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Friday, March 27, 2009

3/27/09 Do you measure up?

*Pics not here were of measuing tape belts.

Does the sight of this lovelly belt send shivers down your spine? But it says 'You can add extra holes.' And look, I think it goes ALL the way out to 15"! Thinspiration?

And for my metric friends, they have your size too...

Hey, why stop there...let's place it around the hips!

Quiz: What's the scariest part of this picture?
A. The tape measure belt?
B. The fact that this person has no belly button? (I'm guessing tummy tuck and they didn't want to pay the extra moohla for a new button?)

The "Anna Rexia" costume with a tape measure belt...that's just so wrong!

Now MAYBE once my pants are this baggy and if I don't have a buckle...

And for my friends in our Bunny Bandsters April group...

OK, I could totally wear this bracelet. My wrists are tiny...but that's the only thing on me that is!

What's with digital scale displays ontop?!!

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