one year and then forgot about it preheating the oven for breakfast) and an egg hunt for Easter (I remember the year my folks hid the eggs out in the yard and then it snowed while we were at church). We have more eggs the older they've gotten (same amount of total candy). If 80 each sounds like overkill, trust me, as older children 80 eggs takes up the same amount of time as 18 eggs when they were little (and yes, we try to hide them in harder places, but d@mn our kids are smart).

I'm thinking I NEED a chocolate binge this REALLY...I NEED it. TMI; I'm getting nervous because I haven't seen any 'movement' in over a week now. I stupidly took a laxative on Tuesday (I did this after my LB surgery with NO problems) forgetting what happened last time I did that (luckily...nothing)...then I've been taking stool softeners every day since...nothing...nadda. Now I know that the general anesthetic as well as the pain pills can back things up, but it's been a week and I'm getting a little scared...OK a LOT scared. I'm thinking a chocolate binge might just be the ticket to get things moving again! Do you think DH will notice if there are only 18 eggs for each kid when we do the hunt tomorrow? I'm open to other suggestions, but right now, until I hear a better idea (couldn't be one), I'm going with the chocolate where did DH hide the stuffed eggs?

P.S. If you missed my bunnies/peeps blog from yesterday on LBT, take a peek's your virtual Easter card...hope the pics give you a smile!


sdh5463 said...

Your blogs ALWAYS Make me smile!!! Happy Easter BG!

Darlin1 said...

Glad you're back! Happy Easter BG! I think a chocolate binge might make it worse ;-) How about just one?

Jennifer said...

Happy Easter BG! I'm so happy that you are feeling better! I love the crazed Easter Bunny. I find that chocolate & coffee seems to roto rooter any clogs I may have. LMAO

And on that note....

Sherry said...

My sister and I have 'pacts' too. There is something great about sisters. And I love the crazed Easter Bunny! And if you can't laugh at your kids, what kind of parent would you be?

Dirttrackdiva said...

gotta love the crazy easter bunny. however, i'm 30 and i would draw it like that now. lol but my parents weren't artists in the traditional form.
mom is an artist in the kitchen, she can cook anything, mostly from scratch.
and daddy is an artist of engines. he can tear one down and put it back together and i guarantee you it'll run.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are feeling better! Not that you could tell you were all drugged up on some of your posts the last few days.... ahem : )

My sisters and I have pacts too -- love those! We have a chin hair pact where if one of us is ever hospitalized or otherwise unable to pluck our few stray chin hairs, the others have promised to help out. Goofy, I know!

Girl Bandit said...

You are seriously a crack up!!! Good luck with the chocolate getting you moving worked for me

Leslie said...

Happy Easter!

I love the crazy bunny, so adorably crazy.

Kathi said...

Hi hon, Happy day to you! Been a bit MIA, travel schedule is crazy and won't let up til May, but I'm looking at the big will end soon. Have a terrific Easter.

Carmen said...

those bunnies are adorable!

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