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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7/21/10 A Fond Farewell

Good Morning peeps! It's been a crazy ride here in Ohio, and I'm taking a break from all the packing and unpacking before the folks get up to remind you that I'm alive (and the internet was set up yesterday here in the new place).

The closing went off well on Friday. They found out at the closing that the wife of the couple buying is a teacher in the same school system that my Middle Sis teaches for...she's the daughter of the guy who was Principal of the High School when I went there! Mom also got another nice surprise as the husband of the buying couple was a horticulture that made her feel better about leaving all her lovely gardens.

I arrived Sunday morning and we've been packing and unpacking ever since. The mover came on Monday to move all the big furniture, but with the help of all our vans and my brother borrowed a giant Mercedes box truck from the dealership, we've moved everything else and their new one car garage is packed. I'm so happy that the layout I did for them (on my 'architect' computer program, with all their furniture) worked out well. The new twin single is starting to look like home.

Yesterday we went back down to the old house for the final cleaning. It got emotional at the end...even my brother cried (I haven't seen him cry, well probably since were kids and we four sisters sat on him and poked him for being mean to us LOL...he's as sentimental as the rest of us). We took pics (sorry, I'm on Mom's computer so I'll have to share mine later) of us lying on the floors of each of our old bedrooms where our beds were...that was a laugh as we are all SO sweaty (can it get any more hot and humid?), sore, and tired that there were lots of groans getting up and down. We had a toast of lemonade the neighbor had brought and told all our favorite funny stories of the house; ripping the banister off the wall, marker on the wallpaper, plays we put on in the basement, etc. Then we said our final goodbye to our/their home of 44 years.

I should be back home in a few days if things go well on this end. Mom goes in for her sinus surgery on Monday, so I want to get them in good shape before I leave. Ooops Mom's up...stay cool peeps!


Kathy said...

What lovely memories you all got to share together. That is so nice. I'm sure your Mom will be happy in her new place. It's amazing how quickly we adapt to downsizing.

tessierose said...

Your parents are so lucky that you and your siblings have done all of this work to help them in every stage of this transition. You are very thoughtful. My sister lived in the house we grew up in, when she moved, she had only lived in one home for 40 plus years, it was so emotional for her, and for all of us, it can be hard. Hang in there!

Pamela E. Williams said...

Wow very nice memories.

AM said...

Moving makes you realize how much stuff you have. Onto new beginnings right ;-)

Bonnie said...

It helps to have somebody nice buying your house. We had a sweet young couple just starting out buy our house and it made it a lot easier to let it go. Hopefully they will make a lot of good memories because we sure did.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. I always smile. ;-) Thanks for sharing. I will be doing this in a few years. I am trying to put it off as long as possible. Best wishes Love, imaluckydog

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