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Sunday, April 4, 2010

4/4/10 In My Easter Bonnet...

Put on your Easter bonnet, fancy dress, stiletto's, and gloves, because it's time for another award dinner...

The Rules for this award:

1. When you have received this award you must thank the person that awarded you the award in a new post.

Thank you Ms. Drazil at you always make my day brighter and I'm so glad we found each other at the beginning of our 'Blogger' endeavors. I love that we are a lot alike (she's a perfectionist organizer that color codes like I do...I'd call her a little bit OCD like I am, but I've already called the girl and 'all around whore' and she's also sensitive) and that you're brave enough to show your whole self and get deep at times even though we're both all kinds of crazy most of the time. Your the best example of what I've learned from my skinny GF's (yes you are skinny sweetie), it doesn't matter how much you want to lose or how you're doing it, it's the same tough battle. Love you!

Thank you Ms. Sally at
(I'm hoping this is the right award Sally, so sorry Blogger ate your blog...hate it when that happens!). She always has some positive support to give with a smile and she's a great mum and I love that she's following her passion in a new career! We both love crafty stuff and I love that she and I have the same weakness for wine and chocolate (no, neither one of us over-indulge you lushes!)...not just ANY chocolate, OH NO, good's like a fine wine...we have discriminating taste...and wine and chocolate when mixed together... well, we're doomed...good luck on Easter Sally...we'll need it! Love you!

2. Name 10 things that make you happy.

1. My DH who is right now vacuuming my kitchen floor, even though I've been a grump all week. He loves me despite myself and he still makes me laugh.
2. My 3 kids who will always be my babies. I still check in on them sleeping when they're here...they're my angels and I'm so proud of each of them.
3. My scale...most days.
4. My renewed health and being able to move more easily.
5. Food...I love it more than ever and I've gotten snobbier about wanting really good food. Chocolate, raspberries, wine.
6. Gardening; it's my meditation
7. Dancing like the world is watching.
8. Doing anything feeds my soul.
9. Traveling to new places, meeting new people, and learning new things.
10.My friends; my girlfriends including all of you...Who would know I would find so many strong, smart, and wonderful women (and men) who enriched my life every day on what I thought was the scary internet LOL.

3. Pass this award on to 10 bloggers & inform them.

I'll remind you that the thing I love most about these awards is finding out about new bloggers to follow; so I'll nominate those I haven't yet, so you can check them out!

1. Lori at
My heart is always with the newbies starting out as I remember the fear and frustrations and that's how I met Lori. Everyone send her some good 'approval vibes' as she's done everything asked of her, and more for over 6 months now, and she now sits waiting for that elusive stamp of approval...get yee over there and give some LB love!

2. Amanda at
I always love to see what Amanda has to say. She's always learning something new and her love for her family comes across in every blog. I have mucho empathy for anyone who's going through bandster hell...first fill...a whole bagel sandwich...nuff said...she's going to do great.

3. Athena at
I'm glad she's back from her vaca and I hope this award takes her mind off the weigh in on Monday...duh, duh, duhhhhh...hey a little gain on a vaca is part of life and this new lifestyle we're all leading...don't sweat it girl!

4. Manda at
Her little girls are beautiful and she's one of those mom's who doesn't just watch the easter egg Rice Krispy treat commercials...she lives it...and eats it...just a that's a lifestyle! I admire anyone who can cook with style.

5. Vanessa at
Vanessa was one of my first supporters on Blogger and I always love reading her blog. Her food philosophy is a lot like mine and I really enjoy watching her figure it all out and share it with us. She's a great mom and I love that she takes the fam to Dunkin Donuts every weekend and understands the importance of family rituals...I grew up going to Krispy Kreme every Sunday morning after mass and we have 'pancake day' at our house now on Sundays. You're making memories girl.

6. Lena at
Lena is a low carb bander and has many great recipes on her site...her soup recipes saved me just post-op. She was one of my first commenter's/followers (actually leader would be a bettter word) on LBT and is always a great supporter.

7. Carmen at
I love that she's as curious about everything as I am ('can I feel the fill going to my band', etc.). She's smart and will never be invited to my house for Trivial know-it-all is quite enough for me to deal with.

8. Jen
She's public...nuff said. Oh, and hold onto your seats...she'll be at ONEDERLAND any day now!! We're cheering you on Jen!

9. Jen
We've both got three kids about the same ages. She's been going through some painful varicose vein surgery and is about to get the second leg Mom and one sis suffer the pain with the same so I feel for her. Rest up Jen and feel better soon!

10. Dee
She's been through some tough times with losing a home to Katrina and trying to rebuild and yet she's positive and finds time for others. She's going on a well deserved vacation to Hawaii soon and already met her WL goal for that. Besides, we're the same age!

Happy Easter All!


Girl Bandit said... were spot on with the ward....I just reposted it again!!!@ Your kind words almost brang me to tears....I am a tough I love your choices!!!! A few to checkout too....

Dinnerland said...

Thank you for the award-- and the very kind comments about my blog and about me being a great mom. That means so much to me, because I am at work so much... but I guess it is quality and not quantity? Right.
Also: I am so glad to know our food philosophies match up, considering your success!!
Have a great Easter, enjoy!

Drazil said...

Thanks for thanking me BG - I love you too!

Judi said...

Re: your comment on my blog today!
YOU, my dear, are my new and forever BFF....saying I'm ya!
Someday we are going to have to have a holiday decorating show down!!
I'm thinking we should start a Pittsburgh area Banded Sisterhood group. Do we live close enough to meet for a little taste testing of our own?

Carmen said...

thank you! LOL @ not being invited over for trivial pursuit! what if we are on the same team? :-)

MandaPanda said...

Thank you! Hey! If rice krispy treats are wrong, I don't wanna be right!

LDswims said...

Thank you, BG! I really appreciate receiving this award from you! I can use all the good vibes I can get, so thank you for giving me a shout out, too! Sorry I am so late in joining the party...I will get this posted as quick as I can.

Jen said...

Thank you BG for the award- you are the sweetest! Another motivation to run today, someone is paying attention! :)

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