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Friday, July 9, 2010

7/9/10 How Is It Friday Already?

Busy, busy, busy! I swear I haven't had time to pee this week (and you know that's a problem with my bladder). I'm taking a break from cleaning for a quick update:
  • Shoveled out from the long holiday weekend...I'm still doing laundry...ugh.
  • The kids have had a lot going on this short week and DS1 leaves in a few hours for a weekend back at college for an event there so I have to get him rolling soon (he's taking the furniture he bought at the garage sale out to the frat house).
  • Sorted the rest of my sewing pile and my whole closet (I had piles all over our bedroom and DH was complaining about all my land-mines he'd been tripping over in the dark in the mornings...he was threatening to start turning on the light...can't have that! I need my beauty sleep...or a face lift!). I've got LOTS of tops I can alter to make them work for me...sewing a straight line down a seam is the extent of my sewing expertise (and patience). Oh, and I tossed most of the 'mending' as you if anyone in my family comes looking for something I'll be blaming it on you.
  • My in-laws arrive on Tuesday and DH informed me he told his sister about my LB, but not his parents...he wants me to 'surprise' them...hmm, not sure how this will go over as his family is can I say this...'Just eat less, exercise more'...and they've seen me on all my yo-yo trips up and down, so it should be interesting (oh and his Dad and Mom are a Physician and Nurse).
  • I'm shoveling out the house (did I mention my in-laws are coming?)...I think I must have forgotten 'Spring Cleaning' this year...sometimes my 'oldtimers' works for me.
  • My family has been calling a LOT again this week...they've got next week to finish packing the folks before the big move and there's a variety of opinions on when I should arrive/leave and how I can be the most help (apparently, or so they're telling me, I'm a better 'unpacker' than a 'packer''s the 'almost OCD'...I'm wicked at organizing things).
*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

Got to run...DS1 is up...before noon LOL!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you don't want to tell your parents-in-law? They would both probably LOVE to go over every detail of the actual surgery. teee heee Have a great time and SLOW down if you can!

tessierose said...

I'm tired just listening. I hope you have a great weekend. I'm sure your in-laws will be proud of your success regardless!

Ashley said...

My father in law is an MD and is also an "eat less, exercise more" type. So is my dad. But telling them wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it'd be. My dad was very supportive and my father in law didn't say anything negative. Him saying nothing was the closest to approval I can get in my book. Lol. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you my friend. ;-) You are doing so well.

I am up slightly, due to my recent Un-fill but I sure did need it. I saw my NUT Wednesday and she has said my body may not have found its "set weight" yet? She did not give me a number! I am not sure I remember if I ever had a "set weight" before? Have you heard of this? I think this is the weight and where my body wants to be at. But as of last Wednesday I am down 109 lbs. Like OMG!!! I am not even trying any more. My reflux is gone. Thank you know who! Son is better and life is GOOD!

They want me to speak again at a newbie info night. This is a good and bad thing maybe. It is a long hike but good because I want to give back as well. This is an important piece of Post Op, I feel, and it must be my over the top personality not sure why anyone would want to listen to me?

Also, my NUT told me about a support group for Post Op. This is new and is run by a NUT and Psychologist together in small groups. I wish I had that this past year. You have been so supportive thank you. Have a great day. Best wishes imaluckydog

Barbara said...

I have no idea how you gained with that schedule.. btw, sorry my DH hasn't caught up with your DH (he will).. He is actually headed off next week to the BIG SHOW (NIA) in MA.. that gives me 3 days of peace and quiet.. yahoo.. be well

Drazil said...

Have a great weekend my skinny-eared friend.

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