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Thursday, July 15, 2010

7/15/10 Chocolate is the Devil's Spawn

DS2's Birthday was on Monday (sleep over party with teen boys...yes, with the in-laws arriving the next day...I'm certifiable) and I made him a cake with a new 'twist' my oral hygienist had told me about (am I the last person to learn about 'spoon cakes'? Tip 1; just say no. Oh, and Tip 2; don't eat breakfast before you go in for a cleaning...this was back when I had my sweet spot and I was sweating for 30 min. trying to hold in belches while she had her hands in my mouth). I made chocolate (or other) sheet cake (I added chocolate chips), and the 'twist' is that you poke holes in it with a wooden spoon and drizzle sweetened condensed milk (and other heart attack things, if you want, like; ground up Heath bars or carmel down into the holes) and she tops it with Cool Whip, but I did fudge chocolate frosting. I resisted the leftover cake last night, but I'm up early this morning with the beginnings of a migraine and came down for some food and my pills. Someone had put my piece in the fridge...still on the plate...with a fork...and it was calling my name...'CHOCOLATE'! I'm was probably at least 1000 calories, and yes, I'd had a piece on his birthday (and no, chocolate doesn't make my migraine's worse...if only...but life is not worth living without chocolate).

*Portion of Post Deleted for Lap Band Book

I called my Doc's office and he's back next week...unfortunately I'm not, so I moved my fill appointment up to two weeks from way is this girl waiting until the end of August! Tip 4; When trying to move up an appointment, call them and tell them you're gaining weight and that you might be naked soon...I'll let you know if the Doc takes pity on me a month early.

Got to run...the in-laws are up and I need a shower! Stay cool my peeps...another 90+ day here!


tessierose said...

Hang in there!

Janice said...

Too funny and inspirational! I went wild at McDonald's yesterday and gained a pound. It makes me feel a little better to know that it is not just me, this is just human.

I wouldn't have been able to resist the cake either. :) Glad you got your fill moved up.
Anxious to hear what your inlaws of your weight loss! Stay cool!

Anonymous said...

I completely understand what you mean, I am up 11lbs...and I feel like hiding in a cave far away! I've disappeared from online, and YES, CHOCOLATE is the devil! It's so good...yet so bad. When you figure out how to beat this addiction... please share!

I've been trying to get a fill but my surgeon says no, and that I need to just stop eating junk...I don't know how I feel about her telling me that I can't have a "fill" when I feel like that will help me beat this binge.... idk Im seriously worried about going backwards. Its scary...but the best advice I can offer is to stay active and busy.

Good luck BG!

amandakiska said...

I hear admitting you have a problem is the first step! I know once you get that fill, all will be well. Here's to not doing too much damage in the meantime!

THE DASH! said...

Chocolate - both the bane and delight of our lives - and I had a nice old binge too a few days back. Thankfully, like you, I have managed to rein myself in. I curse the person who thought of crushing coco beans and adding yum stuff to it. Ack.

Sandy Lee said...

Chocolate. Oh how I love thee. And still partake. It melts through the band and makes me feel good. Gotta give it up. Well at least reduce it.

Gotta love in-laws. Mine are gone and life is easier. But we do miss them.

Anonymous said...

OH I love it but I had too many melt in your mouth pieces and I had heart burn all last night. Wow your blog has timing!!! I need to get ride of it QUICK. Not a good thing for me to have in my house. Ok today is the start of another Happy Banderific day and I will make better choices today. I love my band. I just wish my head would stop calling for chocolate. Maybe I need therapy? Best wishes to all. imaluckydog

Lena Austin said...

I think summer may be the next most dangerous time for bandsters after the winter holidays. The kids are home, driving you nuts, the family wants a vacation, and it seems like there's temptation at every turn.

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