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Thursday, March 12, 2009

3/12/09 The Buzz about Coffee

I love my morning cuppa (and it loves me)…so much so that I drink it up until 2pm (my cutoff for being able to function, yet also sleep at night). This week I started to cut back my caffeine consumption in preparation for surgery. I don’t drink any pop (or in other parts of the country, soda), so that’s not an issue. Coffee is the first of my ‘food friends’ (translation ‘evil food addictions’) I will be saying goodbye to, probably not permanently (I’ll confirm that at my pre-op class), but at least for now and a while to come.

I’ve seen ‘facts’ about caffeine effecting the Lap Band here online including; causing band slippage, causing ulcers, changing the lining of your stomach, appetite stimulant, appetite suppressant (it’s in many diet pills), and diuretic. I don't know what's true, the only one I believe right now is the diuretic (and some online say that’s not true), so I'll follow my docs orders. Post-band until I can get all my water in daily (and some say you have to drink extra water if you drink coffee), I’ll be forgoing coffee. I’ve had to give this friend up several times before; once as a test to see if my migraines improved (nope), and once before another double surgery as I was afraid going off ‘cold turkey’ at the hospital would give me migraines. So I’m being smart and stepping this down gradually (and I’m on Migraine meds now). Week 1 and I’m surviving on less.

Are you aware of this, or perhaps you haven’t had your coffee yet? March is…drumroll please…National Caffeine Awareness Month (sponsored by the Caffeine Awareness Alliance…yes, there is such a thing…who knew?!). They want you to know that…with as little as 200 mg of caffeine, you can experience typical addictive symptoms such as irritability, restlessness, tension, insomnia, excitement, and gastrointestinal disturbance. So pretty much they want you to JUST SAY NO!

Now where’s the closest Coffee Rehab Center, because I’m going to be in withdrawl and pretty irritable by next week?! Hello, my name is BG, and I'm a coffee addict.

In response lots of Comment about benefits and people still drinking it:

-Yeah, I did look at the benefits too, so you're right there are good things about it, yay! There have been more studies on coffee than any other food. Even the 'pro' sites say coffee is a mild diuretic (but you have to drink more than 4-5 cups for it to have any negative effects on fluids), that's why I'm getting rid of it at least temporarily until I'm getting enough fluids post-band (better safe...). As I said, I've found no evidence on the other 'facts' people online came up with either, so I don't believe them. Glad to know you're still drinking it with no problems! I'll be joining you for a latte soon. Thanks!

-I think many fat people have addictive personalities. That's why transfer addictions are such an issue post-op. I often wish that food was like other addictions...go cold turkey, go through withdrawl/12 step program and never touch it again...not possible. Well if I end up going back to an addiction post-op at least coffee/caffeine is one I can live with...we'll see. DH asked me what was wrong with me last night when I snapped at him...yikes. Thanks for the support/information all!

And (comment about switching to peppermint tea and peeing)...that only works with asparagus LOL.


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